List of 10 Best Free Netflix Alternatives of 2021 to Watch Web Series| Movies and TV Shows

Netflix has long held to the crown as the best video streaming service with increased competition nipping at its heels. You now have more choices to keep you entertained than looking for high-quality TV shows, movies, and other video content. I’ll show you the list of ten updated best free Netflix Alternatives of 2021 you should try out in addition.

Moreover, I will also explain the pros, cons, reviews, ratings, and much more. I’ll give you recommendations of content on those services that are worth watching and let you know if they’re free or paid.

The best Netflix alternatives are 

  1. Amazon Prime
  2. Hulu
  3. Disney Plus
  4. Hotstar
  5. Brit Box
  6. Crackle
  7. CBS Network
  8. Acorn TV
  9. Apple TV Plus
  10. Crunchyroll

Last year the TV streaming company increased the price of its standard package to £8.99 a month and its premium package to £12. So if you’re looking to shop around for a cheaper deal there are plenty of other alternative platforms and services, such as iPlayer and Amazon Prime. Most streaming services out there offer ways to watch on a par with Netflix, some free and some paid for.

List of Best Free Netflix Alternatives of 2021 Including their Pros and Cons

Let’s check out a handy list of the best services, from Crackle to Disneyplus, Hotstar, and many more below.

1. Amazon Prime Video

List of Best Free Netflix Alternatives of 2021 Including their Pros and Cons to Watch TV Series| Movies and TV Shows

Let’s get started first up in no particular order is Amazon Prime video just like Netflix prime video has its own set of high-quality original programming along with a good amount of TV shows and movies from other providers. Not found on other platforms a few of our favorites on prime video include Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’s starring John Krasinski from the office Goliath with Billy Bob Thornton and the expanse which was broadcast on the side network for its first three seasons but Amazon taking control with season 4.

You’ll find apps for prime video and most of the other services coming up available in the respective app stores for iOS Android Roku Amazon Fire Apple TV and many others. If you’re an Amazon Prime member prime videos are included at no additional cost to purchase. The prime video as a standalone service will set you back $8.99 per mod puree quart cutter and need an inexpensive streaming service.

Amazon Prime Video Pros

  • Lots of added benefits with an Amazon Prime membership.
  • Excellent exclusive content.
  • Lots to love for comic book fans.

Amazon Prime Video Cons

  • Annual payment (lock-in) is a big commitment compared to other services’ month-to-month deals.
  • Lots of new releases are excluded from the deal.
  • It doesn’t have the same “on-demand” feel like Netflix.

Amazon Prime Video Rating and Review

Overall streaming has been the new option vs having traditional cable or satellite services. I do see on the horizon a similar shift which at some point will mirror the exact service that they are trying to replace. The cost of streaming has been on a constant rise and I don’t see a plateau in sight. This is discouraging to a consumer like myself. Thus Amazon Prime is listed on the top in the list of best free Netflix alternatives of 2021.

Rating 4 out of 5.

2. Hulu

List of Best Free Netflix Alternatives of 2021 Including their Pros and Cons to Watch TV Series| Movies and TV Shows

Hulu offers a great selection of the classics along with current TV shows from popular networks that are available the day after their broadcast. They have partnerships with many of the top networks including Fox ABC AMC TNT the BBC and many others addition. Hulu also has a decent collection of original content that calls Lulu originals. The originals worth checking out include Stephen King’s Castle Rock, the highly controversial series, The Handmaid’s Tale and chance starring Hugh Laurie who loses basic plan with ads is $5.99 per month add fries $11.99 and they also have plans offering live TV starting at 50 $4.99 per month.

Hulu’s Pros

  • Good mix of sports, news, and entertainment networks, plus local channels.
  • Hulu’s on-demand streaming library included.
  • 50 hours of cloud DVR storage

Hulu’s Cons

  • Price increased to $55/month in December 2019; expensive add-ons.
  • Must upgrade DVR to fast-forward through commercials.
  • Only two screens at once unless you upgrade.

Hulu’s Rating and User Review

I have tried all or most of the streaming apps from Sling, Philo, and most everything in between. I find Hulu by far has the most bang for my buck. Great streaming with no buffering or audio delays, like I have had with most of the streaming services I have tried. Granted they have raised their prices…to me, it’s worth the quality of Hulu…by far the best! Easy to use channel guides and great browsing experience.

