The Most Popular, Traditional, and Famous Sports Played in Chile:

Chile is known for its ethnicity, rich cultural background, and beautiful landscapes. But we can not ignore the craze of sports in the inhabitants of Chile.

You clicked on our post, so you are curious about exploring the most popular and famous sports in Chile. These sports are very popular among the locals of Chile and tourists also enjoy playing and watching famous sports. Hence, in this blog post, you will find content about Chile’s most popular athletes and sports. 

History of Traditional Sports in Chile:

Chile has a rich sports history. Many popular traditional and regional sports have been played in Chile for a long time. Chilean Rodeo has a rich history and is one of the most famous traditional sports. Cueca is another popular traditional sport in Chile. 

Furthermore, other traditional sports that are played in Chile are Chilean Bullfighting, Chilean Wrestling, Martial Arts, Pato, and Palin ( a form of handball).

 Pato ( a combination of polo and basketball)  is regarded as the National Sport of Chile.

Chile had won 11 medals in the Olympics. It had also won 2 gold medals in the Athens Olympics in 2004. Chile’s national football team also got victory in the finals of Copa America 2015 and 2016.

List of 12 Most Popular, Favourite, and Famous Sports in Chile:

  1. Soccer/ Football
  2. Tennis
  3. Basketball
  4. Handball
  5. Rugby Union
  6. Rodeo
  7. Golf
  8. Volleyball
  9. Baseball
  10. Cycling
  11.  Roller Hockey
  12. Surfing

List of the Most Popular Sports in Chile:

  1. Soccer or Football:

Soccer was introduced in Chile in the late 1800s.

The most famous footballer in Chile is Alexis Sánchez.

Chileans have a special corner in their hearts for football or soccer and it is deeply integrated into their culture. It is also popular among people of all ages and social classes. The top domestic local league in Chile is Chilean Primera División. Chile’s national team has the privilege of winning Copa America 2015 and 2016.

Additionally, Colo-Colo and Universidad de Chile are the most popular clubs that have participated in the best regional and domestic competitions and leagues like Copa Libertadores.

  1. Tennis:

The year of the introduction of tennis in Chile is the early 1900s.

The most famous Chilean tennis player is Nicolás Massú. He is also an Olympic gold medalist in tennis.

Tennis is also one of the most popular and famous sports in Chile with rich achievements and talented players in the field of tennis. 

The Chile Open is one of the most popular local tennis events in Chile that has captured the attention of both local and international players.

  1. Basketball:

Basketball’s year of introduction in Chile is the 1920s.

Patricio Briones is one of the most popular basketball players from Chile.

Liga Nacional de Básquetbol is the most famous domestic basketball league in Chile.

Gonzalo Martínez is the first player from Chile who has showcased his skills in the top European Basketball Leagues. Fernando González is another important figure in basketball who has played for the national team and also worked as a coach.

  1. Handball:

The year of the introduction of handball in Chile is the 1960s.

Marco Oneto is the most famous Handball player of Chile.

If we talk about the most popular local Handball league in Chile, then it surely is Liga Nacional de Balonmano. 

The Pan American Handball Championship was hosted by Chile in 2019 and the teams from North and South America participated in it.

It is not as popular as football and tennis, but we see a rapid enthusiasm for handball in Chile among the young generation. The theme of the sport is: the two teams consisting of seven players try to put handball to the opposite team’s goal.

  1. Rugby Union:

Rugby was introduced in Chile as a sport in the 1880s.

The most famous player of Rugby in Chile is Rodrigo Tobar.

Rugby Union has solidified its position in Chile’s sports landscape, delivering an electrifying blend of tenacious physicality and strategic brilliance.

The domestic club competitions of Rugby in Chile showcase immense talent and passion for it. Chile’s national team Los Cóndores has participated in different international tournaments and won the hearts of people. 

Hence, Rugby is also among the popular sports in Chile.

  1. Rodeo:

Rodeo’s year of introduction is the 1700s.

Ramón Cardemil is the most popular athlete of Rodeo in Chile.

