3 Awesome Things To Do In Sandbox Metaverse

Metaverse is the hottest topic in the technical world nowadays. With the Meta (Facebook) launching its first virtual world (Horizon Worlds), the topic has caught the fire again. Well, Sandbox has already released its Metaverse for the users and in this post, we will tell you the awesome things to do in Sandbox Metaverse.

The first Sandbox game was released in the year 2015. The plot of the game is perfect to set up the Metaverse. With time the developers have enhanced the quality and the gaming experience of the game. It offers more than just a gaming experience to the users. You can do various things on the sandbox platform.

Since Sandbox is a virtual world, there are several activities that can be done on the platform. You can visit the NFT museums, dance in clubs, and do more things on the platform. 

Further in the article, you will come across all the best things to do in Sandbox Metaverse. We have also mentioned the places to visit along with the guide to complete the quests assigned. 

3 Things To Do In Sandbox Metaverse

The things mentioned below are available as the quest in the Sandbox universe. You need to complete the quests to get the rewards. So, let’s not wait much and start with the list of the things to do in Sandbox Metaverse.

The NFT Institute

Things To Do In Sandbox Metaverse: The NFT institute

You have heard of the museums in the real world, it is the collection of the rare and the unique items. Well, you can have this museum experience in the Sandbox Metaverse as well. We know what you might be thinking right now. What would be the items displayed in the digital Museum?

The answer is simple if the world is digital then the items displayed will also be digital. I think you have got the idea of what we are talking about here. Yeah, the NFTs. One of the best things to do in Sandbox metaverse is to visit the NFT institute.

It is a beautiful building built in the Sandbox universe resembling a museum with glass ceilings that looks outstanding. As you are teleported to this State-of-art NFT museum, you will be provided with a guide that will assist you in the tour. You will also be provided with the map that has three interests points, go to these marked areas to complete the quest assigned.

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We know you are curious to know about what you will find in the museum. As we said that there will be various NFTs displayed. The center of attraction is the Snoop Dogg’s Stage. You will find it at the bottom level of the museum.

Club XYZ

Things To Do In Sandbox Metaverse - Club XYZ

One of my best things to do in Sandbox Metaverse is to visit the XYZ nightclub. The platform has developed the “XYZ Club” for the users where they can come, dance drink, and enjoy. As we said these activities are part of the quest. So, in order to complete your Night Club quest, you have to navigate to the four interest points marked on the map.

The club has a main stage that features Deadmous and it also has a bar that is present at the bottom level of the bar. The music played is very relaxing and the club designs look too realistic.

Dungeons Of Dum-Yz

Things To Do In Sandbox Metaverse - Dungeons of Dum-Yz

If you ask me personally then one of the awesome things to do in the Sandbox Metaverse is to visit and complete the Dungeons Of Dum-Yz quest. You gotta be the monster slayer in the game. It is like a dream come true for the true RPG (Role Playing Games) fans. 

As we know that we are teleported in the Sandbox world. Get teleported to the Dungeons there you will be welcomed by the NPC. It will provide you with the Sword that you will use to slay the monsters. You can also equip your sword in the inventory. Once you think you are fully equipped. Talk to the Metaverse guide and ask it to start the Alpha Quest. You will now see an interesting point on the map located in the top right corner.

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Follow the pointer on the map to complete the quests. After you have completed the second challenge you will be provided with a gift. It is the bronze breastplate that will provide more defense to your character.

Wrapping Up

We hope now you are clear with the best things to do in the Sandbox Metaverse. Well, this is not all that can be done on the platform. You can purchase the land on the platform and can rent it out to people to earn money as well. We hope you liked the post and if you did then do share it with your friends online.

If you still have any queries in your head then do ask us in the comments section.

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