12+ Play To Earn Metaverse Games 2022 | Metaverse Games To Earn Money

Everyone enjoys playing games. Right? But how about games with more immersive gaming experiences, such as in the metaverse? Imagine a gaming experience in which you are actually playing the game. Such games are as genuine as going out to play, which can add to the adrenaline rush, thrill, and real-life experience. It cannot get better than this. But, what if we tell you that things can become much better? What if we tell you that there are play to earn metaverse games in the intriguing realm of the digital cosmos? Don’t believe us, check out the list given below.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term Metaverse, The Metaverse is a virtual cosmos in and of itself. You can consider it as a virtual universe that can be as real as the one in which we breathe and live. It’s a link between all the virtual networks that are interlinked together to make a full-fledged Virtual Universe. In a nutshell, it’s a Web3 expansion of our present internet technology.

Now, you must be thinking, what is this about play to earn metaverse games? We all know about games like Pool PayDay, Blackout Bingo where we can earn money by playing them. If so, then how is Metaverse different from all these games? Well, it is true to say that every day new innovations and fun concepts are happening in the Tech World. One of them is combining the worlds of cryptocurrency (digital money) and video games. In this virtual world, you will not just only play for fun but also for earning cryptocurrency as well. Yesh, crypto!! How cool is that?

We had to pay to play in the early days of the internet. But, over time, numerous experiments and pioneering business models have developed, because of which, we now have the Play-to-Earn notion. So without further ado, let’s head to the top Play to Earn Metaverse Games.

Top Play To Earn Metaverse Games | Metaverse Games To Earn Money 

Play-to-earn is a brand-new business model that combines non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrencies, and other blockchain technologies to generate real-world value from in-game goods and other digital products. Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular Play to Earn games in Metaverse!

Metaverse Games To Make Money

1. Axie Infinity

Play To Earn Metaverse Games - Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular play to earn Metaverse games without a second thought. It is an online video game inspired by Pokémon and developed by Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis. It is an NFT based game that accepts Ethereum based crypto or SLP’s (Smooth Love Potions). 

This game allows users to earn money or SLP’s when they breed, race, battle, or trade their “Axies”, the pets owned by the users.

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  1. Adventurous: An adventurous game where you can battle chimera and earn rare treasure. It will be helpful for upgrading your army.
  2. Become a legend: You can become a legend hereby proving your mettle in intense PvP battles.
  3. Breeding: You can cross-breed your axies to create a new ultimate offspring.

2. Alien Worlds

Play To Earn Metaverse Games - Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds, ranked second in our list of play to earn Metaverse games, is a metaverse game made up of seven planets that reproduces a digital facsimile of Earth with a unique economy based on Trillium (TLM) game tokens. 

The players stake Trillium to planets in order to vote in forthcoming planetary elections or to boost the planet’s prize pool. Players can also vote in weekly council elections, propose recommendations for how the planetary money should be distributed, and run for planetary council themselves. Here, players have the freedom to purchase and assemble the NFTs.


  1. Explore: Lease spacecrafts here and go on to explore the Metaverse on your ship.
  2. Create your own Social Metaverse Community: Go on missions or tell stories here with you fellow travelers/
  3. Metaverse Art Space: You can create stories, art, music, games here. 

3. Splinterlands

Play To Earn Metaverse Games - Splinterlands

The digital play to earn Metaverse collectible card game, Splinterlands is based on blockchain technology. It’s similar to games like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone. Just like these games, you build up a deck of cards with varied attributes and abilities and then use them to compete against other players in skill-based battles. 

Another reason why Splinterlands is better than Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone is, that it is one among the play to earn Metaverse games. Here, the players can purchase, sell, and trade their digital assets as freely as if they were actual cards.


  1. Become a critical thinker: Splinterlands is all about creating the best team by developing best strategies in your favor.
  2. Transparency: In splinterlands, users exactly know how many types of each card exists, will ever exist, view and verify the historical record of each card. 
  3. Quick Transactions: Transactions in Splinterlands are quick and costs low.

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4. Farmers World

Farmers World is a blockchain-based agricultural game that has a lot of similarities to Farmville. The game’s goal is to allow users to grow their own farms, take care of their plants, manage their own animals, and engage in other agricultural tasks. 

Not only this, the players can also compete with other players in PvP game types by visiting other digital farms and competing for in-game resources. Players may also buy agricultural equipment and virtual lands to create or extend their farms, as well as other in-game commodities like virtual lands. What’s better than this? 


  1. Largest Community: Farmers world is one of the world’s largest community with 150000 players all over the world  
  2. Engaging: One the most engaging games where users can build, cultivate and breed their own animals and farms as well as mine gold.
  3. Variety of NFTs: Splinterlands provide various types of NFTs. Some of the fun ones are Fishing boats, fishing nets, axes and many more.

5. Plants Vs Undead

Another one in the list of best Play to Earn Metaverse games is Plants versus Undead (PvU). 

It is a multiplayer tower defense game based on the popular Plants vs Zombies franchise. Users may acquire one-of-a-kind NFT-backed digital plants and other in-game assets to compete with other players or fulfill objectives. 

Each user can develop their own plants or sow seeds to grow more. Within the platform’s internal marketplace, plants and seeds may be sold or purchased. The game takes place in the “Planet Plants” universe, where players must employ their zombie-fighting plants to protect their “Mother Tree” against assaults. For each successful defensive round, players get in-game tokens, which they may use to purchase fresh seeds or swap for other cryptocurrencies.


