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Using one of the fastest internets on the earth? Or planning to take the connection? Time to switch to and use the Starlink Internet. However, you have no idea about the Starlink Coverage Map. Not an issue, this blog is just for you to help you with the details of the Starlink coverage map.

Starlink is the all-new internet system launched by the company SpaceX. They have a different kind of setup for this internet across the globe. With the help of that setup, they are able to provide faster internet all the time to each and every user. This is why many people are leaning towards using the internet of Starlink.

They have a different setup of the satellites than the other internet service providers on the internet. Also, the setup of their internet kit is different than others. The internet of Starlink is completely based on the situation of the satellites. And also, the speed of the internet gets varied. 

The fastest Internet and a better result of the internet will always be under the Starlink Coverage Map. The location of the kit and the satellite will be able to decide the speed and all other factors of the internet. That is why it is really needed to know the coverage map of the Starlink Internet.

Starlink Coverage Map

Starlink Coverage Map
Starlink Coverage Map 2022

This image shows the Starlink Coverage Map. The bright color is the area on the Starlink Coverage Map that is provided with the Starlink internet. The area with the second shade that is not entirely dull and not entirely bright is on the Starlink Internet waitlist.

Starlink Coverage Map: Areas Available

The Starlink Coverage Map above shows the following areas where the Starlink internet is available.

1. Canada 

2. Australia 

3. New Zealand 

4. Denmark

5. Austria

6. Belgium

7. France 

8. Germany 

9. The Netherlands

10. The United Kingdom

11. Ukraine 

12. South Africa

13. Chile 

How To Set Up The Starlink Internet?

To know the details about the Starlink Coverage Ma, it is really important to know the satellite placement of Starlink, and why exactly you need to know about the Starlink Coverage Map. Basically, the internet factor for Starlink is completely based on the satellites of the company SpaceX.

There is a difference between the satellite formation and work procedure between other internet providers and The Starlink Internet. The other internet providers set up one satellite in the higher Earth orbit. Those are known as Geostationary satellites. With the help of this single satellite, a particular company provides internet to all its users. 

But the situation is quite different with Starlink. SpaceX has placed many satellites in the lower Earth orbit. As there are plenty of satellites, and they are moving, so they have a route. And with the help of that route, Starlink Coverage Map has been created automatically. It is so obvious, that every user would like to get the best result on the internet.

Starlink Coverage Map

How To Connect The Starlink Kit To The Satellites?

Once you order the Starlink kit, they will provide you with some items. A router, some cables, and a Starlink or Starlink connector. You need to set up the Starlink connector in such a place, where there shouldn’t be any distraction between the connector and the sky. As the connector will be connected to the router and the electricity, the connector will start moving on its access to locate the nearest satellites. Once it gets the satellite, it will provide internet to the router, and it will give you Wi-Fi, to access the internet.

As the Starlink connector starts searching for the satellites, it will obviously be better, if you will put that in such a place where the satellites are nearby. That will make the Starlink connector get internet access so easily. Along with that, the internet will be faster if the connector will be somewhere near the satellites. So, by knowing the location of the satellites, you will be able to get faster internet. To know the detailed location of the satellites, and to put the Starlink connector accordingly to get faster internet, you need to know the Starlink Coverage Map.

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What Is Starlink Coverage Map?

This is the Starlink Coverage Map that comes under the orbital route of the lower earth satellites that have been placed by SpaceX. While orbiting the Earth, the location of the satellites gets changes, and that is why the coverage map also gets changed. Also, as the speed of the internet is based on the satellites, you will be needing to know the locations of the satellites.

The orbital route of the satellites is not the only factor in changing the location of the coverage map. SpaceX has approval for sending satellites to the lower earth orbit and placing them at any point in time. That is why they frequently send updated satellites to the lower Earth orbit. They sometimes change some of the old satellites. That is why the coverage map gets changed frequently. 

So, you can easily understand that you have to be updated about the location of the satellites, and the coverage map. That is the best option to get the fastest internet out of the Starlink Internet service. Once you know the Starlink Coverage Map, it will be easier for you to understand the place to set the Starlink Connector.

How To Locate The Starlink Satellites?

As there are plenty of satellites launched and placed by SpaceX in the lower earth orbit, it will be not easy to locate the satellites. That is why there are some apps that will help you find out the location of the satellites.

The location of the satellites will show you the Starlink Coverage Map. With the help of that, you will be able to go ahead and start placing the Starlink connector. Then it will easily locate the satellites and start providing Internet. As the connector will be near to the satellite, the internet will also be faster in speed.

Wrapping Up

So, you have got a firm idea about the Starlink Coverage Map Internet. Also, understood the relation of the map to the satellites. Before starting using it or if you are already an existing user, the next time, locate those satellites with the help of those apps to understand the coverage map, and then place the connector accordingly. It will give you the best result on the Starlink Internet. Get updated, link the connector, and access one of the fastest internet service providers of this time. Happy browsing.

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