Pathfinder Divine Hunter Paladin | A Guide To Defeat Evil And Save Your King

“Considering God to be present at the moment, I pledge to save this Kingdom and my King upon my life”
Sounds like a pledge that a “Pathfinder Divine Hunter Paladin” would take before joining his duty as a Knight. Ever wondered what special abilities the Divine Hunter has that make it different from the other Paladins. Check out our “Guide on Pathfinder Divine Hunter Paladin”, to know everything. 

Pathfinder Divine Hunter Paladin is a character from the RPG “Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous”. It is a Knight that has got special divine powers, although it comes under the base class “Paladin”, it is very different. In this guide on Divine Hunter, we will talk about everything about the character and its special abilities. 

Some of the special abilities of Divine Hunter Paladin are

  1. Mery
  2. Precise Shot
  3. Shared precision
  4. Holy Champion
  5. Distant Mercy
  6. Aura Of Clear Sight
  7. Channeling Positive Energy
  8. Lay of Hands
  9. Hunter’s Blessings
  10. Righteous Hunter

There are a lot more than this. Remember that you can get these abilities only at certain levels. Further, in the article, you will learn about what these abilities can do and at what level you can possess them.

Guide On The Pathfinder Divine Hunter Paladin

Pathfinder Divine Hunter Paladin
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Divine Hunter is the character in the game “Pathfinder: Kingmaker”. They belong to the base class Pathfinder Kingmaker Paladin, which comprises the good archers. Although they belong to the base class “Paladin” they are different from all others in many ways.

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Divine Hunters are the divine guardians of their king and they participate in battle as well as they can also help their companions in getting aids. While all the other Paladins in the class fight toe to toe with the enemy, Divine Hunters can destroy the evil from far off.

Pathfinder Divine Hunter Paladin Information

Base ClassPathfinder Kingmaker: Paladin
Alignment RestrictionsLawful Good
High SavesWill And Fortitude
Class SkillsKnowledge about Arcana, Knowledge about the world, Can control wild animals, know secrets about deities, Persuasion
WeaponsLight and Medium armors, All shields except the Tower Shield

Pathfinder Divine Hunter Paladin Abilities

Pathfinder Divine Hunter Paladin is the special Paladin that has got a few extraordinary abilities that are not so common in the other Paladins. Here is a list of a few abilities that the player can use in combat while defending his King.


This Divine Paladin can show mercy and heal the damage to one target in the Combat. But, there is a specific time and level to possess this ability. You can use the mercy ability only after you have reached level 3 in the game and thereafter you can use it after every three levels. 

Divine Hunter Paladin uses his “Lay On Hands” ability to possess mercy and it adds an effect on the “Lay On Hands” and the target every time the players use the mercy ability.

Precise Shot

The player doesn’t have to worry much about the precise shot ability. You can achieve it even without completing the prerequisites. It will be available to you as a bonus at Level 1.

Shared Precision

Pathfinder Divine Hunter Paladin
Source: Moon Guard Wiki – Fandom

For attaining this ability the Pathfinder Divine Hunter Paladin has to hit the creature with the rage attack at Level 3. While doing this, the mandatory condition is that your ally should be standing at most 10 feet apart from you and should be able to hear and see you during the attack.

Holy Champion

The Divine Paladin becomes the conductor of God at the 20th level. The DR of the Paladin increases by 10/evil and can channel positive energy using the ability “Lay On Hands”. Now, the Divine Paladin is able to heal the creatures to the maximum possible amount.

Distant Mercy

We are already aware of the Mercy ability that the Pathfinder Divine Hunter Paladin gets at level 3. But, as you reach level 6 this Mercy Ability is upgraded to Distant Mercy. Now, the player can use two “Lay On Hands” and heal the target that is present between 5 feet range of the Paladin. Take note this ability cannot give life to a dead target.

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Aura Of Clear Sight

Well, this is the ability that Paladin possesses upon reaching level 8. In this ability, the Pathfinder Divine Hunter Paladin will be immune to Blindness. This ability increases the morale of the ally by +4 if they are within 10 feet of the Paladin and they save throws against the blindness effect.

