What Is Rossgram | Is It Better Than Instagram?

Russian Entrepreneurs are heavily involved in designing a new application to take the place of Instagram, first in Russia than in the whole world most probably. As per the rumors, Russia’s competitor to Instagram will be known as “Rossgram.” Sounds interesting? Let’s know what is Rossgram today.

Just recently, Instagram – owned by Facebook, was banned by Russia. Russia’s media regulator – Roskomnadzor executed the restriction on Instagram at the beginning of this week along with a warning. The warning was given just after Russia announced Facebook a terrorist community. The question arises if Facebook is a terrorist community, What is Rossgram? Keep reading to know.

In accordance with the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, there were almost 80M Instagram consumers in Russia which means almost 80% of Russia’s population stick to an Instagram handle out of their country. Thereafter, Instagram was counted as the most popular stage for interacting socially in the country. After its ban, Russia’s tech entrepreneurs are looking forward to building a new platform to take the place of Instagram.

What is Rossgram? Why is it hyped? What’s the reason for creating it? We will be answering all your calls today in this post. For now, know that, In the race of beating Instagram, Russia and their most popular tech entrepreneurs are continuously making an effort to make Rossgram better and better. Let’s move forward to the main content.

What Is Rossgram?

What Is Rossgram

Rossgram is Russia’s replacement for Instagram and will have all the facilities and features that Instagram had, said to a report by Reuters. Rossgram will let its users share videos and pictures. An image was shared on the VKontakte social network, according to that, the color combination, layout, and almost the entire appearance matched with Instagram. The initiative’s public relations director, Alexander Zobov, shared that picture.

In actuality, Rossgram is an application that will be rolled out soon as an alternative for Instagram. As we all know that Russia has some matters related to the war with Ukraine, post-attack on Ukraine by Russia, Instagram got restricted in Russia. So, Russia planned to design and deliver its very own application for Android and iOS known as Rossgram.

This case is the same as the Truth Social scenario when Donal Trump – the former president of the USA got banned from every social media platform, he created his own application by the name of Truth Social Application.

Now, when you know what is Rossgram, let’s move to how it’s different from Instagram, and find out the unique features of Rossgram.

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How Does Rossgram Differ From Instagram?

How Does Rossgram Differ From Instagram

However, the functioning, performance, and appearance of Rossgram will be similar to Instagram, there will still be some differences between both. Please allow us to state them and help in letting you know what is Rossgram.

Rossgram will have such unique features which will not be available on Meta’s photo-sharing application – Instagram. These unique features of Rossgram are the Subscription model (Paid access to some quality and premium features and content) and Crowdfunding.

This is not the first case of Russia, where they are trying to remove their dependency on Western Products. The previous year, Gazprom Media of Russia rolled out a platform as Tik Tok’s replacement by the name of Yappy. Yappy was known to be the opponent to TikTok (a video-sharing platform under the guidance of China’s ByteDance).

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Rossgram Launch Date

Rossgram Launch Date

If you have come this long in search of what Rossgram is, let us help you in knowing when it’s going to launch and what the current status is.

Rumors say that Rossgram – the replacement of the Instagram social media application, will be launched by the end of the month, most probably by 28th March 2022. The application will be accessible by both iOS and Android users.

Rossgram included some unique features to stand out on Instagram’s level. Those features are Fundraising Features, Referral Programs, Crowdfunding, Monetizing tools, etc.

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When Will Rossgram Be Accessible To All?

This is an important factor to ponder over if you are wishing to know what is Rossgram completely. When will Rossgram be available on the mobile phones of the public? As of now, only the sponsors, partners, investors, and the top bloggers are the only ones who will be getting access to Rossgram from 28th March 2022. 

What about the regular and ordinary users? According to the updates from the Russian tech entrepreneurs, the public of Russia will get the access or say will be able to use the application entirely from April 2022, the exact day is not yet decided.

If you are not done with the answer to your question, What is Rossgram, please carry on reading. Till the end, you will be able to know all about the Rossgram.

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How To Download Rossgram?

How To Download Rossgram

Asv we have already told you that Russia is about to launch its very own Instagram by the name of Rossgram. The app will perform and overcome every activity that is done by Instagram. The application will also provide their users the facility to crowdfund, sales, chat, business promotion, chatting, sharing media, and post sort of features. 

For now, only limited people like sponsors, partners, investors, and the top bloggers are able and allowed to get the application on the 28th of this March after registering themselves on the Rossgram.ru website.

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Wrapping Up

Rossgram – Russian Instagram, is about to launch soon. Rossgram is bringing you all of the facilities and features that Instagram does, even much more than that. Rossgram will be accessible for both iOS and Android users. Rossgram is nothing but the replacement of Instagram and will be accessible to all Russian citizens by April 2022. After restricting Instagram in Russia, they had to bring up something to compensate for their loss, so they created their very own Rossgram, lowering the dependency from Western Products as always.


Q1. When Will The Audience Get To Use Rossgram?

Ans. The audience of Russia will be able to use Rossgram from April 2022, the date is not yet confirmed.

Q2. Will The Android Users Be Able To Use Rossgram?

Ans. Rossgram – Russian Instagram will be available for both Android and iOS users.

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