Red Bull To Enter Metaverse | The Red Bull Metaverse Is Ready

Internet is evolving and soon Web 3.0 will takeover. This will be the era of Metaverse or we can say Virtual Reality. However, this virtual reality will allow you to interact physically with the virtual objects. Many big companies are stepping into the Metaverse and the most recent entry is the Red Bull. Yes, you heard that correct soon you will be able to witness Red Bull in Metaverse. 

We have seen various gaming companies entering the Metaverse space and hearing about Red Bull entering Metaverse sounds absurd. But, it is true. If you follow the Metaverse trend closely, you might not have been shocked because McDonald also filed the trademark for the NFTs and Metaverse with the USPTO earlier this year.

Is Red Bull really planning to give wings to their customers in the Metaverse? Or are they planning to give NFTs? We know you must be having several doubts in your head running right now. So, let’s not waste time and state with the post that will clear all your doubts.

Red Bull In Metaverse – What Is The News

On March 03, 2022, the Austrian Energy Drink company registered the trademark for the business in Web 3.0 with the USPTO. The news was shared by Michael Kondoudis, on his Twitter handle on 08 March 2022. 

Michael told on his Twitter handle that Red Bull is planning to offer many different things. These include,

  • Multimedia with NFTs 
  • Both virtual and cryptocurrencies, 
  • Clothing 
  • Drinks 
  • Sports gear
  • Financial exchange services

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Can We Expect Wings After Drinking Red Bull In Metaverse

Red Bull Give You Winggs…..

The company was in controversy for its tagline. There were many complaints about not getting the wings as shown in the TV advertisement.

However, Red Bull can use the Metaverse platform as a way to prove its tagline. But, we have to wait for it.

Wrapping Up

The expected date of the Red Bull Metaverse launch has not been given yet. The company has only registered the trademark for the NFTs and the Metaverse products. However, we have to wait for the official release by the company yet.

If you have got any doubts or queries regarding the news. You can contact Red Bull, to do so you can visit the contact page of Red Bull.

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