YouTubers Who Got Viral Overnight Because Of Their Talent

Name, fame, and money are the things a man dreams of. If you want more people to recognize you for your talent then obviously you need a better platform for it. A platform that is accessible to all. YouTube is one such platform, it can be found on every mobile device, and with the advent of android TVs, youtube has gone more close to commoners. We have listed the people who have got famous on youtube overnight with their talent.

YouTube was introduced to the digital world in 2005 and since then its popularity graph has only seen a hike with the constant acceleration. YouTube is a platform that is not run by the YouTube Company but by the people like you and me, who showcase their talent on the platform and get paid by YouTube after crossing a certain amount of views. If you feel you have any talent then you must start presenting it to the world through YouTube and become famous overnight just like the people mentioned below.

The YouTubers who got viral overnight over youtube with their talent

  • Nigahina
  • Shane Dawson
  • Michelle Phan
  • Vsauce
  • Philip DeFranco
  • Shaytards
  • Mystery Guitar Man

These are the names of the YouTubers who got viral overnight with their talents. If you are getting bored sitting at your home then follow their channels and get yourself entertained. The direct video link to their channels has been provided below in the article.

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YouTubers Who Got Viral Overnight

Source: Vulture

Let’s start with a detailed list of the YouTubers who got popular overnight with their talent. A list of their subscribers and contact information is also given. If you are getting bored and have nothing to do then subscribe to these channels.


Nigahina is the youtube channel run by the famous YouTuber Ryan Higa. the YouTuber natively belongs to Hawai and makes videos on funny Skits and Parody videos. His comic timing and the style of presenting his videos make him one of the YouTuber who got viral overnight truly on their talent. Ryan Higa started his youtube career in 2006 and has gained over 21 M Subscribers.

Joined On: 21 July 2006

Views: 4,327,395,191

Subscribers: 21.4 M

Inquiry Details:

Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson is one of the famous YouTubers who got viral overnight. The YouTuber makes comedy videos with different characters and all the characters are played by him. The YouTuber knows how to keep his audience engage with quality content and story. Although he is a little vulgar in comedy that’s alright if you are a dark comedy lover. The YouTuber keeps a special eye on the quality of videos being uploaded on the channel.

Joined On: 22 September 2005

Views: 4,508,189,464

Subscribers: 20.6 M

Inquiry Details:

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is one of the most famous makeup tutorial YouTuber. She started her channel in 2006 and her videos were best when it comes to video quality and video tutorials. But she left uploading videos in 2016 due to personal reasons. She becomes one of the talented makeup YouTubers who got viral overnight with her make-up teaching skills.

Joined On: 19 July 2006

Views: 1,042,057,317

Subscribers: 8.86 M

Inquiry Details:


Joined On: 21 July 2007

Views: 2,045,917,100

Subscribers: 16.7 M

Inquiry Details:

Philip DeFranco

Philip DeFranco is the owner of the news youtube channel.  He runs the channel in his own way. The thing that makes his youtube channel different from the evening news on tv is the correct news that is told with a bit of comedy. The channel is basically for youngsters, they can know the things happening around through the channel without getting bored with the tv news style. The unique way of presenting the news makes Philip DeFranco one of the best YouTubers who got viral overnight.

Joined On: 16 September 2006

Views: 1,165,644,214

Subscribers: 6.35 M

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Saytards is the famous family youtube channel that is run by the YouTuber ShayCarl. He posts videos of his family and called “The Shaytards”. The videos uploaded are almost ten minutes long in length. The videos were used to post daily and were entertaining but the YouTuber stopped posting videos in 2019. ShayCarl became one of the famous youtube celebrities who became famous overnight.

Joined On: 02 October 2008

Views: 2,857,729,774

Subscribers: 4.88 M

Mystery Guitar Man

Mystery Guitar Man is one of the best channels to learn guitar or other musical instruments as a musician. The channel is run by the famous musician Joe Penna and he works with different musical instruments to make a video of the full song. 

Joined On: 16 June 2006 

Views: 382,140,184

Subscribers: 2.67 M


If you are getting bored then you must visit the channels of these YouTubers who got viral overnight. They will inspire you and tell you if you have talent then the sky is the limit. Go to these channels through the video links provided above and do write your experience in the comments section.

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