12+ Best VR Games on Oculus That You Must Play In 2022

Play the Best Roblox VR games on Oculus to get yourself in the gaming spirit. From playing survival horror terrors to pursuing a workout regime while gaming on VR, it is impossible to combat the need to keep gaming your favorite and incredibly engaging Roblox VR games.  

Playing games develops a sense of emotion in players as it makes them delve into the virtual world and live those characters themselves, be it a military person, a rescuer, or a supernatural being.  The plethora of VR games is so widespread that it is hard to withstand the convincing and immersive experience it brings along.

Note: VR isn’t all about fun and games anymore – the technology is now being used in healthcare to treat depression, anxiety, and PTSD among people. Therefore, reckoning a positive impact on the lives of people.

In this article, we are covering the 12 Best VR games on Oculus that you most definitely try as these are the top-rated and the most played VR games from across the world. 

Best VR Games on Oculus 

Put your headset on and get ready because these are some Best VR Games on Oculus you will ever come across. Choosing the Roblox VR games highly depend on what sort of games you are into or you want to play. 

However, there are a wide variety of Roblox VR games that are available on Oculus. Here is the list of the 12 Best VR Games on Oculus.

1. Blair Witch 

Walkthrough gameplay of the best VR Game Oculus: Blair Witch

It is a survival horror Roblox single-player game. Blair-witch is an All-in-one horror game and has been the Best VR game on Oculus in the horror business. Blair Witch certainly does a commendable job at recreating how it feels to be lost in the woods and leaving you confused and directionless at the same time. It’s not particularly scary at all, but it certainly puts you in a spot that’s nothing more than uncomfortable. The gameplay is pretty simple, but that’s probably for the best in such a story-driven game. Your main gameplay involves wandering around the woods, picking up clues, and trying to figure out what happened to the missing child. To aid that you have several items. A phone, a walkie-talkie, a camcorder (eventually), and of course your dog Bullet. The bullet is probably the most useful tool in your search

Blair Witch is a game inspired by the cinematic character of Blair and makes you experience a new story-driven psychological horror game that contemplates your reactions.  

2. Star Wars: Vadar Immortal Trilogy 

Walkthrough gameplay of the best VR Games Oculus: Star Wars: Vadar Immortal Trilogy 

All the Star Wars fans must have always wanted to be life saviors or have wanted to use the powers of the forces. With Star Wars: Vadar Immortal Trilogy, you can finally make your dream come true. Vadar Immortal Trilogy has an amazing back story for you where you play a force-sensitive smuggler who goes on a journey through Mustafar, learning lightsaber combat and harnessing his Force powers along the way. 

Well, to affirm why Star Wars: Vadar Immortal Trilogy is so worthwhile, as it manages to tell an interesting side story within a franchise that has already been so widely developed. We expect you would be of the same opinion too if you are a star wars fan. 

3. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted

Walkthrough gameplay of the best VR Games Oculus: Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted

Five Nights at Freddy’s is about experiencing the Scariest nights of your life. You are the caretaker of a place and as the dusk turns into a pitch dark night, the animatronics come for you which makes it super scary. All you have to do is try and survive until 6 am in the morning by either killing or hiding or running away from these paranormal spirits loitering in the house. As soon as the sun rises y you are freed from all the horrifying activities happening around you. Even though you know, all the paranormal activities are taking place virtually and all the jumpscares are anticipatory but it actually makes it worse wondering as to when, just as similar to the slap bet on a TV, how I met your mother. 

Well, that’s just a reference but Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted is so real that it gives you a feeling of terror in your real life and you might have a hard time sleeping at night after playing this one.

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4. Lies Beneath 

Walkthrough gameplay of the VR Games Oculus: Lies Beneath

It is yet one of the best VR games on Oculus. The visuals in the game are incredibly amazing and unique in their own way. It has been that long ever since this game got released. People who are fascinated with vintage weapons would really enjoy playing this game, as you are asked to scavenge weapons like Guns, Axes, and Knives to save yourself from any obstacle. 

Lies Beneath is a survival horror VR game that has been rained on with near-perfect review scores. The game takes place in the fictional town of Slumber, Alaska, and players play as returning college students. They find the town is filled with monsters and go on a quest to save their father.

The reviews speak of the game itself with an amazing soundtrack and incredible graphics.

5. Resident Evil VR 4 (Rescue residents)

Walkthrough gameplay of the VR Games Oculus: Resident Evil

Resident Evil 4 is one of the most critically acclaimed and widely played games.  It is the sole game that has received the most recognition and is counted as the Best VR Game on Oculus. So it’s no surprise that Resident Evil VR 4 is available on so many platforms to play. Resident Evil 4 VR is roughly 14-20 hours of gameplay. With the help of your team members, you rescue down residents, leading the journey to the castle where the entire mission sums up. 

Departing significantly from the series’ previous games, the gameplay focuses on action and shootouts with fewer survival horror elements. 

This is massive and a great step for VR games which are notably usually quite short experiences. This stays true to the original game and you can play the entire Resident Evil 4 Leon’s mission experience. 

