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Art knows no bounds! It’s revolutionizing and that’s why collectors are so eager to get hold of the momentos of history in the form of NFTs. The ones that reflect the changes of times and stand straight. But what if the art crosses the line to become borderline weird? In this article that covers the 11 Weirdest NFTs ever sold, we’ll be talking about such weird NFTs that will make you re-question art in the first place (and the artist).

The buzz for NFTs is getting old now. Brands and celebrities are jumping the bandwagon of NFTs, creating and selling their own. People want to earn more via NFTs and are looking for ways to mint them. There’s nothing wrong with that but have you wondered how far can they go to earn a few more bucks? You will be surprised (more like shocked).

Folks are selling fart NFTs and burning art, and what’s more startling is that some people are actually buying it. But if you thought this was all, think again! Jump onto this list of weirdest NFTs ever sold to look at the other side of NFTs that you never knew about! And you know what? Cryptopunks got nothing on them!

11 Weirdest NFTs Sold Till Date

If you want to find a home for your weird preferences, then NFTs are for you! How can your modern art not find a place for itself in a digital world where even farts are welcomed (and even paid for)?

Here, take a look at the craziest and weirdest NFTs sold till date. And a word of warning! Have a box of tissues ready because this list will leave you crying with laughter! (or maybe choking)

1. Taco Bell

weirdest nfts ever sold
Taco Bells NFT collection is weird as you can’t even have a bite of what you’re paying for!

Minted By: Taco Bell

Sold For: US$69 Million

We love Taco Bells! But would you pay for a Taco that you can’t even have a bite of? Well, someone would and they did! The first one on the list of weirdest NFTs sold till date is Taco Bells with its taco-themed NFTs.

Taco Bell jumped the bandwagon of NFTs and sold its first collection of taco-themed NFTs for an astonishing price of US$69 Million. Although no matter how bizarre virtual fast food may sound, the act served a noble purpose where the proceeds from this sale went straight to the Live Mas Scholarship. 

2. One Calendar Year Of Recorded Farts

weirdest nfts ever sold
Fart NFTs aren’t even weird. They’re simply GROSS!!!

Minted by: Alex Ramirez-Mallis

Sold For: US$85

Now that you’ve eaten virtual food offered by Taco Bell, it seems you couldn’t digest it all and plan to sell the outcomes of your upset stomach. Yep, a fart! So? Would it sell? Yes, it would and it did at a price of $US85. Another weird NFT sold on the list of weirdest NFTs (which by the way, are still selling) is the collection of “One calendar year of recorded farts”.

As disgusting as it may sound, Mallis actually made NFTs of his farts and is selling them. We don’t know about you, but we definitely aren’t interested in hearing the symphony of farts. Good heavens, people are actually buying it! (the doom is near!)

3. Digital Toilet Paper

weirdest nfts ever sold
Toilet Paper NFTs, even if with flowers, are weird.

Minted By: Charmin

Sold For: US$4,100

The next weird NFT on the list is Charmin’s flowery toilet paper which is sold for US$4,100. Wiping your (you know what) with digital toilet paper? That sounds about right! (to some people) 

The toilet paper manufacturer, Charmin, minted their first digital NFTs in the form of images of toilet paper with flowers. No matter how bizarre this NFT is, the proceeds actually fund a noble cause and are directly transferred to “Direct Relief”, a humanitarian organization. (0.1% of the sale proceed is kept by Charmin and the rest is transferred)

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4. Cyber Eau De Parfum

weirdest nfts ever sold
Cyber Eau De Parfum is an NFT of perfume that you can’t even smell. WEIRD!

Minted By: Look Labs

Sold For: US$18,000

We have talked about farts and toilet paper NFTs so far, but let’s make it a bit more refreshing now. Here, the next one on our list of weird NFTs stands to be Cyber Eau De Parfum NFT sold by Look Labs for US$18,000. 

Look Labs, a Berlin-based studio, created the digital reflection of the scent using near-infrared spectroscopy. The studio has successfully developed the world’s first digital fragrance which is stored on a blockchain. 

5. Tabaat

weirdest nfts ever sold
Tabaat Tokens are ring NFTs. Not weird but definitely, unheard of!

Minted By: Rebecca and Peter Kacherginsky

Tabaat isn’t the weirdest NFT on the list but something about it surely hits a different note! A note packed with love and vows of life-long connection stored on a blockchain. Marriages in Church? Sounds old! How about marriage in a blockchain? Yes, please!

Rebecca and Peter Kacherginsky, Coinbase employees, rendered the world speechless by marrying on a blockchain via smart contracts. They both exchanged Tabaat tokens instead of rings and they are eternally stored in the blockchain. Cool, isn’t it! (By the way, Tabaat stands for “rings” in Jewish)

6. Weird Whales

weirdest nfts ever sold
Weird Whales NFTs are created by a 12-year-old. Not weird but hah! unheard of!