Hulu’s Rating 4 out of 5.

3. Disney Plus

Updated List of Best Free Netflix Alternatives of 2021

The family-friendly Disney Plus is perhaps the biggest rival that the executives at Netflix most fear not only is the price of $6.99 nearly half the cost of Netflix with HD available. You can get Disney Plus bundles with Hulu and ESPN plus for the same cost as the lowest-priced HD plan with Netflix which is $12.99 per month while its selection of originals is quite low at this time. You do get a fair amount of premium content from Disney Lucasfilm Marvel Pixar and National Geographic along with select shows from ABC Studios and 20th Century Fox.

In addition, all TV shows, and movies can be downloaded to watch offline at any time. If you’re a fan of Star Wars the Mandalorian is a Disney Plus original you should check out. Earlier I mentioned that you could save some dough by bundling Disney Plus with Hulu and ESPN plus with ESPN plus you get access to exclusive live sports and ESPN plus originals along with on-demand access to the complete library of the fantastic 30 for 30 documentary films.

Disney Plus Pros

  • Very affordable ($6.99 a month)
  • It will work on most devices.
  • Available without cable.
  • A good selection of classic and new content from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and others.
  • Great selection for kids.
  • Many exclusive original shows and movies the whole family will be interested in watching.

Disney Plus Cons:

  • The library will smaller than competing services at launch.
  • Movies will be launched in theaters for several months before they make it to Disney+. This differs from Netflix, which launches most of its movies directly on the Netflix platform on day one.

Disney Plus User Review and Ratings

If Disney keeps it updated with new content, Disney Plus could rival Netflix sooner rather than later. There’s a decent amount of content right out of the gate to fill a few weeks of movie nights, but you’ll quickly find yourself out of things to watch after that.

Rating 4 out of 5.

4. Hotstar

List of Best Free Netflix Alternatives of 2021 Including their Pros and Cons to Watch TV Series| Movies and TV Shows

If you love Indian content then Hotstar by 21st Century Fox (Now Disney) is the best choice. The online platform has a huge library of top Indian Dramas, Soap Operas, Movies, and TV Shows making it a premium place for top-notch Indian Programs. As Hotstar has several Hollywood movies, it is launched in the USA and Canada by disseminating content libraries to avoid any infringement of digital rights. You can access it on the web by visiting If you live in India then you should definitely for the Hotstar.

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The service runs on the freemium model. It provides a large number of movies, TV Shows, and other programs for free with Ads injected in between the play, you can also access premium content by paying some amount. But being a prime entertainment production network in India you will get access to some high-quality programs without any registration and subscription.


  • Many Indian Regional Movies.
  • The picture quality is very good.
  • Free online Streaming for 1)Sports 2)TV 3)News.
  • Quick availability of TV serials and other news in different languages.
  • Options to set video quality and Subtitle support.

Cons of Hotstar

  • Some specific tv shows available.
  • Take time to load the website and applications.
  • Even if your internet speed is high the website takes time to load.

Hotstar Review and Ratings

I am using Hotstar for 2 years. I used this application to see the most famous serial that is “Iss Pyar ko kya Naam Doon” which was acted by Barun Sopthi.

And also when I was in hostel, at that time we used to big boss show which is telecasting on maa TV hosted by NTR but we didn’t have a TV connection in our room then we used HOTSTAR daily. I was fully satisfied with this application. Therefore, you can take Hotstar as one of the best free Netflix alternatives of 2021.

Hotstar rating 3.5 out of 5.

5. Brit Box

Updated List of Best Free Netflix Alternatives of 2021

Brit box is a service created by the BBC and ITV featuring current and past seasons of many of their popular shows along with originals exclusive to their service. If you haven’t seen it yet Shetland with five seasons is excellent and this is where you can find the first 26 seasons of the classic Doctor. Brit box lets you try out their service for free with a 7-day trial after the free trial ends Brit box costs $6.99 per month or 60 $9.99 per year. Now for something completely free crackles an ad-supported service from Sony with a rotating selection of TV shows and movies most of which are not the latest and greatest.

Pros of Brit Box

  • An inexpensive way to stream BBC and ITV shows.
  • No ads.
  • Parental control tools.
  • Five simultaneous streams.

