YouTube TV Vs DirecTv Stream | Who Will Win The Combat?

In case you are seeking a fresh live TV streaming service, then give YouTube TV or DirecTV streams a second thought. We will help you make your decision by doing a battle between YouTube TV Vs DirecTV Stream. Although your decision should depend on your first priority.

Both the streaming service providers are excellent and are very popular in the market and also have a number of pros and cons. These streaming services provide an alternative to cable. But, between them, which one would be the best to take the place of your cables. Let’s find out through this YouTube TV Vs DirecTV Stream. 

In this race, both the YouTube TV and DirecTV stream are continuously trying to win a special place in your daily lifestyle as your live TV service provider, but again which one deserves the award?

In case you desire a quick comparison between YouTube TV Vs DirecTV Stream, let’s dig in deep and make the cloud of confusion clear.

YouTube TV Vs DirecTV Stream – Overview

Both YouTube and DirecTV are “skinny bundles”. These TV services provide you with a pre-planned package including cable channels for a whole month or more for a fixed amount. 

None of these require a box of cables or any kind of setup. Internet TV service is provided directly through the internet. And in addition, both of these services are much more affordable than the local cable hampers and do not guarantee a long time operation. You have to pay the bills back every month and have the liberty to unsubscribe anytime you want.

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YouTube TV Vs DirecTV Stream: Best Features

YouTube TV Vs DirecTv Stream

Here is an open comparison of features of YouTube TV Vs DirecTV Stream. See which one is the winner!


It has four different packages with a number of channels as offers, for as long as you have money in your wallet. The cheapest package involves 65+ channels worth $69.99 per month. Although, if your budget allows you to pay $149.99 for a single month, then you may have their supreme quality premier package, having 140+ channels, i.e. HBO Max and Cinemax.

They also provide “TV Everywhere” sign-ups. Here, you can make use of your DirecTV stream membership to sign in to websites and apps having tons of cable networks. 

It also promotes every major streaming device with slick, streamlined applications. You can binge on iOS, Web Browsers, Androids, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and Roku. 

YouTube TV

Other than being a channel lineup, YouTube has some other features too which build it up a great replacement for cables, especially for people who wish to share their handles with family and friends.

You can binge on YouTube TV on three different devices at once and can share your handle with your loved ones which is an astonishing feature according to the users. Here, you are provided with the best DVR for free, absolutely free of cost. Users are allowed to sign up and create six different accounts from the same subscription of YouTube TV.

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YouTube TV Vs DirecTV Stream: Cost

YouTube TV Vs DirecTv Stream

Let’s jump on comparing the cost of both the streams as a part of our YouTube TV Vs DirecTV Stream. Let’s proceed!


DirecTV comes out to be the most expensive one among their competitors and in the market. Although, soon you will discover that the other providers include hidden charges in their packages which come out later on when it’s too late. In the other brands, you will find yourself paying much more than the actual subscription rate.

DirecTV’s package available for the minimum amount is still more expensive than YouTube TV’s one and only package with a smaller number of channels. Although, once you start going for three-digit number channels, there will be no way back to choose any other service over DirecTV.

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YouTube TV

There is nothing to think about, once you start choosing YouTube TV above others. With only one subscription model, YouTube eases choosing a live TV service based on the number and quality of content available online.

The pricing of YouTube TV is the only factor that is cheaper and more affordable than DirecTV Stream and does include more than twenty channels.

If you are a person with basic choices, then YouTube TV is the best option for you.

YouTube TV Vs DirecTV Stream: No Contacts

Comparing the lack of service contracts of both the options is the best aspect for selecting the best among the two. Few of the service providers need you to enter into a multi-year contract to receive the most of the profit that they can. But you do not need to stress about the contract factor in DirecTV and YouTube TV.

Other than that, backing off from contracts in some service providers’ cases has brought horrifying charges. If none of the two options satisfies you, you can step back from your package anytime you want without being afraid of any charges.

Not all internet TV service providers involve such features in their package.

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YouTube TV Vs DirecTV: Downsides

Downsides Of YouTube TV And DirecTV

With pros come the cons too. Here are the downsides of using YouTube TV and DirecTV that you should not skip.


The biggest drawback of the DirecTV stream is its price. It becomes the most expensive internet TV service provider in the market because of its charges. None of its competitors like Hulu, Sling TV, FuboTV, or even YouTube TV lie near to DirecTv in terms of subscription fees or rate-per-channel.

Actually, few of the premium packages of DirecTV cost almost the same as a local cable connection or subscription. It’s the point where the DirecTV service completely lags behind in terms of service in the eyes of users.

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YouTube TV

It is a recent launch into the market of internet-based cable alternatives, constructed by Google. Being a new product, shuffling its rates so frequently isn’t fair in the industry. From the day of its launch in 2017, it has popped its price from $35\month to $49.99\month in a year only, then again increased its rate to $64.99\month till the time of publication.

Another increment is expected, as its competitors have increased theirs. 

Of course, it’s of no worth, as the other major service providers have increased their rates too. 

How YouTube TV and DirecTV Similar To Each Other?

How YouTube TV and DirecTV Similar To Each Other?

Both the service providers include regular packages which are pre-priced. Both provide live streaming and high-demand programming along with DVR storage. Each of them provides three consecutive live streams. Both of them provide typical sports and news channels which can also be binged on different devices from mobile phones to smart TVs. These are completely easy to carry and can be enjoyed from anywhere as long as you are in touch with the internet.

Supreme movie and sports channels are available to access as the cherry on top for an additional monthly charge. You can start and stop the service as per your need anytime anywhere.

Although they do have a few differences, other than that, both of these are the best live TV streaming choices. And you will always find them on the top of the internet-streaming service providers’ list.

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How Is DirecTV Different From YouTube Tv?

How Is DirecTV Different From YouTube Tv?

The main factor which makes YouTube TV different from DirecTV is their package and their pricing. YouTube TV has only one package to offer with add-on facilities for extra charges whereas, DirecTV stream provides packages starting from $69.99\month. 

Another major factor is the capabilities of their DVRs. YouTube TV allows you to keep an unlimited number of memories and data for the first nine months. DirecTV stream lets you store only 20 hours of a video for a month only until you pay extra to store that for a bit longer or to unlock more space.

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Wrapping Up

That’s a wrap for YouTube TV Vs DirecTV.

DirecTV and YouTube TV both are internet live streaming service providers. Both are working on providing a bright future to live television. By getting freed from unstoppable increasing charges hidden behind vast contracts, these two service providers provide a more user-friendly facility.

Along with that both of them broke the bars and allowed the users to take and enjoy their services outside the four walls. This feature lets you binge wherever you want but with the internet connection in your phone.

Here, we close the battle with the conclusion that DirecTV is best for those who are having stretchable budgets in their pockets. 


Q1. How Much Does YouTube TV Cost?

Ans. YouTube provides a decent facility of packages including channels and great features at a reasonable and worthwhile charge of $64.99 per month.

Q2. What Are The Services Of YouTube Tv?

Ans. YouTube TV offers one and the only a package of channels but is worth buying in terms of features and the charge. You get coverage of sports from channels like Fox Sports and ESPN, entertainment dosages from channels like AMC and FX, and news updates from Fox News, CNBC, Newsy, and many more.

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