8+ Best Roblox VR Gun Games | Shoot your Enemy In Virtual Reality

How many of you have ever thought of becoming a part of a military clan? To be honest I am one of those. Shooting could be fun when done virtually. Well, if you are here in search of the best Roblox VR Gun games then the list below will surely help you out.

Some studies say, that more than Eighty percent of the gaming youth choose to play shooting games or games that make use of guns. From clones of games like Free Fire to popular Call of Duty titles, the plethora of Roblox VR Gun Games is truly vigorous. Whether you play them on your mobile, PC, or some other setup, these top 8 Roblox VR Gun Games, are worth a play. 

In this article, we will cover some of the best Roblox VR Gun Games and the features they come along with. We hope this article helps you in finding what you are looking you. 

Roblox VR Gun Games

 Are you fascinated by shooting games? If, yes then there is no need to go somewhere else because we are here with some great and thrilling Roblox VR Gun Games. 

Enhance your Roblox experience with virtual reality and dive into the fictitious world. 

Below is the list of some super cool shooting games, that will for sure land you in a real-life shooting world. 

1. Phantom Forces 

Roblox VR Gun Games - Phantom Forces

Phantom is a first-person shooter game highly inspired by a world-known game, Battlefield 4. Phantom forces is undoubtedly the most popular Roblox VR game and one of the Best VR games on Oculus as well. This game has recorded the highest number of gamers playing this game. 

It is a very destructive game, full of shooting and blood. It is a game where two teams, opposing each other come, named Phantoms and Ghosts fight against each other to prove their dominance and establish their territory. 

The key features of this game are:

  • Includes five different game modes
  • Over 100 guns are available to use 
  • Advanced and unique movement mechanics  

2. Edgeworks 

Edgeworks is one of the best in action games on the VR platform with parkour and unique climbing mechanics. This game is strictly designed for VR players, who enjoy gaming with proper headsets. So, this game comes across as the players are supposed to solve some physics puzzles to keep moving ahead with their mission. 

It is a story game that requires you to contemplate problems and make the right decision by answering correctly as well as using a variety of weapons to take out your opponents from the game. 

The key features of this game are: 

  • Do whatever you want in a single game
  • Use all your skills and abilities to reach the next levels
  • Pass the obstacles by freerunning and parkouring
  • Use several types of weapons to kill your opponents

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3. Zombie Apocalypse 

Who doesn’t like to fight their way via using amazing weapons and expensive guns? Zombie Apocalypse is the perfect game for you if you are gun enthusiast. As the title title says it, that’s the entire base of the game, that the player has to kill the zombies in order to move forward with the mission. It is a game you can play with your friends and with teamwork, you kill the cannibals. You can even revive your team member if they get bitten by any of the zombies. 

Moreover, players can open new areas to progress to the next levels, too. There is always something new in store for the zombie-battling folks. 

The key features of the game are:

  • The player has control of one to four characters through 55 levels set in seven different areas 
  • Each of the game’s modes can be played in single or multiplayer
  • There are 12 trophies/ or achievements that are available in the game to chase. Playing through the game unlocks new modes

4. Call of Roblox

Roblox VR Gun Games - Call Of Roblox

As the name says ‘Call of Roblox’ is one of those Call of Duty and Free Fire sort of games that carry out a shooting mission, by killing the antagonists. Call of Roblox is one of the games with the best animations and visuals supported by a solid storyline. 

The key features of this game are:

  • The game had four different game modes
  • There are over 50 guns in 6 different categories, Machine guns, Submachine guns, Bolt-Action Rifles (snipers), Rifles, and Pistols in the game

5. Laser Tag 

Do you enjoy playing laser tag? But, you are too lazy to actually go out and carry out a mission. Well, Laser Tag is no longer an outdoor sport. You can simply play shooting with your laser swords in your pajamas in your own rooms. The Laser Tag Roblox VR allows you to enter into the world of the darkroom that is decorated with neon lights with other players to play Laser Tag. The team who scores the most wins the games. You can make this experience more enjoyable by adding your friends and creating your own team.

The key features of this game are:

  • You get to experience the fun of Laser Tag shooting with your friends
  • You are landed in a world of the darkroom with Neon lights
  • The only way you get ahead is by knocking other players and score
  • You get to form teams with your friends

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6. Project SCP

The best thing about any Roblox VR game is that it gets you in action. It is not necessary that you have to have a VR headset to play this particular game. But what’s better than an action-driven and full of movement experience. Gamers who enjoy the sound of shooting and feel thrilled to handle guns will definitely enjoy playing this one. This is also a first-person shooter but it’s not that competitive compared to other shooting games, as you’re shooting all enemies rather than other players.

The key features of this game are:

  • -There are in total 4 Zones in this game, each with its own unique rooms and functions
  • -A variety of weapons to navigate the facilities and get out alive
  • -You can play as 5 Playable SCP Characters, and 5 Human classes 

7. Energy Assault

Energy Assault is a fast-paced and future-driven FPS game with loads of iconic weapons and even more iconic maps and thrilling locations. In this game, you are ranked up by winning matches and getting kills, as you move forward with the mission. Each time you rank up you earn more cosmetics, weapons, skins, and get to show off your win and your rewards to other players on the server. 

The key features of this game are:

  • The game operates with 6 game-modes
  • You get badges level after level and after the number of kills 
  • The guns are divided into two categories, Primary Weapons, and Secondary Weapons 

8. Bad Business 

Gamers who like to go advance with their gaming skills. Then is the Best Roblox VR game for you amigos. Bad business is an interpretation of a team that is assigned a few tasks during the gameplay on the virtual battlefield and whoever makes it to the end is the one who goes home with the most rewards. This game comes with a prestige system and a wide variety of weapons that can be combined to create unique loadouts. 

It is an intense shooter game. It is an extremely fast-paced game and you really have to be quick with your moves and your entire gameplay. 

The key features of this game are: 

  1. The game doesn’t let you choose your weapons, instead, the game chooses the weapons for you
  2. The modes are divided into two categories Primary and Secondary category
  3. You get charms like the cosmetic attachments for weapons that can be obtained by special weapons 

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Wrapping up 

Above are some Roblox VR Gun Games that can turn out to be the best source of entertainment and fun using Virtual Reality. So, just don’t miss the opportunity to have an immersive experience with your friends and family. 

We hope this piece of information helped you. If have any queries regarding the above-mentioned article, you can drop your query in the comment box right below.

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