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Coding is an important part of professional life today. Schools and colleges are upgrading to provide courses. Thus, VEXcode is a code learning website using block-based coding. We will cover more about this unique VEXcode VR.

VEXcode VR lets you code a virtual robot using a block-based coding environment powered by Scratch Blocks or text-based coding powered by Python. VEXcode VR is based on VEXcode, the same coding environment used for VEX 123, GO, IQ, and V5 robots. The most annoying thing in coding was typing the wrong command.

You don’t have to worry about syntax or writing errors with this new technique. Just drag the feature you want to add to the block. So, without wasting time, let’s learn more about this amazing VEXcode.

How To Get Started With VEXcode VR?

VEXcode VR allows you to program a robot without using a physical robot. Explore the different virtual Playgrounds with your VR Robot.

1. Launching VEXcode VR

VEXcode VR does not require a download to get started. VEXcode VR can be run in any browser.

To launch VEXcode VR, go to 

Once you’ve been redirected to your browser, VEXcode VR will automatically begin running.

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2. Create A Project After Launching VEXcode VR

Once you launch VEXcode VR from, you can begin creating your project.

3. Create A New Blocks Project After VEXcode VR Has Started

To create a new project after VEXcode VR has already started, open the File menu and select “New Blocks Project.”

What Are VEXcode VR Features?

VEXcode VR

Web-based: No software installations required. VEXcode VR works in all major desktop and tablet browsers.

1. Virtual Robots 

Using a pre-built robot, users can program drivetrains to navigate, sensors to help solve mazes, pen features with an art canvas to code a creative drawing, and use the new electromagnet to interact with the game objects in challenges.

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2. Virtual Playgrounds

Users can select from different virtual 3D playgrounds to take advantage of the virtual robot’s features. Additional features include: point-of-view control as the robot runs code, visual data on the playgrounds’ dashboard, playgrounds that include grid worlds, art canvases, and walled mazes. 

3. Challenges And Activities  

Activities are in Google Docs so that teachers can add or edit them.

4. Robot Features

Understanding Robot Features in VEXcode VR.

Using the Bumper Sensor in VEXcode VR.

Using the Electromagnet in VEXcode VR.

Using the Eye Sensor in VEXcode VR.

Using the Location Sensor in VEXcode VR.

Using the Distance Sensor in VEXcode VR.

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5. Playground Features

Using the Playground Timer in VEXcode VR.

Understanding the Dashboard in VEXcode VR.

Identifying Location Details in VEXcode VR.

Understanding the Coordinate System in VEXcode VR.

Using the Playground Window in VEXcode VR.

Using the Playground Features in VEXcode VR.

6. Load and Save

Loading, Renaming, and Saving a VEXcode VR Project.

Loading and Saving a VEXcode VR Project on Windows.

Loading and Saving a VEXcode VR Project on macOS.

Loading and Saving a VEXcode VR Project on an iPad.

Loading and Saving a VEXcode VR Project on a Chromebook.

Loading and Saving a VEXcode VR Project on an Android.

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Wrapping Up

We have discussed the main features of VEXcode VR. This is an amazing idea to teach coding to kids. Using this way of coding, kids can focus on innovation than worrying about syntax.

Keep exploring our website to know more about VEXcode VR.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is VEXcode VR?

VEX Robotics has officially launched VEXcode VR (Virtual Robot), a web-based tool designed to meet the needs of computer science lessons for those who don’t have access to a physical VEX Robot at home.

Q2. Why Is VEXcode VR Not Working?

Suppose VEXcode VR seems incredibly slow or fails to run code properly using Google Chrome. In that case, your computer may not be using its Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) to help display the Playground environment.

Q3. VEXcode VR Important Features?

Virtual Robot VEXcode VR utilizes a pre-built virtual robot. The VR Robot makes navigation easy and has sensors that can be used to solve mazes. To learn more about the features of the VR Robot, you can read this Knowledge Base article.

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