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Walkthrough gameplay of the VR Games Oculus: PUZZLING PLACES

Aren’t games supposed to be an easing/relaxing mechanism to cope with any kind of stress? Games are meant to free you from any sort of tension or stress. Playing games extracts emotions out of us resulting in oozing out any sort of strain or tension. With Puzzling Places completely living up to the actual meaning of games, it is true Puzzling Places is no less than a satisfying Roblox VR game. It is a relaxing and complete 3D jigsaw puzzle where the players fathom together the hyper-realistic miniatures of beautiful places from around the globe. It could be tiny pieces of buildings, minarets, Barren lands or fields, dense forests, scenic oceans, etc. 

The idea is to establish a peaceful and calm atmosphere in the player’s mind, as the game focuses on achievable challenges and a tangible feeling of progression and completion. With every piece puzzled, each “place” slowly comes to life with an immersive and serene soundscape and amazing visuals. Puzzling Places is a modern-age and advanced version of an age-old pastime that used to be a go game for friends and family.


Walkthrough gameplay of the VR Games on Oculus: WANDER

Are you a wanderlust, but too lazy to get up from your bed? Well, you do not have to face that problem as long as you have, Wander to play in your Oculus headset. See the world from your living room. That’s the promise of Wander,  which uses Google Street View imagery to take you ‘round the globe on the trip of a lifetime.

Ever wanted to visit New York? Or walk around the original Avengers sets? Or take in the beauty of Narnia? This Roblox game Wander is basically your passport to anywhere you want to go. You can also, use this game to see the town you grew up in or relive that vacation you took as a teenager at your relative’s home town. 

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8. Beat Saber 

Walkthrough gameplay of the VR Games on Oculus: Beat Saber

Seems like this game will never go out of style. It is topped at the Best Virtual Reality Games so far. People, who enjoy playing games like Supernatural will never get enough of Beat Saber, as it demands free body movements to protect themselves from obstacles. It is a simple game with incredibly perplexing graphics that Beat Saber becomes very easily addictive. 

In this game, you have to slash or cut neon color blocks of varied sizes and shapes from laser swords to the rhythm of the music. It plays various tracks of different genres like robotics, serene soulful tracks, destructive soundtrack. It also sometimes plays soundtracks like those of Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, Imagine Dragons, etc. It is a fun game that demands the most of your attention because if you skip a block you lose. 

9. Onwards

Walkthrough gameplay of the VR Games on Oculus: Onwards

Call of duty fans, who calls for some defeating the opponents? Well, Onwards is one of the Best VR fighting games as it requires strategic planning and extensive communication between the teammates in order to carry forward the mission. Your hit count is limited and reloading requires you to physically chamber rounds for a realistic military experience. 

It is true, this Roblox VR game onward gives you close to a hands-on experience of the military and how it is like fighting the opponents with proper planning. This game inculcates a sense of teamwork and loyalty towards your team. 

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10. Population: One

Walkthrough gameplay of the VR Games on Oculus: Population: One

Despite its amazing animation style and immersive experience, Oculus’s exclusive VR Battle Royale game Population: One is too innovative with amazing graphics to be claimed as a simple Fortnite clone. So the game revolves around, a playfield where in order to get ahead you have to scavenge weapons for your proceeding missions. You and two teammates will be dropped into a hostile environment to scavenge for ammunition and supplies in order to be the last group standing. There’s a wide variety of guns to use and structures to build your team. However, Population: One’s exclusive vertical combat system is the show’s true star.

11. I Expect You to Die 2

Walkthrough gameplay of the VR Games on Oculus: I Expect You to Die 2

This is a sequel to a successful video game with the same name that was launched in the year 2019. In this game, you play a James bond style, with extraordinary telekinetic powers. In order to move forward, you are needed to solve puzzles, and we must tell you these are not easy puzzles at all. It is an exciting game you have no clue what it has inbox for you. You might need to break or burns things to find the clues and solve puzzles to keep going. And once you solve the puzzles one by one you’ll be revealed with missions to solve to stop the evil from disrupting everything. 

The best thing about this game is the unpredictability and wonder. People, who like it the 007 James Bond style, would definitely enjoy this game. 


Walkthrough gameplay of the VR Games on Oculus: SUPERNATURAL

Who loves to work out in their own pajamas at their own places? Let’s make gaming a workout regime. The best thing about any Roblox VR game is that it gives you the liberty to move and get in action. Anyone who is a big Roblox VR buff or a fan would most definitely enjoy this game as it lands you in a surreal world with supernatural powers like coming back from the dead. Gamers who are into a physical workout regime would totally go crazy for this game. 

Supernatural lands you in a world where you have to save yourself from various obstacles that can possibly hurt you in the virtual by either dodging away or destroying those hindrances. It is a fun VR game, as it also takes an account of your workout. So basically you lose calories in your pajamas without following a perfect gym routine. 

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Wrapping up 

We hope, what you were looking we were able to provide for that in this article. To know more on anything related to the Best VR games on Oculus, you can leave your queries in the comment section below.

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