Upland Vs Decentraland | Which Is The Future Winner?

When it comes to Metaverse, Upland and Decentraland come to everyone’s mind, right? But, you must have sometimes wondered which between them is the best! You can differentiate between them on various bases like investment, price, or some other aspects. However, coming to a conclusion seems to be a difficult task. So, If you are thinking about which is better between Upland vs Decentraland then, here we are with a post to tell you about it.

Upland vs Decentraland is an emerging concept these days as people who are aware of Metaverse must have thought about the difference between the two. You must have also thought of this! Though most of the Metaverse platform seems similar, there is some difference between them also along with the similarities.

There are many similarities in both like they both have taken a hype because of the change in the name of Facebook to Meta, both are known for playing to earn games, are built on EOS Blockchain, and many others. 

So, we will be discussing Upland vs Decentraland, but first, let us discuss the meaning of the two.

What Is Upland?


Upland is a game for buying and selling or for trading. You can play games in Upland and along with that earn money from it. 

As a player in Upland, you can even sell what you hold for money. What you need to do is just sign-up and then play games for free! You can even earn income from the properties that you hold in Upland. Not just this but one can also develop virtual properties here in Upland. Isn’t it interesting to be a part of Upland? Yeah, it is!

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Now, moving further towards what is Decentraland. 

What Is Decentraland?

upland Vs Decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual platform that can be used for making content and selling it to earn profit. In Decentraland, you can have your virtual world where interaction with other players can take place. 

Users can even purchase plots of Land here in Decentraland and even sell them to others. Not just this but, Decentraland is also famous for its avatars, wearables for these avatars, and also for creating scenes. The best part is you can even sell all these in Decentraland! 

As we have discussed what is Upland and Decentraland now, let us start with Upland vs Decentraland. 

Upland Vs Decentraland: History

Let us first begin with the history of the two. 

So, Upland was founded in 2018 and it was the time when the co-founders thought of tokenizing the real world through technology that can power collectibles. It was then that Upland was started not just for playing but for socializing and earning as well. On the other hand, Decentraland was introduced in 2015 as a two-dimensional game. But the public could access this game in 2020. 

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Upland Vs Decentraland: Tokens Used

The official token used for transactions in Upland is UPX. The details about its current price and market capitalization are as follows:

Current Price- $0.00009562

Market Capitalization- $252,094

MANA is the native currency in Decentraland that is required for trading or in games. The details about the current price are:

Current Price- $2.08

Market Capitalization- $3,787,168,874

Upland Vs Decentraland: Buying Property

Upland Vs Decentraland | Which Is The Future Winner?

Properties in Upland are divided into two categories: Minted properties and Unminted properties. 

Unminted properties don’t have any owners whereas minted properties have owners. Here properties are color-coded, which means that ‘green colored’ properties are unminted and you can become the first owner of these properties by minting them. Properties marked ‘FSA’, that is Fair Start Act, are for new players and are less expensive than the non-FSA properties. ‘Dark green’ properties are already owned and listed in the secondary market for uplanders to buy. ‘Blue’ properties are owned and minted but are not on sale and ‘Gray’ properties are locked and unminted.

In the case of Decentraland, you can purchase Land, which is a non-fungible digital asset. You can own them permanently by purchasing them through MANA. Land parcels are 16x16m, 52x52ft. When two or more adjacent Land parcels are associated, they are called an estate. For purchasing land you can go to the Metaverse NFT marketplace and watch the available land or estates that are for sale.

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Upland Vs Decentraland: Adventures

In Upland, you can play and earn from the games. You can also play treasure hunts, have city tours, hidden pinatas, and even live auctions are there in Upland which makes it full of adventures.

You can play various games in Decentraland that can help you to earn while playing. It includes games like WonderQuest, racing games like Battle Racer, and others. You can also create your own assets like games and share or sell them to other players in Decentraland. You can solve many quests and even create your avatars along with making wearables for them that can be sold as well.

Upland Vs Decentraland: Working   

Upland Vs Decentraland | Which Is The Future Winner?

Though we are very well aware that the working of both these platforms, Upland and Decentraland, is almost the same as for buying or selling of properties, or playing games and earning from this takes place, there is something different in two as well.

Decentraland claims itself to be the world that is owned by its users. Here, the users can play games or even create them but it is not so in the case of Upland. It works on blurring the line between the physical and virtual worlds. In Upland, you can purchase digital assets through both fiat and cryptocurrency but this is not so in Decentraland.

As we have tried to differentiate between Upland vs Decentraland, now it’s your turn to think of which one is better between these two and which is more beneficial.

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Now, as we have made it clear you can choose wisely between Upland vs Decentraland. You can do the research if you want to invest in any of these. As we are not an investment site, we don’t recommend investment in any of such activities. We hope that the post has helped you to get some information regarding Upland vs Decentraland. 

liked the Post? Do pass it to your friends and known ones! In case you still have some doubts, drop down in the comment section below. We would love to answer your queries. 

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