Philips Fresh Air Mask Review | The Ultimate Protection!!

Smartwatches! Apple Air Glasses! And now this “Philips Fresh Air Mask”, Isn’t technology skyrocketing with time?

The past two years have made us realize the importance of hygiene pretty clearly!! Now you can imagine your lives without lipstick, but not without a face mask! To make it extra comfortable with an added touch of fancy technology, Philips jumped in the race by making Philips Fresh Air Mask. Life seems much better and breathable wearing this fresh air mask, without any doubt!

But isn’t the pandemic almost over now? Why do we still have to bear the uneasiness of wearing masks for the whole day? In case, you are thinking like this, then let’s not forget our environment is full of many other viruses and flu spreads that need full attention, other than the Coronavirus!!

Philips Fresh Air Mask is a wonderful product. Not only does it provide you protection from air pollutants and spreading viruses, but it also decreases the risks of suffocation, as it comes with airpower technology. Ahh!! The older ones will find it much more friendly! The design is perfectly suited to each face type, it’s made of breathable fabric with multi-layers of protection, and the super-cool technology adds to the hype!

But is the mask completely safe when it comes to protecting against deadly diseases like Covid-19? Can we rely on some fancy technological gig for the safety of our loved ones? As I said, the pandemic taught us so much about health and hygiene, that when it comes to choosing the right product for your family and kids, you better like to be doubly sure! Keeping all your concerns and queries in mind, here’s a quick guide on Philips Fresh Air Mask review!

Philips Fresh Air Mask ACM066 Review | Top Features And Pricing

What’s So Special About Philips Fresh Air Mask ACM066
Unboxing Philips Fresh Air Mask ACM066

You must have heard your mother or children complaining about the breathlessness of wearing a mask for a long time. But not anymore!

Bring home the innovative technology and give your loved ones the best of the best just like this Philips ACM066 Fresh Air Mask, a part of the latest 6000 series.

Coming back to what’s so special about this product, it comes with an in-built innovative fan module to help pass the air in and out of the mask easily.

It makes breathing much more comfortable than ever before. Not just for kids and for elders but for athletes and sportspersons, this breathable mask is quite a bonus!

It comes with 4 layers of high filtration fabrics. So, next time when you plan to go out on a walk or jog, just put on this mask and feel the difference. It’s a perfect gift for your dear ones, not to mention the price yet!

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Top Features Of Philips Fresh Air Mask

  • Airpower technology
  • Innovative Fan module
  • 3 levels of fan speed
  • Micro USB charging
  • 3D laser cut
  • Comfortable breathe in breathe out
  • Washable mask cover
  • Perfect fit
  • 4 layer high filtration
  • Golden anchor point
  • Anti PM2.5
  • Replaceable filters

Philips Fresh Air Mask Specifications

ModelPhilips Fresh Air Mask (ACM066)
Type For Personal Use (Non-Medical)
Filtration GradeN95
Filter Type4 Layers (Replaceable)
PM Protection2.5 (95%)
Particles ProtectionAir Pollutants, Pollen (and other allergens), Germs and Bacteria, Cigarette smoke, Wildfire smoke, and other Dust particles.
UV ProtectionUPF 50+
MaterialsHigh-Quality Breathable Fabric (body/mesh), Aluminium (Air Module), ABS
Battery AutonomyApprox. 4.5 hours (low speed) to 2 hours (max. speed)
ColorsGrey/Light Slate (ACM066/03), Black (ACM066/01), Lychee Pink (ACM066/02)
Warranty1 Year

Philips Fresh Air Mask Price:

To give you the Philips Fresh Air Mask Price Review, the high price tag may surprise you a bit. But the added features may incline you towards spending even a bit higher. 

USD: 199.00

Working Of Philips Fresh Air Mask ACM066

Philips ACM066 Fresh Air Mask Review: Working Of Philips Fresh Air Mask ACM066
Parts Of Fresh Air Mask By Philips

Special products require some special technology to run, just like the Philips Fresh Air Mask ACM066. Not only is its outer design eye-catching, but the inner structure is quite commendable.

As we are talking about Philips here, a company that never fails to amaze its users with the best comfy designs and power-packed functioning, once again the fresh air mask proves it right for the brand!

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The mask works with the help of an integrated fan to help alleviate the discomfort of breathlessness. It comes divided into three parts which when combined together to use makes a wholesome power-packed protection layer. 

These three parts are an outer layer, a fan module (with rechargeable batteries), and the air filter. It’s a modular facial mask, with an outer layer that holds together the two other units. 

Since the fan’s battery needs to be charged every day, the design is kept modular for a reason. Also, the inner N95 filter is required to be replaced at least every fifteen days, or once after 40 hours of use. Of course, no compromise with hygiene!!

Philips Fresh Air Mask may appear to be complex, but it’s not! It’s relatively simple to construct and use!

Beginning with the outer layer, it can be reused and has a mesh design that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. At the left, you’ll find a cavity for the fan module with an option to alter the speed of the fan by three levels.

The inner layer is equipped with an area that houses the fan located on the left-hand side and the USB charging slot onto the right. 

It is completely enclosed however, there is a gap on the bottom that allows air to flow through. This is to redirect the airflow downwards to prevent the spread of exhaled air directly to those around.

On the inside, the air filter is located just above the fan module. It has a circular opening that allows it to connect to the motor. Apart from its role in clearing your air, the filter also serves as a layer of safety between the face that is covered by the mask as well as the fan module and its electrical components.

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Final Verdict:

So, this was an overall Philips Fresh Air Mask review!! Have to say, Philips has done a commendable job coming up with such an innovative idea that keeps in care the comfort of the users. In terms of practical functionality, the Philips Fresh Air Mask performs exactly as it claims in terms of breathing ease. 

The mask allows you to breathe normally like you do without wearing a mask. Although, in the midst of a heavy workout or running, the mask may feel a little uneasy to the person wearing it. All in all, it’s a good product.

Although it is N95 grade certified, it doesn’t hold any such N95 or N99 protection features. As daily wear, it’s a great choice. But when it comes to Coronavirus or other impulsive infections, you better layer another N95 mask underneath this mask for better protection. 

After all Safety Matters!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. For How Long Can I Use a Single Filter?

Each box contains 1 removable filter. The life span of each air filter is contingent on the factors that influence it, such as the pollution around you and the amount/method you use the mask. According to your local AQI, a filter may last for as long as 122 hours (AQI between 0 and 15) or just 8 hours (AQI between 301 and 500).

Q. Are There Different Size Options For The Philips Fresh Air Mask?

This Philips mask is offered in a single size you can adjust with the straps that fit behind your ear, much like every other type of mask. For children (small size) Please refer to the Philips Fresh Air Mask ACM033.

Q. Can I Use This Mask For Medical Purposes?

No. Philips Fresh Air Mask is not meant to be used for professional, medical, or industrial usage and should not be used to serve such purposes.

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    Perfect mask

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    Thank you so much for your information. Just I purchased mine last week. Honestly, as a mouth breather, this is a game-changer. I live in west Texas and it is hot here and makes it a lot more pleasant than the normal mask and it… is… AWESOME! Runs a little on the small side, unfortunately. For my medium to large-sized American face, it just barely goes under my chin when adjusted to the largest size – but it is still the best mask I have ever worn, and it is easy to forget that you’re wearing a mask when you have it one. Great breathing!

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