Minted By: Benyamin Ahmed

Sold For: US$248,000

Weird Whales, as the name suggests, is a weird NFT collection of Whales but not as weird (or amazing) as seeing who designed this collection! A 12-year old coder! You heard that right! 12-year old Benyamin Ahmed created a collection of “Weird Whales” whose sales have led him to earn thousands of dollars.

Let us add! The smartness of the guy isn’t only reflected in his collection but the idea that he doesn’t want to withdraw ETH from his wallet because it will become the future of money!

7. Nyan Cat

weirdest nfts ever sold
Nyan Cat NFT! Definitely weird!

Minted By: Chris Torres

Sold For: US$590,000

Nyan! Nyan! The next weird NFT to be sold is the “Nyan Cat” NFT created by Chris Torres that sold for US$590,000. You might already know who the famous pixelated cat leaving a trail of rainbows behind is. And if you don’t, then rack your brains a little. 

Back in 2011, Nyan Cat became a viral meme and now, the creator has redesigned the older meme into an NFT hopping on the NFT buzz. What a bizarre-o world!

8. Burning Banksy

weirdest nfts ever sold
Burning Banksy is an NFT made of burnt art. A reckless artist’s weird NFT!

Minted By: Burnt Banksy

Sold For: US$380,000

Another crazy NFT sold on the list of weirdest NFTs ever sold stands to be Burning Banksy worth US$380,000. Would you burn an art acquired for thousands of dollars? The thought would give a heart attack to sane people! But not Burnt Banksy!

Burnt Banksy purchased the original print of Banksy’s Moron, burnt it, broadcasted it live on Youtube, made an NFT out of it, and then sold it for  US$380,000. Crazyyy!!

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9. Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet

weirdest nfts ever sold
Jack Dorsey’s first tweets as an NFT? Weird!

Minted By: Jack Dorsey

Sold For: US$2.9 Million

A memento of history! A souvenir of eternity for eternity! Jack Dorsey’s first tweet is certainly one of the weirdest NFT to be sold till date. (But not as weird as a fart, we guess). 

The first tweet of Jack Dorsey was created into an NFT by Jack himself and sold for a whopping price of US$2.9 Million to a Malaysia-based businessman.

10. WarNymph

weirdest nfts ever sold
Infants with spears and wings? Screams nothing but crazy!

Minted By: Grimes

Sold For: US$5.8 Million

Artist and musician (and ex-girlfriend of Elon Musk), Grimes aka Claire Elise Boucher, sold an NFT collection of flying WarNymph babies for US$5.8 Million. Certainly, a weird NFT collection to be sold but that’s not all.

Grimes was one of the first celebrities to hop on the NFT trend and fetch a good sum for her prized collection of angelic babies whose posters we are well familiar with from the olden days. The artist donated a fraction of her proceeds to an NGO which primarily focuses on reducing carbon emissions. 

11. Crossroads

weirdest nfts ever sold
NFT that resembles Trump with loser graffiti? Hilarious and weird!

Minted By: Beeple

Sold For: US$6.6 Million

Mike Winklemann, the renowned digital artist that goes by the pseudonym Beeple, is known for his rather unique art style. This is why it isn’t surprising that his Crossroads NFT found a place in the list of weirdest NFT ever sold. 

This NFT art resembles Trump with a number of Graffitis drawn on his skin. Crossroads unabashedly depicts the results of the 2020 presidential election whereby Trump lost his cherished seat in the house. 

Wrapping Up

We hope your eyes have opened up to see this weird side of NFTs where people are bringing their crazy ideas into life and it’s surprising how they’re actually successful in doing that. People are buying these weird NFTs and then re-selling at astronomical prices. So it might not be weird if we suggest that if you have some of the crazy ideas that you would like to implement, then go ahead!

What was the weirdest NFT that you found on the list? Leave your thoughts in the comments. And do share if you think there’s a weird NFT that we have missed! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Highest NFT Sold?

Standing on the top of the list of the most expensive nft is Pak’s The Merge, the most expensive and unique NFT ever sold in the NFT marketplace or any auction house. Pak is a big name in the world of digital artists and has created a number of spectacular masterpieces, and you would surely not hope for anything less from this anonymous artist.

How Do I Make NFT Unique?

There are various applications for iPhone that help you in creating unique NFTs. NFT iPhone applications are the apps that allow the user to create and sell the NFTs on its platform. Basically, these are the photo editing applications that have the feature to convert the photographs in the NFT Art or develop your own NFT Art. There are several such applications developed in the last few years.

What Is The Most Popular NFT?

CryptoPunks are undoubtedly the most popular NFTs of all times.

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