Cons of Brit Box

  • No offline downloads on mobile.
  • Web and mobile streaming are limited to 720p.
  • Poor playback interfaces.
  • No user profiles.

Review and Ratings of Brit Box

I was excited to see the content included as part of the launch (particularly Doctor Who). There has also been a lot of familiar added content.
My biggest issue is the difficulty in navigating the content, application freezing, and having to reboot the tv to remove on-screen messages.

Britbox rating 3.5 out of 5.

6. Crackle

List of Best Free Netflix Alternatives of 2021 Including their Pros and Cons to Watch TV Series| Movies and TV Shows

Crackle does offer original programming some of which is not too bad if you need a good show to watch on crackle. There are three seasons of startup available to watch right now and features a fantastic cast that includes Martin Freeman Ron Perlman, and Adam Brody. If you’re a cinema Thyle band or just maybe the service for you you won’t find the latest blockbuster high budget movies here. Instead what you get is more than 4000 independent classic foreign and documentary films both new and old.

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Do check out their movie list page. If you’re looking for recommendations created by their community and staff at this time Zander was offering a 14-day free trial after which you can subscribe for $5.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

Pros of Crackle

  • Hosts around 40-50 TV series and more than 150 full-length movies
  • Stream videos across multiple devices
  • Free mobile apps available
  • It can stream videos across multiple gadgets and devices.
  • It has a massive list of 40-50 TV shows with hundreds of full-length movies.
  • It is available free of cost.

Cons of Crackle

  • No ad-free options
  • Small library
  • No HD quality

Crackle Review and Ratings

Crackle is a reliable service for streaming videos and tv shows. The variety is a little lacking, but the price is fair for the number of shows offered. Due to its amazing features, you can take Crackle as one of the best free Netflix alternatives of 2020

Crackle rating 3.5 out of 5.

7. CBS Network

Updated List of Best Free Netflix Alternatives of 2021

If you’re a fan of the watered-down predictable programming found on the CBS network. CBS all access is more the same with past episodes of the CBS shows you love like NCIS The Big Bang Theory and many others. They also offer original shows on their service including the reboot of The Twilight Zone and for Trekkies their Star Trek Discovery and Star Trek card for you to binge-watch. CBS all access is supported with a $5.99 per month plan and they’re at free experience for on-demand content will set you back around $10 per month.

Pros of CBS Network

  • Huge catalog of current and classic CBS shows.
  • Live CBS news and NFL games.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Supports many platforms.

Cons of CBS Network

  • Few exclusive originals.
  • Offline downloads are restricted to commercial-free plans.
  • No support for 4K or HDR content.

CBS Network Reviews and Ratings

Probably another fake news – I assume that it such by simply do watch they didn’t allow ABC to stream Epstein fake suicide or something like that anyway – I got completely lost altogether for many many things.

CBS network Ratings 3 out of 5.

8. Acorn TV

Acorn TV
Source: PureVPN

Acorn TV is a service that’s very similar to Brit box with content from the ITV channel for BBC Worldwide and others. It’s a great source to find classic and current shows from the United Kingdom Ireland Canada Australia and New Zealand some of which are quite popular in their home countries. In addition, they also have original programming as well. So I’d highly recommend watching is a line of duty there are five seasons available to watch right now and it’s been renewed for six acorns TV is $5.99 per month it offers a 7-day free trial.

If you’d like to try it out to be is another ad-supported free service like crackle but with a much better selection to choose from currently, it has more than 15,000 TV shows and movies in their library. You’ll find titles from some of the biggest studios including MGM Warner Brothers Paramount Pictures Lionsgate NBC Universal and many others.

Pros of Acorn Tv

  • Commercial-free library of British, European, and Oceanic shows, including originals and exclusives.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Four simultaneous streams.
  • Dedicated Schedules section for arriving and departing shows.

Cons of Acorn Tv

  • Streaming resolution limited to 720p.
  • No offline downloads.
  • Lacks profiles and recommendations.
  • Some stutters on the web interface.

Customer Review and Ratings of Acorn Tv

I had signed on to Acorn TV for a month or two several times over the last few years. I never had a problem canceling when I wanted to switch to something else. They have some good shows that can keep you entertained.

Acorn Tv ratings 3 out of 5. 

