What Channel Is ABC On DirecTV | Get To Know The Numbers

Channel ABC! Think about it, it looks like the developer of this channel made zero percent effort in keeping its name! ABC? Like, seriously? But, should we judge the channel by its name? No, right? So, what to do? You need to obverse it first. Oh! wait! Do you know its channel number? Ahhh!!! Now? Don’t worry we have got you covered. In this post, we will be digging deep into what channel is ABC on DirecTV.

Satellite TV has always been the go-to source of entertainment for huge numbers of American households who do not accept the idea of owning a cable connection, especially when it’s the era of cord-cutters. Even if you’ve relocated to a fresh new environment, a satellite TV connection remains a crucial need if you are a watcher of stellar TV entertainment. See how beautifully we got distracted.

To find out what channel is ABC on DirecTV, you need to enter the zip code of your area in the Local Channel Lookup Tool. For instance, here are a few city-wide lists of channel numbers: New York: 7, Los Angeles: 7, Chicago: 7, Houston: 13, Phoenix: 15, etc. What? You didn’t find your city in the above-given names? No issues, we have a lot more below, search there.

It’s difficult to choose the best service for you among these many services available around. Well, here comes DIRECTV into the play. DirecTV is the most popular satellite service provider in entire America. The outstanding satellite TV service has beat cable by getting ranked higher in customer satisfaction straight for 19 years and still working and sending 99% signal reliability! Want to know more? Keep reading to get to see what channel is ABC on DirecTV.

What Is DirecTV?

What Channel Is ABC On DirecTV?

Before jumping on what channel is ABC on DirecTV, let’s first see what is Directv.

Through DirecTV, you get Onz through satellite technology. Six DirecTV packages for families, including sports aficionados and movie buffs.

The number one satellite service in the US has always attempted to lead. That’s the rest of why all DirecTV packages are jammed with endless channels involving American TV favorites like ABC – A loved channel in households and the entire nation.

DIRECTV shows off its competitors not just by the number of channels present in it but also by the quality of channels. The service provides TV content all over the US – basically, in any area where you can get a proper view of the southern sky, you can also subscribe to a DIRECTV package. And enjoy the amazing entertainment choices in crystal clear 4K HDR picture format. Politeness of the nationwide signal reliability which the service provider rightfully shows off.

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What Channel Is ABC On DirecTV?

Walt Disney Television owns the American Broadcasting Company, popularly known as ABC which is a commercial broadcast TV network. It initially launched as a radio network in 1943, ABC opted to never look back, instead the ABC went to take on American TV by storm with consecutive flagship series generation after generation.

It’s one of the earliest networks in the nation. It was rolled out in 1943 in the form of a radio network. Later on, it developed into an iconic network that telecasts a few of the most sought-after programs. ABC is now regarded as a modern-day family entertainment channel via its dramas like Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, and Desperate Housewives.

Every single sought-after program that you can think of has possibly been broadcasted by the ABC – entertaining all sorts of age groups, moods, and tastes. The quality of the content offered by the service is the reason why Americans are glued to their TV screens

By offering some of the best content from a limitless range of genres over the years, ABC separated boredom from millions of families across the country, while providing them a perfect reason to clink glasses in the celebration of life in each other’s arms.

So, if you’re in doubt about which of the DIRECTV packages provides ABC, don’t panic! Because all entertainment-based DIRECTV packages include ABC in their extensive channel collection because Americans love it!

You can hop on to ABC on your DIRECTV to enjoy some appealing comicality and dramas, if you are seeking something to entertain your funny bone, or if you’re in the mood for family time on weekends. Maybe you want to make your holiday season bright? In any case, feel free to take advantage of some of the best ABC-produced authentic movies like My Fake Fiance, Santa Baby, Dear Santa, and many more.

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What Channel Is ABC On DIRECTV?

What Channel Is ABC On DIRECTV

So, what channel is ABC on DirecTV? When will you get to know about it?

Your wait is over now!

A large-scale TV package is provided by DirecTV. The best part is that all the packages provided by DIRECTV have channel ABC. To get an ABC channel on DirecTV, it’s important to have an idea of the number of channels, or else you’ll find yourself messing up with your packages having hundreds of channels on DIRECTV in search of ABC.

If you’ve subscribed to multiple DIRECTV packages, you’re going to be in big trouble finding your favorite entertainment channel, because the channel number differs with different locations.  DIRECTV packages offer you a huge collection of channels, with a maximum of 330 options to choose premium content from. That’s why DIRECTV doesn’t allow its users to search through the entire collection of channels to find ABC on DIRECTV.

We made a list of the channel numbers concerning the city to save your time and energy. Through this, you will be able to find the channel number to use when searching for ABC. Without breaking the fluency, check out the channel numbers of ABC  DIRECTV :

City / StateABC Channel Number
Los Angeles, CA 7
New York City, NY7
Houston, TX13
Philadelphia, PA6
Phoenix, AZ15
San Diego, CA10
San Antonio, TX12
Austin, TX24
Charlotte, NC9
Detroit, MI7
Colorado Springs, CA7
Tampa, FL28

If your city isn’t present in the list then there’s no need to hyper, you can easily find the digits to ABC of your city through the Local Channel Lookup tool. You just need to insert your ZIP code to find what number is ABC on DIRECTV in your area.

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What Are The Perks Of DirecTv Packages?

What Are The Perks Of DirecTv Packages

The famous American Satellite TV provider offers you 6 DIRECTV packages so you can choose the best for yourself that may satisfy your soul with entertainment without overflowing your budget. With DIRECTV,  you can have the benefit of Live TV, 40,000 on-demand choices, free GENIE HD DVR to entertain your entire house with 200 HD hours of recording, and many more. The DIRECTV package charges $59.99 for their service and the scheme says that the new subscriber’s charge remains the same for 12 months.

Subscribe to DIRECTV packages and get accessibility to the DIRECTV premium content.

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Wrapping Up

That’s all for what channel is ABC on DirecTV.

A packet of fun is DIRECTV packages bring you a huge amount of entertainment. By providing 330 options in channels, DIRECTV packages are made to satisfy your appetite for TV entertainment without taking a chance.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small or big part of the family. DIRECTV packages offer you a channel collection with legendary entertainment choices for all age groups.


Q1. What Channel Is ABC In Chicago Illinois On DirecTV?

Ans. ABC channel number in Chicago Illinois on DIRECTV is 7

Q2. What Channel Is ABC In Georgia On DirecTV?

Ans.  You can find ABC in Georgia on DIRECTV on these channel numbers : 

  1. Lawrenceville, Georgia – 2
  2. Atlanta, Georgia – 2
  3. McDonough, Georgia – 2

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