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As the Vtubers are gaining more and more fame, a lot of people are willing to join this trend. The primary requirement of a vtuber is his avatar. In this post, we will help to find the best vtuber avatar maker software.

Vtubers are not just some common vloggers, there are big companies like Netflix using the Vtuber trend to advertise their animation series coming on their website. With the introduction of Metaverse and VR devices, now youtube has also gone virtual. It is a good way to stay anonymous on your youtube channel using your avatars.

We will be going through different software that you can use for the vtuber avatar maker. We have handpicked some of the best ones for you. You need to choose the one that fits best for you. So, without wasting time, let’s start.

Vtuber Avatar Maker Software

Well, you can’t make Vtuber avatars without any software, so we will be discussing the best software for vtuber avatar makers.

1. Wakaru

Wakaru is a user-friendly Vtuber tool for avatar creation. You just require a webcam or a simple phone camera is also sufficient.

  • A webcam is required, not an expensive VR device
  • Include eyes capture,  head pose capture, facial control, and mouth shape capture.
  •  For the real-time gesture, the upper body can use the mouse keyboard and body pose control without importing pre-recording motions, suitable for life.
  • Support pmx/pmd import custom MMD model (unity is required)
  • Support vrm model

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2. Facerig

Facering is a tool used for 2D and 3D avatar creation. It has a built-in 50 avatars or you can import your own 2D or 3D avatar. This software is best for live streaming, video chat, and recording videos.

3. Hyper

Using Hyper, you can build your unique character. Here are some important features of this software.

Record avatar footage for Tiktok or other video apps.

Go live to our website, or to other apps.

Post to our global community with your digital persona.

Use us with OBS & more

4. VTube Studio

VTube Studio is another Vtuber avatar maker software. You can become a Live2D VTuber, with innovative features such as pinning props and much more.

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5. VRoid Studio

It is one of the best vtuber avatar maker software. With VRoid Studio you can make 3D characters for you to freely express yourself, even without having the knowledge of 3D modeling. It is easy to use, even for first-time users.

6. Animaze

With Animaze you can,

  • Livestream
  • video chat
  • record videos in 2D and 3D avatars.

Animaze makes avatar creation fun with its advanced techniques like face tracking, expressive animation, and improved graphics.

7. VR Chat

This is not just a vtuber avatar maker software, it is a whole world of 3D avatars. You can enjoy using your avatar in the VR Chat. You can communicate with others using this platform. 

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8. Luppet

Luppet is a tracking system for 3D VTuber specializing in bust shots, complete with a webcam and Leap Motion. This is an advanced tool for vtubers where you can enjoy a lot of features. If you are looking for an advanced vtuber avatar maker, the Luppet is the best option for you.

9. VSeeFace

VSeeFace is another vtuber avatar maker that is highly customizable and free. It supports hand tracking VRM and VSFAvatar. It uses robust tracking and high image quality. It is also one of the best vtuber avatar makers.

10. VMagicMirror

VMagicMirror is an application for VRM avatar creation. It is supported on the Windows desktop, to move your avatar without any special devices.

  • No VR Device required
  • Mic and motion tracking camera within the software.
  • Expressions.

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Wrapping Up:

Here we conclude our post on vtuber avatar maker. We have provided you with a list of the top 9 software that you can use to model your avatar. This software is easy to use and you need to be qualified to use this software. Most of the software is free.

Keep exploring our website to know more about vtube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Best App To Make A VTuber Avatar?

Here are some of the best Vtuber software programs that will easily help you create your virtual character.

  1. Wakaru.
  2. Facerig.
  3. Hyper. 
  4. VTube Studio.
  5. VRoid Studio.
  6. Animaze.
  7. VR Chat.
  8. VSeeFace
  9. Luppet

Q2. How Do VTubers Control Their Avatars?

Vtubers use software to design and control their avatars. They also require a good quality camera and motion tracking camera for better results. This software use motion-capture technology to track their movements and facial expressions and adjust the avatar accordingly. This lets VTubers freely move around on camera without messing with the illusion.

Q3. Can Anyone Become A VTuber?

Yes, anyone can become a vtuber. If you already have a youtube channel, then it is super easy for you. Initially, you need to invest some money for a webcam, pc, software, motion tracking camera, etc. Then with the passage of time, you will get better at it.

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