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Can’t we screenshot NFTs instead of buying them and spending millions on them? People have spent huge amounts on purchasing these items for the past few years, so why should we spend so much when there is an easier solution. We are to provide you with the facts related to ‘why can’t we screenshot NFTs’ and consider buying them with our post.

NFTs are the Non-Fungible Tokens traded on the blockchain, and they can be anything like videos, photos, art, or any other thing. But what if someone takes a screenshot of your property or NFTs and tries to sell it. Yes, there is no difference, and no one can identify the original one! So, many of you might have thought that there is no value of NFTs in this case then. 

As they are intangible, you cannot touch the NFTs. You must be thinking that they may not have value. However, it is not so NFTs are valuable as you can track ownership. Anyone can access the data related to ownership of NFTs on the blockchain.

For those wondering what an NFT screenshot is, it is exactly like a screenshot that we take on our phones. We know that through NFTs, transparent and trackable ownerships are enabled. Most of you must also be thinking it is even legal to take screenshots. To get answers to all your questions, keep reading our post. Let us start by giving a brief about NFTs.

What Are NFTs?

Non-Fungible Tokens are one-of-a-kind tokens. NFTs can be anything such as art, videos, music, or something else. They can be used for representing real-world items. They cannot be traded or exchanged for one another. So, each token here is unique and irreplaceable. The most important benefit of NFTs is that it reduces or remove intermediaries. So, through NFTs, artists can directly connect with their audience without agents. NFTs are becoming popular, but scams are also increasing with the rise in NFTs. Let us discuss it further.

Screenshotting NFTs

Why Can’t We Screenshot NFTs

This concept of NFT screenshot started in 2020 in tweets and became a topic of discussion. Memes were started related to NFTs being worthless, as anyone can screenshot an image. But also, some memes questioned screenshotting NFTs. People started to question taking a screenshot and saving it in 2021. This had become a problem in the minds of skeptics. This was one of the reasons why they consider digital art with zero value. 

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Why Can’t We Screenshot NFTs

1. Reduce Value

If you think that you can reduce the value of the art by taking a screenshot, you are wrong, my friend! In the case of physical items, you can also take a picture of famous paintings, but it doesn’t mean that the value of that painting will reduce.

2. Smart Contract

People are screenshotting NFTs and thinking about the need to buy NFT when they can just have an image of it. Here is a reason for ‘why can’t we screenshot NFTs’. There is a code to which every NFT picture or jpeg is attached. This line or code is known as a smart contract. It means that a particular NFT belongs to you, and no one can fake it. It is just like an authentication stamp on a collectible card. With the use of the blockchain, it can be verified who is the actual owner of the NFT. Hence, you cannot sell the screenshots of NFTs.  

3. Certain Benefits

Certain benefits can be enjoyed by buying the NFT rather than just screenshotting. The buyers can earn rewards and enjoy perks via unlockable content. You might miss high-quality content that would have come with the NFT if you screenshot it rather than purchasing.

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4. Support 

You can provide support to your preferred or loved artists. Yes! If you buy the creations of artists you like the most, you make them feel motivated. They would also love to create better art pieces and make you feel proud of them. They will try to entertain you with their artwork.

5.  Platforms For Authenticity

In the case of NFTs, we have proven platforms that check the authenticity of the trader. Platforms like OpenSea are one of those. You need to log in to display your collections, and you can only show what is already there in your wallet. So, you cannot fake anything or take screenshots of NFTs. 

6. Prove Ownership

Another reason for ‘why can’t we screenshot NFTs’ is that if you took a screenshot of NFT and shared it on social media, then, of course, people who are following you are well aware of you. You will need to prove your ownership in this case. People are provided with blue ticks on their social media accounts and valid projects.

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This was our post on ‘Why can’t we screenshot NFTs’. We have tried to cover the various aspects related to this topic in our post. I hope that you enjoyed reading the article. If you liked it, then don’t forget to share it with your buddies. Do leave a comment in the comment box below in case of any queries. We would love to answer them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Take Screenshot If I Don’t Want To Sell NFT?

As we know, authenticity can be checked while selling the NFT, but what if someone doesn’t want to sell it? If you don’t want to sell NFTs, you can just take a screenshot and save them.

2. Is It Illegal To Screenshot NFTs?

– No, it is not illegal to take a screenshot of NFT. If you own NFT, it doesn’t grant you any copyright over usage of that image. If you take a screenshot, it doesn’t mean that you are the owner of that NFT. Taking a screenshot of the NFT can be like a duplicate of any famous painting. So, you don’t need to worry if it is even legal to screenshot NFTs or not.

3. What Happens If You Screenshot An NFT?

– You can screenshot NFT, but by doing so, you don’t become an owner of that NFT. There is a record of the transfer of NFT that has taken place on the blockchain. 

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