8 Best Wi-Fi Hotspot Apps For iOS | Free Hotspot Apps For iOS!!!

It’s so funny to watch people use hilarious wi-fi names to freak out their neighbors and guests!! Are you among them? LOL!! Wi-Fi Hotspot apps have made our lives so much easier!! Do people with iPhones feel like they are left with only a few options when it comes to choosing the Best Wi-Fi Hotspot Apps for iOS? Is it true?

Well, we don’t feel so, as our team got you covered with some of the amazing hotspot apps for iOS users!! There can be so many reasons why you may need to use a wi-fi hotspot app. But to ensure your device safety it’s always preferred to use reliable apps that don’t cause any damage to your phone security or privacy!

The best Wi-Fi hotspot apps for iOS that we shortlisted are tried and tested ones. So you don’t have to worry about your device’s safety!! Plus, you get the best features using these free hotspot apps on iOS devices!!!

Not just your iPhone, but these apps work on iPad, iPod, and that too for free!! So, what’s stopping you from using these apps? Want to know more about the apps? Let’s go then!!

Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Apps For iOS

Ahh, who doesn’t love anything for free!! And that too wi-fi!! What else can we wish for, right?

For all the ioS users who feel like there are no good apps they can use to convert their devices into a hotspot hub or to use the nearby wi-fi networks, here are the best Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Apps for iOS!!

1. PDANet

Wi-Fi Hotspot Apps For iOS: PDANet
Image Credits: GooglePlay

PDANet is one of the best Wi-Fi Hotspot Apps for iOS users as it connects quickly!! To ensure that your network connection is secure, PDA offers you the best quality experience. You can use multiple modes for tethering this app to start using it. 


  • You can hide the app tethering by changing the settings so that no one finds out that you are using the network.
  • Both Wi-Fi and USB tethering are possible in the app.
  • The app is user-friendly.


  • You may need to jailbreak or override the app to use it.
  • The app is not completely free. It requires paid access after some time.
  • The user needs a desktop client under the USB.

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2. Wi-Fi Fast Connect

Wi-Fi Hotspot Apps For iOS: Wi-Fi Fast Connect
Image Credits: qualcomm.com

Discover the closest hotspots using Wi-Fi connect in a swift search!! It’s the best hotspot locator for iOS users!! The search options assist you with postcodes, names, and addresses required to connect the wi-fi. Not just that, you can use the app both in online and offline mode!


  • The hotspots are visible in one go with an easy-to-follow map.
  • If you register your device, you also get the auto-connect option.
  • Users can stay updated by connecting to sky sports with the help of a cloud hotspot.


  • Users might experience a slow-speed issue in many regions.
  • The auto-connect option is not available everywhere. It’s limited to some locations only.

3. MyWi Wi-Fi Tethering

Wi-Fi Hotspot Apps For iOS: MyWi Wi-Fi Tethering
Image Credits: YouTube

Connect to the best hotspots around with just a click using this amazing free hotspot app for iOS!!! Unlike other hotspot apps, it comes with a native routing to prevent excess battery consumption. The speed is super fast. Also, you get the bandwidth usage to keep track of the data usage.


  • To ensure that no stranger can get access to the Wi-Fi hotspot, the app entails a WEB of 40bit/104 bit.
  • You can use both Bluetooth or USB tethering.
  • When you are using this app, there’s no extra need to create any additional network.


  • The app consumes a lot of your device’s power.
  • This app may require jailbreaking.
  • The free version of the app lacks many features that the paid version offers.

4. Optimum Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder

Wi-Fi Hotspot Apps For iOS: Optimum Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder
Image Credits: internetaccessguide.com

For all those iOS users living in an area where there’s no internet connection available, Optimum Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder works there also!! You get the best-mapped results in the app. The app is user-friendly and comes with a brilliant design of display!!


  • You can save your favorite locations on this app.
  • The app is known to provide the best-customized experience to its users.
  • The results are very accurate about the direction of the hotspot.


  • The free app is useful for Optimum clients only.
  • Logging into the hotspot app is often troublesome.
  • The app transfers bugs causing kink into your device’s smooth functioning.

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5. VPN In Touch

Wi-Fi Hotspot Apps For iOS: VPN In Touch
Image Credits: apkdownloadhunt.com

Ahh, the security of VPN makes this app all worthy to use!! It’s in fact claimed to be the most secure mobile service!! All the transactions that you do use the hotspot are completely secured by the app. That’s why it’s one of the best wi-fi hotspot apps for iOS. Also, the users can even hide their real identities while accessing the VPN servers!


  • To reduce the data usage you can compress the data with the feature offered by the app.
  • Plus point is that you can block all the ads from displaying on your device.
  • A good support backs the app for the best user experience.


  • To enjoy all the useful features you need a paid version.
  • The app may have some bugs which make it difficult to navigate.
  • By using this app, your device’s performance may slow down.

6. iTether

Wi-Fi Hotspot Apps For iOS: iTether
Image Credits: vidyo.com

Convert your iDevices into modems using iTether!! It’s an amazing free hotspot app for iOS users that comes with free upgrades!! You can download the app from its official website as it’s not available on iTunes!


  • The app uses HTML5 code which makes it super easy to navigate without having to jailbreak.
  • The app shows high-quality performance.
  • The app shields user security.


  • The app consumes so much battery.
  • Sometimes the official carrier may restrict tethering which makes the app a total waste.
  • You may require to pay some hidden costs.

7. Free Wi-Fi Finder

Wi-Fi Hotspot Apps For iOS: Free Wi-Fi Finder
Image Credits: thetravelshots.com

Another wi-fi hotspot app for iOS users that works in both online and offline mode is Free Wi-Fi Finder!! The app locates the nearest possible Wifi signal by using your phone’s network triangulation and GPS signals!!


  • You can filter the Wi-Fi according to location.
  • Uses GPS to detect the nearest wifi signals.
  • The app data is updated from time to time to ensure smooth performance.


  • The app runs slow.
  • Many times the results are not accurate.

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Wrapping Up:

Well, these were the top Wi-Fi Hotspot Apps for iOS, iPod, and iPod!! You can use these apps anytime you run out of a good wi-fi connection. These apps are trusted to find out the best network results for you.

Although there are some cons that come along with the apps. So choose the app wisely before you start using any of these.

If you liked the shortlisted apps and tools, do pass on the information to your loved ones!! Stay tuned for more amazing apps!! 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Hotspot Apps:

Q. Which Are The Best Apps To Get Access To Free Wi-Fi On Android?

The best free wi-fi apps for android are:
1. WiFi Password Recovery. 
2. Instabridge. 
3. WiFi Analyzer. 
4. WiFi Password. 
5. Osmino Wi-Fi. 
6. WiFi Map. 
7. WiFi Magic. 
8. WiFi Warden.

Q. Is There An App To Get Unlimited Hotspots?

FoxFi provides you unlimited hotspot data and that too for free. But this app is only for android users. The app converts your one into a big hotspot device that you can share using Bluetooth, etc.

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