Channel Positive Energy

Pathfinder Divine Hunter Paladin
Source: Wallpaper Flare

When Paladin reaches Level 4 in the game, he gets the supernatural energy to channel the positive energy. He can use this ability with the two “Lay Of Hands” abilities to cause damage or heal the creature, depending upon the type of the target. Channeling the positive energy makes a burst that affects all the creatures within 30 feet of the radius with Paladin at the center.

Lay Of Hands

You must have been hearing about the “Lay Of Hands” ability since the beginning of the “Pathfinder Divine Hunter Paladin Abilities”. So, here we are with the explanation about what it is and when the Paladin gets it. 

When the Level 2 of the game begins the Paladin gets the ability to heal her and other’s wounds just by the touch and this process is known as the “Lay of Hands”.

Hunter’s Blessings

This ability is known as Hunter’s Blessing because in this ability the Pathfinder Divine Hunter Paladin blesses his fellow allies. At level 11 the Paladin can use its Smite evil ability and grant himself and his allies Precise Shot, Deadly Aim, and Improved precise shots feet. 

The allies are not required to meet the prerequisites but they have to be within 10 feet radius of the Paladin. Even if the evil is within the 10 feet radius, he will gain no benefit from this.

Alignment Restrictions

Pathfinder Divine Hunter Paladin loses all his spells and class features at Level 1 in order to be lawful good. After this, the Paladin has to change his alignment back to gain levels.

Divine Hunter Proficiencies

Pathfinder Divine Hunter Paladin
Source: Wallpaper Flare

Divine Hunter is provided with some simple and martial weapons that include Light and Medium armors and all shields except the Tower Shield.

Deity Selection

Diety refers to the God or Goddess that Paladin has to choose. The deity is the ultimate source of energy to the Paladin. So you have to be careful while you choose your deity. The deity is associated with the domains, alignments, and planes.

Here is the list of Deities that Paladin must choose from.

  • Abadar
  • Erastil
  • Iomedae
  • Irori
  • Sarenrae
  • Shelyn
  • Torag

Righteous Hunter

Upon reaching Level 14, the Pathfinder Divine Hunter Paladin ranged weapons are considered to be aligned for overcoming damage reduction. If any of the Paladin’s allies within 10 feet of the radius makes a ranged attack, it is also treated as aligned for overcoming damage reduction. But, the divine Paladin has been conscious of this.

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Divine Health

This ability is self-explanatory upon reaching level 3, the Pathfinder Divine Hunter Paladin gets immune to all sorts of diseases including the magical and supernatural ones.

Pathfinder Paladin Guide

Now, let us look at the Pathfinder Paladin Progression table that will help you in understanding the Pathfinder Divine Hunter Paladin Guide properly.

LevelFeaturesBABFortRefWillSpells per day by spell level
1Divine Hunter Proficiencies, Deity, Smite Evil 1/day, Precise Shot+1+2+0+2
2Divine Grace, Lay On Hands+2+3+0+3
3Shared Precision, Divine Health, Mercy+3+3+1+3
4Spellcasting, Channel Positive Energy, Smite Evil 2/day+4+4+1+40
5Divine Hunter Bond +1, 1/day+5+4+1+41
6Distant Mercy+6/+1+5+2+51
7Smite Evil 3/day+7/+2+5+2+510
8Aura of Clear Sight, Divine Hunter Bond +2+8/+3+6+2+611
9Mercy, Divine Hunter Bond 2/day+9/+4+6+3+621
10Smite Evil 4/day+10/+5+7+3+7210
11Hunter’s Blessing, Divine Hunter Bond +3+11/+6/+1+7+3+7211
13Smite Evil 5/day, Divine Hunter Bond 3/day+13/+8/+3+8+4+83210
14Righteous Hunter, Divine Hunter Bond +4+14/+9/+4+9+4+93211
16Smite Evil 6/day+16/+11/+6/+1+10+5+103321
17Aura of Righteousness, Divine Hunter Bond +5, 4/day+17/+12/+7/+2+10+5+104321
19Smite Evil 7/day+19/+14/+9/+4+11+6+114332
20Holy Champion, Divine Hunter Bond +6+20/+15/+10/+5+12+6+124433

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Summing Up

We hope that you have got the information that you desired for the Pathfinder Divine Hunter Paladin in our guide. Now, you can easily use these abilities to defeat evil and save your kingdom. 

We have also mentioned the table of progression above that contains all the features level-wise. This table would help you in deciding when to use which ability. If you find this article useful then do share it with your friends.

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