Tesla Elon Musk Tiny Portable House | Why To Choose The Tiny Houses? 

Here we are back with the recent update for Elon Musk fans. Tighten up your seat belt coz this news is going to shake you up, in a good way. We all know that Elon Musk never fails to surprise us with new inventions and new technologies. Some that we know, and some about which we are not even aware. So, here we are going to discuss the latest hot topic about Elon Musk. Are you excited to know what the latest update is about Elon Musk? Well, it is the Tesla Elon Musk tiny portable house.

It was not very long before the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, said that he was selling all his houses. He then moved to Texas. But, we were not sure where exactly in Texas Musk was living. People assumed that he must have bought a nice big house around or in the Austin area. But nahhh, he proved us wrong.

Musk in his recent tweet said that he has only one home in California and since it is Tesla’s event he didn’t sell that house. And is staying in a $50k house in Boca Chica that he has rented from SpaceX. And, this is indeed true as Elon Musk lives in a prefab 400-square-foot home that is made by Boxabl. That is Tesla Elon Musk’s tiny portable house.

Now, it’s time that we get to know about the facts of the tiny portable house Elon Musk. So, let’s not waste any more time and quickly get started.

Why Did Elon Musk Choose The Tiny Portable House?

Tesla Elon Musk Tiny Portable House

Well, unlike other billionaires, Musk does not own any luxury yachts or any multi-million dollar houses. He has actually been trying to live in this way for a very long time. And, Musk seems to not have any regret about his decision and he tweeted this when he was asked about living in a tiny house in Texas.

We do know that Musk suspended the payment of bitcoin for the Tesla vehicles, because of the environmental issues, since the main core value of Tesla is sustainability. So, it does make sense when we hear that he is staying in a tiny house.

Moreover, as these tiny houses are developed by Boxabl, they claim that their houses are really energy efficient. It is because these houses are built using installation technology, and also use LED lighting, that will help to increase the comfort of the residents, and at the same time save resources. 

These tiny portable houses developed by Boxabl are durable and resistant to snow in over 90% of North America. Moreover, these can be retrofitted to fit the remaining 10%.

These tiny houses use less energy and will also take up less space rather than the conventional houses which in return have less impact on the environment.

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Why Choose Tiny Potable House By Boxabl?

Tesla Elon Musk Tiny Portable House

Musk now stays in a 37 square meter studio and his house has been designed by Boxabl which is a construction start-up. This start-up is specialized in handling the residential units that are easy to assemble.

The modular home starts at $50. However, this amount does not include the cost of the landscaping or permit and connection to the utilities. But, we do know that Musk has enough money to finish the details with his interesting designs and take these modular small homes to a whole new level.

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What Is Inside Tesla Elon Musk Tiny Portable House?

What Is Inside Tesla Elon Musk Tiny Portable House?

Do you want to know what is inside the new Tesla Elon Musk tiny portable house? Then let’s get started.

Here are a few characteristics that Boxabl has listed:

  1. The weight of the house should be 2 tons.
  2. The dimension of the tiny houses should be 6 MX 2, 2 MX 4 m.
  3. Solar energy of 2kW photovoltaic system of 6 panels.
  4. It should have the solar memory of 1 x Tesla Powerwall and its appearance is made of environmentally friendly wood.

These Boxable homes are made in factories and are folded in shipping containers. It took them years to decide which materials will not destroy the walls of these tiny houses. The floors and roofs are made of laminated panels, making it legal to move to the highway.

You can also get free shipping but that is allowed in some states only. If you want these houses in remote destinations, then you will be charged additional fees. The $50 price will include unboxing, shipping, and other features. This house also has plumbing, air conditioning, and electricity and is pre-installed and ready to connect.

This small house has one story. You can add more modules if you want by mixing them with the living space. These houses come fully furnished with a studio setup.

It even has a 3 m ceiling along with large windows and doors. Moreover, the small sizes of these houses can be achieved by the party-sized kitchen. This kitchen includes a refrigerator, double sinks, countertops, and dishwasher that are lined up on the walls, to make a dining area. These tiny houses also have a low carbon footprint so you can put them wherever you want to.

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Wrapping Up:

So, are you excited about Tesla Elon Musk’s tiny portable house? I guess we all are. After you have read this post, you do know the characteristics of this house and how sustainability is its main motto.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who Is The Founder Of Boxabl?

Galiano Tiramani is the founder of Boxabl, which creates tiny houses that are sustainable.

Q. When Did Boxabl First Come Into Being?

It was in 2017 when Boxabl decided to make tiny houses since they saw a huge opportunity to transition building construction all over the world in the factory assembly line.

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