WhatsApp Adding Insta Like Quick Message Reactions!

Don’t we all love quickies? Be it traveling the shortest route or replying with quick reaction emojis! LOL! WhatsApp is keeping up the pace for adding new features for its users by bringing WhatsApp emoji reactions just like Instagram. Wow! This means that now we’ll not have to respond in “HMMM, OK, K, or simply a thumbs up” to boring conversations. We can express our replies via emojis using WhatsApp Quick Message Reactions!

The best part is that, unlike Instagram, the quick reactions on WhatsApp will not be in the form of normal emojis, but the animated ones. Yes, you read that right. The message reactions include animated emojis. When the user replies to a certain message using these quick message emoji reactions, the emoji will be displayed in animated form. Now, not just the red heart will beat, but all the emojis will pop up in the form of animations.

These new updates are embedded in the apps keeping the technology trends in mind. Being one of the most popular social media platforms, WhatsApp never fails to amaze its users with interesting features like “Facebook-like cover photo“. Now, just like Instagram and Facebook, WhatsApp is finally all set to roll out quick message reactions on its platform!

What Is WhatsApp Quick Message Reaction Feature?

What Is WhatsApp Quick Message Reaction Feature

If you are an avid social media user, then you must be well aware of social media’s quick reaction feature. Yes, you use the one on Facebook, Telegram, and Instagram. Also, there was news that Instagram is shutting down the IGTV app on its platform.

Instead of typing a wholesome paragraph, to explain how you felt about the received message, you can simply switch to quick reaction emojis. The best part is there is an emoji available for expressing every emotion. Will the Whatsapp quick message reaction feature be the same as other social platforms?

Most probably, yes! Keeping in mind the effortless message responses enabled by other social media platforms, WhatsApp also decided to add this feature to its platform. Though, the plan to implement this feature was set a year ago. But seems like now WhatsApp has officially made up its mind to bring out a quick message reaction feature.

The WhatsApp Quick Message Reaction feature allows you to reply to the sender with quick emojis. Suppose you found someone’s message so funny, and you can’t stop laughing at it. You can simply reply back with laughter emojis, rather than typing “HAHAHAHA”.

The same goes with other moods like sad, sarcastic, angry, or loved. Just find the right emoji that fits your mood or reaction to any received message and hit send!

Emojis portray better emotions!

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How Quick Message Reactions On WhatsApp Work?

How Quick Message Reactions On WhatsApp Work

As you must be well aware of the quick message reactions feature on Instagram and Messanger, the same way WhatsApp quick message reactions will work for you. This means that when you long-press a message to reply to it with a quick emoji reaction, you’ll get displayed with six random emojis. You can either send any of those six emojis, or you can search for the particular emojis that you wish to reply with.

Isn’t it interesting? Since we already have used this feature in other apps, it won’t be a problem for users to get used to this new feature in WhatsApp messages.

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How To Send Quick Message Reactions On WhatsApp?

How To Send Quick Message Reactions On WhatsApp

Let’s give you a quick insight into this feature for those who are not aware of the quick reaction feature. Everything remains the same on WhatsApp, just a new feature gets added to your daily replying routine. So, if you are wondering how to send quick message reactions on WhatsApp, then here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Open WhatsApp. Make sure you are connected to good network.
  2. Now, open the chat that you wish to send these quick emoji reactions to.
  3. Next, you need to look for the nessage that you wish to reply with emoji reaction. When you spot the message, long press it.
  4. You’ll see that a tray filled with six emojis will pop up on the screen. This tray contains basic and most commonly used emojis like heart eyes, laughter emoji, sad emoji, heart, thumbs up emoji, and an angry emoticon.
  5. You can choose from thsoe general emohjis, or you can also search for emojis other then those six. After you select the emoji, click on send at the bottom, and the message reaction will be delivered to the user.
  6. The user will get notified that “you have reacted to their message.”

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Will WhatsApp Quick Reaction Feature Be Available Only For Android Users?

Will WhatsApp Quick Reaction Feature Be Available Only For Android Users

As per WabetaInfo reports, the WhatsApp quick message reaction feature will be made available to Android users only. The iOS users might get the privilege to use the same feature pretty soon.

WabetaInfo shared screenshots of what the quick message reactions on WhatsApp will look like. The working of the feature still stands unclear as there is still no clarity on whether the quick messages be used by long-pressing the messages like either apps or will there be a separate bottom to activate the feature.

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Final Thoughts

Whatever we say or assume about this new addition to features on WhatsApp, it surely is a great move by WhatsApp. Do share in the comments section how interested you are in the upcoming message reactions feature on WhatsApp?

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