First of all, let us learn what is Rodeo. Rodeo is a traditional sport in Chile that showcases the horsemanship and skill of its participants. It involves a team of two riders known as “huasos” and their horses working together to drive a calf around a circular arena. The objective is to pin the calf against large cushions called “media lunas” using precise maneuvers and teamwork.

Campeonato Nacional de Rodeo is annually held in Rancagua and captivates the attention of a wide range of locals and tourists. It is also a traditional sport in Chile.

  1. Golf:

The estimated year of the introduction of Golf in Chile is the early 1900s.

The famous player of Golf in Chile is Felipe Aguilar. He has won many golf tournaments on an international level for Chile.

It is also a part of the Chile Open that has increased its popularity.

Golf in Chile may not be as popular as soccer and tennis, but it has a dedicated and growing fan base. The country’s picturesque landscape and favorable climate offer ideal conditions for the sport. 

Despite having a smaller following, golf in Chile is gaining momentum and attracting a growing number of enthusiasts. Golf has found its place in the hearts of many Chileans in the country due to its stunning surroundings and favorable weather.

  1. Volleyball:

The estimated year of introduction of Volleyball in Chile is 1912.

Priscila Pino, who has represented Chile at International levels, is one of the most famous and popular Volleyball players in the country.

Volleyball is a popular sport in Chile and its popularity is growing more and more over time. Chile has both men’s and women’s Volleyball teams. Interestingly at the school level, it is also gaining admiration and the youth is taking an interest in it.

The recent achievement is that in the South American games Chile’s women’s volleyball team won a silver medal. 

  1. Baseball:

Cristóbal Huenchullán and Javier Colina are the best and most well-known baseball players in Chile.

Although baseball may not be among the most popular and famous sports in Chile, it is also a significant sport as it has attracted a large number of young people in recent times. 

  1. Cycling:

Cycling’s year of introduction in Chile is the late 1800s.

Carlos Oyarzún, who has represented Chile in many international cycling events, is the most famous cyclist from Chile.

Vuelta Ciclista de Chile is a cycle racing competition in Chile that portrays the nation’s passion and love for this sport.

Furthermore, Chile’s varied landscapes and meticulously maintained trails make it a captivating choice for cycling enthusiasts.

  1. Roller Hockey:

The year of the introduction of Roller Hockey in Chile is 1940s. 

Felipe Castro is the most popular Roller Hockey player in Chile. He has represented Chile at national and international events. 

The national roller hockey team has the privilege of earning a massive reputation, admiration, and recognition at international tournaments.

It is also not as famous as soccer, basketball, and tennis, yet it is a fast-growing and popular sport in Chile.

  1. Surfing

The most popular surfer in Chile is Ramón Navarro. Interestingly, he possesses the skill to navigate colossal waves at renowned spots such as Mavericks and Nazaré.

In 2019, Jessica Anderson made history as Chile’s first female surfer to compete in the World Surf League (WSL) tour.

Surfing is highly popular in Chile due to its extensive coastline, spanning over 6,000km. The beaches near Pichilemu are renowned for their exceptional surf breaks and have hosted numerous international competitions. Pichilemu is especially famous for Punta de Lobos, one of South America’s top surf spots.


What are the 5 most popular sports in Chile?

Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Rugby, and Rodeo are the 5 most popular sports in Chile. 

What are the 3 most popular sports in Chile?

Soccer, Tennis, and Basketball are the 3 most popular sports in Chile. 

What is the most popular sport in Chile?

Soccer or football is the most popular sport in Chile.

What are the most watched sports in Chile?

Soccer (football) is the most-watched sport in Chile. Tennis, basketball, handball, rugby union, golf, rodeo, volleyball, cycling, roller hockey, and cricket also have substantial viewership and dedicated fan bases across the country.

What are the 6 most famous Surfing Spots in Chile?

Pichilemu, Arica, La Serena, RitoqueI, Quique, and Punta de Lobos are the most famous surfing spots in Chile.

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