Who Is Building The Metaverse? List Of Companies Involved

The Internet is the fastest developing technology in the world. The Internet’s evolution speed is unpredictable. A few decades ago it was Web 1.0 and within a few years, we will be entering the Web 3.0, era that is the Metaverse revolution. The major question to ask here is who is building the Metaverse? Well, if you have a similar doubt then this post will clear it.

No set definition of the term Metaverse can be found anywhere. Every company has defined it in its own manner in accordance with its vision of the technology. As the end-users, we know there will be a lot of questions in your head. We have tried to answer every question in the post below.

Before we start with the name of the companies who are building the Metaverse. Let us have a look at what Metaverse actually is and what are the requirements to build it.

What Is Metaverse And What Does It Mean To Build A Metaverse

Who Is Building The Metaverse

Talking about the “Metaverse”, let us start from the origin of the word. The term was first coined in the sci-fi novel “Snow Crash” written by the famous author Neal Stephenson. In the novel, the author described the Metaverse as a virtual space where the people from the real world could evacuate from the physical “mean” world and interact with the virtual reality.

Well, the book was written in the year 1992 and was science fiction. No one would have thought that this fiction will become a reality in just 30 years. There is no set definition for the word Metaverse. Different companies define the term according to their vision about the technology.

According to Meta (Facebook), Metaverse is “A set of virtual spaces where you can create and explore with other people who aren’t in the same physical space as you. You’ll be able to hang out with friends, work, play, learn, shop, create, and more”. 

Oxford defines Metaverse as “a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users.”

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As we said all the companies define the term depending upon their vision of the technology. But, the underlying principle remains the same. It is the internet in which the users can directly interact with virtual objects. In order to do so, the users have to make their Avatars and then these avatars will be controlled by the humans who are wearing the VR kits.

Now, building a Metaverse refers to the development of the virtual space in which the users will interact with the digital or virtual objects. It will be a space where the physical and the Digital life of a person will overlap.

Requirements To Build A Metaverse

There are seven basic requirements to build and develop a Metaverse. Given below is the list of them.

  1. Infrastructure: Well, this is the first and the most basic requirement if you are building anything, and in the case of the Metaverse. It is referred to as connectivity technologies. These include Wifi, Cloud Storage, 5G, and powerful GPU chips.
  2. Human Interface: The user would require to have the VR sets, Haptics, Ar Glasses, and the other technologies to join and enter the Metaverse Cosmos.
  3. Decentralization: There will be requirements for the tools of democratization along with Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Edge Computing.
  4. Spatial Computing: Modelling Framework and 3D Computing.
  5. Creator Economy: This includes an assortment of designed tools. E-commerce establishments and digital assets.
  6. Discovery: It is the content engine driving engagement that includes the ads, ratings, reviews, and social media.
  7. Experiences: These include the VR equivalents of digital apps for shopping, gaming, work events, and more.

Who Is Building The Metaverse

Who Is Building The Metaverse

Now, you must have got an idea about what Metaverse is and what does building the Metaverse means? The major question here is what are the companies that are building the Metaverse. Is it only Facebook (Meta) that has specifically changed its name for announcing the Multiverse or are there more companies looking into it?

Well, let us tell you that there are various companies who are working on building the Metaverse. Facebook is obviously one of them. Given below is the list of the companies that are building the Metaverse.

1. NVIDIA Omniverse

As we know that the Metaverse is going to be a sudden shift in graphics and AI technology. So, NVIDIA is expected to provide the processing power to the Metaverse era. The company has developed its Metaverse and has named it “Omniverse”.

Omniverse is the Metaverse platform that will provide the engineers and creators. These professionals can use the environment to develop the extensions, connectors, and applications and help NVIDIA to improve its Omniverse.

2. Facebook

Facebook in order to announce its technological shift towards the Multiverse, announced its official name change to “Meta”. If we talk about the resources that Facebook has then it is unmatchable. The seven fundamental requirements we discussed above are all available to the company. It has the Oculus that provides it with the tools like headsets and other tool kits, the company has also got the social media ad engine and not to forget the creator’s economy.

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3. Niantic

Niantic was the first company that gained the attention of the audience by launching the game “Pokemon Go”. A game that mixed the physical world with the real world on the mobile phone using AR and VR.

As we are moving towards the Metaverse era, the company has raised the funds of $300 million to develop its Metaverse.

4. Microsoft

Microsoft is the name that has always evolved itself with the latest technology. The company has shifted towards the metaverse but with a different approach. Microsoft is building an office environment for professionals. 

It has created Mesh in which the users will be able to access the Microsoft teams, VR services, and Windows in Virtual reality.

5. Decentraland

Decentraland is the Virtual world in which the users can purchase land and do different activities. We know this may sound a little absurd if you are new to the Metaverse concept. But, it is the truth. The Decentraland Virtual World offers you different activities to do on its platform. You can play games, visit casinos, and more on the platform.

6. Apple

Apple is the next name in the list of the companies that are building the metaverse. As we know that Apple has got its own ARKit for the development of its VR applications. In the same manner, Apple will be focusing on developing the Metaverse (iMetaverse, as some people are calling it).

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Wrapping Up

We hope that now you have got the answer to the question “Who is building Metaverse?”. It is a group of more than 160 companies that are working on the Metaverse project. We have listed the top ones in the post above.

If you still have any doubt then do ask us in the comments section. We will try to reply to you as soon as possible. If you find this article informative then do share it with your friends.

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