“Pubg Zombie Mode”|The New Update Of Pubg Coming Soon

Player Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG), the most popular mobile game of the year is now coming with a new update known to be as “Pubg Zombie Mode“. It is believed that the Zombie mode is part of PUBG Mobile’s collaboration with the Resident Evil 2 remake set to release before 10th February.

Pubg mobile has exceeded 30 million active users and 200 Million downloads in 8 months and even don’t include players from China pubg got this huge success in short duration of time.It is the most played game in India. Now the developers has decided to come with a new update including new features, new weapons or may be a new map.

Although globally you can get Pubg Zombie Mode in Chinese version.It may take some time to come in with locally playing version.Here you can get information about the Pubg Zombie mode,release date in India or how to play new version in Pc or mobile.

About Pubg Zombie Mode Including New Features

Zombies mode in PUBG or PubG Zombie Mode includes a little gathering of well-trained and strong players that go up against 98 different zombies. The zombies are not allowed to use or utilize customary weaponry; rather they have quality in numbers and will solely depend upon their huge numbers to dominate their enemies.

Additionally, Pubg Zombie Mode will also be featuring several other changes:
— It will be bringing in dynamic weather for Erangel and Miramar.
— Erangel will also get a new snow area as well.
— The highly anticipated Zombie mode should also make it to the game this time. Rumours suggest that the zombie mode will be available under the Arcade section of the game and will throw in zombies in-between matches.
— A new death cam feature will show you a replay of how your character died in the game. Classic Voices will also be back as well.
— A new MK-47 Mutant rifle, as well as laser sight for weapons, will also make it to the game.
— Players will be subjected to new emotes as well.

The latest video from the duo suggests that players have a few seconds to collect weapons and get ready for zombies. Available gun include M249, DP, M762, MN416, and pistols. No mention if the second mode would have the same kinds of guns.

Resident Evil 2 is the reboot to the classic zombie game which released in 1998. The game features police officer Leon S. Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield as the protagonists who attempt to escape Raccoon City captured by zombies.

We also got a answer through Quora which says” Let me get this straight. I found Zombies in Pubg mobile. In the Global version that everyone plays, not in some beta or Chinese version. You will have to believe me if I show it to you. “

I know I kinda ruined your expectations, as you were hoping for the alive ones. I mean walking zombies( not really alive else they wouldn’t be zombies).

You can see in the minimap if you’re thinking that where I found them. This island is below the Military base area. Not an island but some rocks with these zombies lying around.

But this is a clear proof that there will be definitely something in the future updates. Might be Zombie Mode or something like that.

Edit- I recently found something strange again.

The person who wrote this answer is-

Raktim Ghosh

How Will It Be Different From The Classic Mode Matches?

In the Classic mode matches, players are let alone or with their squad to fight at most 99 other players, comprising of a mixture of bots and real players. The zombie mode will let you fight along with a few other players to kill several zombies to attain the highest scores.

Pubg Zombie Mode Release Date

Interestingly, the video speculates that the Pubg Mobile Zombie mode release date is not January 25. Instead, it points to Tencent’s own statements that suggest we’d be getting a brand new event or mission instead and that the PUBG Zombies mode release date would be alongside the Pubg mobile update 0.11.0 or 0.11.5. It’s probably not far off when you consider Resident Evil 2 is out on January 25 and pubg mobile updates are usually during the middle of the week. The update will be come before 10th February.

How To Play Pubg Zombie Mode In Pc Or Mobile

If you have checked out any of the bigger Twitch streamers lately, you might have noticed that they have been playing a whole new mode that has been implemented in PUBG: Zombies. This mode sees a small group of human players who can loot go up against up to 98 zombies. These zombies are not able to loot any items that have spawned in the world, meaning that they must become a horde to try to overwhelm the geared players. At this time, only “PUBG Partners” have the ability to host their own custom zombie matches. These partners are members of the PUBG community who advertise the game, and they are currently primarily Twitch streamers.

Before you go looking for a zombies game in PUBG, keep in mind that being able to play the human players is a rare occurrence due to the fact that the player who hosts the game has the power to determine who is a human and who is a zombie.  To access the zombies game mode, go to the main menu of PUBG. There you will need to hover over the “PLAY” button that is in the upper left hand corner. When you complete this, a drop down menu will appear with a selection that reads “Custom Matches” all the way at the bottom. Clicking on this will open up a menu showcasing all of the custom game lobbies, whether they are currently in a game or waiting to begin. Most of the time, the word “zombie” will be somewhere in the title, so be on the lookout for that while you are searching. When you finally find one to your liking, click on it and then you will be prompted to choose a team. Once you join the lobby, you must wait for the game to begin, and when it does you will find yourself on the same starting island from the main battle royale game mode in PUBG. Happy hunting in the zombies mode.

Pubg Zombie Mode Youtube Video

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