  1. Membership: Farmers World gives membership cards to its players and allows them to equip more tools.
  2. Share your tokens: You can send your PVU tokens to your friends and exchange NFT assets with them.
  3. Gripping: A very gripping game where you can go to others’ farms and battle them for resources but also have to stand guard to protect your own farm.  

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6. Farming Tales

play to earn metaverse games

Another hero in the top Metaverse play to earn games is the Farming Tales Metaverse game. As the name of the game suggests, this Metaverse game revolves around farming where players get to earn SEST tokens as an in-game reward. If you’re a fan of farming games, then you’re surely going to love this one.

The official website of this game describes it as “A crypto farm where NFTs represent real products from our real farms.” This means, that all the efforts that you put into the game will give you benefits in real-time. The Metaverse of this game is developed by Unity and the game itself is built on WAX blockchain.

However, you need to know that Farming Tales isn’t a free game and you need to own NFTs before you proceed in the game.


  1. The oppportunity to stake SSET tokens provides additional benefits.
  2. Airdrop of CBIT tokens.
  3. A comparatively easy play to earn game.

7. My Neighbor Alice

play to earn metaverse games

My Neighbor Alice is a free play to earn game where you have the option to customize your game avatars and other in-game items. It is a cool Metaverse game that is similar to Animal Crossing as you can own virtual islands, collect items and meet other gaming enthusiasts.

It is a multiplayer game where you can monetize your in-game experience and earn while playing. The rewards in the game come in the form of ALICE which is an ERC-20 token that you can use to purchase other in-game assets.


  1. Players can own virtual islands in the game which are scarce in number. These are stored as NFTs and you become a real ownership of the virtual asset if you have a land in the game.
  2. In-game Avatars provide an enhanced gaming experience.
  3. Players can own, create and trade virtual items in the game.

8. StarCrazy


StarCrazy is another, one of the best, play-to-earn games that require less investment before you get started with the game. This Metaverse game is available for Android and iOS and is built on the loTeX platform. if you want to get started with the game, then you can do that by downloading the loPay app on your device where the game is available.

Once in the game, you will be amazed by its starry concept (and who’s kidding here! the game is self-defining). By collecting Stars (NFTs) you will be able to do a variety of things in the game like earning GFT tokens. So do check out StarCrazy and earn while having fun!


  1. A Marketplace to buy, sell and bid on Star, NFTs in StarCrazy.
  2. The ability to earn more in the game by accumulating Stars with more digging power. If you have a Star with more digging power, then you will be able to earn more GFT token (in-game rewards).
  3. The game requires less investment unlike other games where you need to spend more bucks to get started with the game.

9. Metacelo

play to earn metaverse game

Metacelo as we already told is the first play To Earn Metaverse NFT game that is built on the Celo Network. If we look at the gameplay of the Metacelo then it is an Open world Role Playing game that allows the users to win the NFTs in reality.

You join the game as the Monster trainer and can build your own story in the Metaverse. You can use your monster to have a fight with the other players in the game. You can kill their monster or own them by defeating them. Killing and winning the monsters is one of the prominent ways for winning the NFTs in the Metacelo game.

10. Prospectors

play to earn metaverse game

The PGL is the native crypto token that is used in the play to earn metaverse game Prospectors that also runs on the WAX Blockchain. Well, we know that you must be thinking that this MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) was built on EOS.

Well, let us tell you that the game has transitioned from EOS to WAX and is one of the oldest games on the list that was published in the year 2019. The gameplay of Prospectors revolves around starting up a business and then the players can also mine the gold via various activities conducted within the game.

The game provides a window for the players to develop their own digital assets and then later trade them in the Marketplace. You can also team up with the other players online and earn PGL. If you are looking for a business game to play on the blockchain then Prospectors is the one that you must try once.

11. BlokchainRPG

play to earn metaverse game

BlockchainRPG was launched in November 2021 and as the name itself suggests it is an RPG game that is based on the Blockchain.

The game is set up in the fictional land known as Aurum. The players in the game collect resources, hunt monsters, and craft the tools. You can also compete with the other players in the game and win rewards.

The game is made keeping in mind the play to earn a model. So, the players can create digital assets and sell them to other players in the Marketplace. The game has introduced the quad-token economy and the users can easily purchase these tokens from the Alcor exchange with the help of WAX.

12. Xpansion

play to earn metaverse game

The last play-to-earn metaverse game on the list is Xpansion. if you are looking for the best strategy game then Xpansion is the one that you must play.

The game is set up in the future and allows the players to manage the land assets and the development of land. The players will manage the full ecosystem of the game. The users can mint the XPS tokens from their land and then use them to upgrade their settlements.

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Wrap Up

The article was not only written to tell you about the best play to earn Metaverse games. But also to put in the picture of Metaverse. It is also to enlighten our readers that Metaverse isn’t just limited to being a virtual world for the gaming industry!

Metaverse is about creating a lifelike world where we can have a cup of coffee with our friends despite being in different parts of the world, where we can buy lands, go shopping, and visit all kinds of places that we wouldn’t have been able to visit otherwise. And all of this can be done from just one part of the world. Metaverse, underpinned by blockchain technology, will open up unlimited possibilities of the digital cosmos in the next decades.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Play To Earn Crypto Games?

Play to Earn Crypto-Games are the games that reward the players with the cryptocurrencies on completing the missions.

What Is Play To Earn NFT Games?

Play to Earn NFT Games are the games that reward the players with the NFTs, which can be sold on the NFT Marketplace.

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