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As a gamer, you need to be safe and sound while you are playing VR games. Due to some accidents, few companies started creating a platform that will ensure your safety. These platforms are known as the VR walking Platform and here we are with the list of the best ones.

VR treadmill is an Omnidirectional running area, which allows the user to move around physically in any direction (left, right, forward, backward, or diagonally) in a virtual environment. The user has a restricted gaming zone covered with a fence and waist belt, linked to the treadmill with firm rods.

Let’s discuss the VR walking platform. We have made a list of 5+ best VR walking platforms that you can use right now. These are the best in quality and the reviews are mostly positive. So, without further ado let’s start.

How Does VR Walking Platform Work?

In addition to this crouch provision (in Virtuix Omni) and get a satisfactorily gorgeous option for shooters and all kinds of “walk emulators.” In this racing, and other categories that do not include much walking, the maneuver becomes less valuable: a mixture of “wheel + helmet” is still a more suitable option. Though many will ponder even these benefits as a luxury, some of them just cannot or will not want to kill opponents with a plastic rummage that comes within the set.

The camera alignment is immovable for the treadmill and the helmet as well, but there is only one snag. In such games where the user can turn his head discretely from the body, the feature will work accordingly, but in the mainstream of up-to-date shooters, it will turn out to be one more “backstab”.

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Best VR Walking Platform 

That was the working of the VR Walking platforms, now let us look at the best VR Walking platforms available in the market.

1. Virtuix Omni VR Treadmill

Price: $1,995 USD

Omni One is the first Omni optimized for the home and offers unmatched freedom of movement including crouching and jumping. Walk, run, crouch, kneel, jump, strafe, and back up in 360 degrees in the metaverse. Burn calories while playing video games! Be fully immersed in VR and engage your whole body. Move around freely and endlessly in VR without the risk of falling, bumping into walls, or running into other people.

Omni One keeps you and your surroundings safe. Omni One is a complete entertainment system including a standalone VR headset and online game store.

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2. Cyberith Virtualizer ELITE 2

Price: $599 USD

The Cyberith Virtualizer is a locomotion platform for virtual reality. Also known under the name “Omnidirectional Treadmill”, our VR simulator enables full movement in virtual environments. Cyberith focuses on full-body movement in virtual reality. Walk and run through infinitely sized virtual environments.

The motion tracking system of the Virtualizer operates fully optically allowing for high accuracy and low latency.

  • Walk and run in VR Simulations & Games.
  • Full immersion by becoming your avatar.
  • Safety & Security for the user.

3. Kat Walk Mini

VR Walking Platform

Price: $2,999 USD

Walk into the virtual worlds! No more constraints for your VR experience! Note: The Kickstarter version of the KAT WALK is no longer available, the pricing and design of the commercial version are different than this page.

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4. Infinadeck

Price: $40,000USD

Infinadeck, the active omnidirectional treadmill is back after its debut at SVVR Expo 2014. The latest prototype is on show at CES 2016 in a form that’s half the size, twice as quiet and now includes a harness to detect directional input. We took it for a spin.

5. Spacewalker VR Treadmill

Price: $9,800 USD

SpaceWalkerVR is a monodirectional VR treadmill developed by a Turkey-based company. The device enables gamers to physically walk and run forwards and backward while exploring digital 3D environments. To allow users to go in any direction within a virtual world, SpaceWalkerVR has a rounded platform that can turn in 360 degrees along with a  sensor-controlled treadmill belt.

Powered by 4 electric motors, this turntable relies on a gyroscope or joystick to automatically turn in the direction of the gamer’s body generating 4x12v for rotation and 2x24v for walking.

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6. Aperium K-01 Pod

Price: $1,900 USD

Aperium created the largest VR treadmill on the market. Its K-01 model is a unidirectional solution rather developed as a niche gaming attraction than for home use. Based on the V-Orient technology, it reorients a digital 3D environment imperceptibly, thus making users feel like walking rightwards, leftwards, and diagonally while physically walking only forwards. Like all of the above-mentioned best VR treadmills, Aperium K-01 can speed up or slow down the belt in accordance with what’s happening within digital surroundings.

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Wrapping Up

Here we conclude our post on the VR walking platform. These platforms are a little costly but the experience of playing VR games on them is totally different. We recommend using this platform at least once.

Keep exploring our website to know more about VR platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Much Is The VR Catwalk?

KAT VR expects to launch a crowd-funding Kickstarter later this month where backers will be able to secure a KAT Walk C for the Early Bird price of $699 USD.

Q2. Can You Walk In VR?

But one of the biggest limitations to virtual reality has been physical player space. Typically, players are limited to a small space in their homes that they can use to walk around in the virtual world. Any additional movement made in-game has to be done using trackpads or thumbsticks.

Q3. How Far Can You Walk In VR?

Whilst inside the ROVR a user can cover an unlimited distance without ever moving outside of a 1m x 1m space in reality. The containment frame stops the user from walking into walls or being led astray by hackers and so provides invaluable user confidence that is essential for losing yourself in full immersion.

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