9. Apple Tv Plus

Updated List of Best Free Netflix Alternatives of 2021

It was just announced that Fox corporation would be acquiring to be for four hundred and forty million dollars. So I’m not sure how the acquisition will affect their library in the future. But at this time if you’re looking for free content to be is worth checking out Apple TV plus is one that I hesitate to mention being a newer service. Its libraries are quite small and yes size does matter when choosing a streaming service. But what’s been offered so far has just been okay we’re expecting better quality in the future.

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Apple’s deep pockets the morning show with Jennifer Aniston Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell is entertaining other than that the rest are lackluster. Especially the reboot of Amazing Stories which really aren’t that amazing. With the purchases of selected Apple devices, you can get Apple TV plus free for a year. Otherwise, it’ll cost you $4.99 per month after the 7-day free trial I’ll go through the rest of these more quickly curiosity stream at $2.99 a month. It’s not only great value it’s also a great source for nature and science documentaries.

Pros of Apple Tv Plus

  • Sleek interface.
  • Inexpensive.
  • No ads.
  • Web browser support.
  • Offline downloads on iOS.

Cons of Apple Tv Plus

  • Limited content at launch.
  • No apps for Android or game consoles.

Apple Tv Plus Customer Review and Ratings

This is my second Apple TV. I like it, but the remote is a pain in the **. I would like to have the remote easier to navigate. Out of all the Apple products, this is my least favorite. Not thrilled w/ new up next I have not. Been able to just open the app and watch all the channels I have paid for. I have to log into each account then use wireless to see it on tv. After reading ratings and reviews Apple Tv plus is also a great choice if you are looking for the best free Netflix alternative of 2021

Apple TV plus ratings 4 out of 5.

10. Crunchyroll

Updated List of Best Free Netflix Alternatives of 2021 Youtube Video

Crunchyroll is a popular source for fans of anime you can either watch for free with ads or upgrade to their premium plan watch ad-free in the coming months. New competition for Netflix will be entering the arena those include HBO Mac’s which will incorporate all of HBO’s programming with other content from Warner media. It includes the popular show friends and from the folks over at NBC Universal is the peacock which is rumored to be an ad-supported service at this time. We don’t have the full details about this.

Pros of Crunchyroll

  • Expansive anime library.
  • All tiers support HD streaming.
  • Many simulcast shows.
  • An original series.
  • Manga and apparel store.

Cons of Crunchy Roll

  • No offline downloads.
  • Relatively few dubbed shows.
  • Some interface clutter.

Crunchyroll User Review and Ratings

Really good and feels rather premium, and unlike some other sites it doesn’t buffer every 3 seconds, and with a huge catalog of anime and manga it’s well worth the premium, don’t use the free option because otherwise half of your time will be spent on watching ads.

Crunchyroll rating 3 out of 5.

Best Free Netflix Alternatives of 2021 Youtube Video

Here below is the youtube video for the list of best free Netflix alternatives of 2021 including their pros and cons to watch TV series, movies, and TV shows.


Many people were searching for the best free Netflix alternatives and many were asking for the particular updated best free Netflix Alternatives of 2021. Now we have mentioned from different sources the best free Netflix Alternatives of 2021 including their pros, cons, customer reviews, and ratings. What do you think about these best free Netflix alternatives of 2021 to watch online Tv Series, movies, Tv shows for free? Do you use them? Have you got a tracker to add to the list tell us in the comments? and don’t forget to share this post.

If you use a video streaming service not mentioned let us know about it in the comments and if you haven’t done so already subscribe and ring the bell so you don’t miss out on our latest top 10 and other tech-related stuff here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I go to watch Netflix for free?

Yes, you can now watch Netflix for free and that too on Netflix. But, only the first episode of some of the popular tv shows. All you need to is visit and the list of the shows will appear in front of you. You can now watch the first episode for free. The better way is to consider the free Netflix alternatives given in the article.

Where can I watch Netflix other than Netflix?

The best alternative to Netflix are listed below

  1. Amazon Prime
  2. Hulu
  3. Disney Plus
  4. Hotstar
  5. Brit Box
  6. Crackle
  7. CBS Network
  8. Acorn TV
  9. Apple TV Plus
  10. Crunchyroll

Which Company is Netflix’s biggest competitor?

Amazon Prime is the biggest competitor of Netflix and stands as the best alternative for Netflix.

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