All About The Paradox Metaverse | Get Ready For The New P2E Game

Ever imagined having fun and meeting your loved ones even when you are halfway around the world! Yes, it is possible! The Paradox Metaverse has got everything you are looking forward to. It’s offering a pre-launch of Non-Fungible tokens for funding this project. If you are unaware of this, You are missing out on something huge!

Players worldwide have positively welcomed the Metaverse. The various play-to-earn games available for players in the Metaverse are one of the reasons for hype in the Metaverse. The Paradox Metaverse is claimed to be the future of Non-Fungible tokens

Paradox Studios is launching new gameplay. The Paradox Metaverse is a play-to-earn or a P2E game. It is a digital realm of a possibility connecting the world and its creations. This Metaverse is anticipated to launch very soon. Players can easily achieve their varying levels of rewards that will be credited in $PARA coins as the character-specific missions are completed.

Isn’t it an exciting platform for all of us! You must be curious to know more about the Paradox Metaverse. We have collected all the necessary details regarding the Paradox Metaverse. Go through our post and learn everything related to the Paradox Metaverse. Happy Reading! Let us find out more about the Paradox Metaverse.

What Is The Paradox Metaverse? 

Paradox Metaverse is a play-to-earn game. It is a futuristic open P2E game built on Unreal Engine 5 by industry veterans. It is claimed to be the future of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The game has not yet been released for its high-end gamers. However,  Players can have access to the game by this year only. 

The Paradox Studios LTD is all set to create an open-world multiplayer game. The P2E game has missions embedded into the surroundings. Players can enjoy freedom within this game. The aspects of this game are expected to benefit players not just inside the game but in the real world too. It will provide a AAA gaming experience to its players.

The game is under-pegged by the crypto economy, with multiple streams available for its users. Unlike many other games in the cryptocurrency industry that promise to build games following funds from the initial token sale or NFTs, the Paradox Metaverse is a self-funded game and is already in development.

Let us find out more about this worldwide trending thing called the Paradox Metaverse.

What Is $PARA And Paradoxians? 

Paradox Metaverse is now getting popularity. $PARA are the native tokens used in the Paradox Metaverse. These coins can be earned from this gameplay. Those who like playing can try out this gameplay to earn $PARA and enjoy the virtual world. Paradoxians are the in-game characters of the Paradox Metaverse gameplay. It will include seven characters with different traits and rarities. Let us what is included in this Metaverse that seems exciting. 

Paradox Metaverse Release Date

The release date of the Paradox Metaverse is still not specified. The platform is expected to release by Q2 in late June 2022. The exact date is not out until now. The platform is getting a good response from all over the world. The game will launch as per the specified schedule but there may be delays. Let us see if the platform releases by June or not.

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What Does The Paradox Metaverse Include?

All About The Paradox Metaverse

Here is what the Paradox Metaverse has for you.

  1. The Paradox Metaverse is playable to all. However, you can only earn and utilize specific features by owning an NFT character. You can either rent it or hold one. 
  2. $PARA or Paradox coins can be earned from this gameplay.
  3. Players can generate $PARA by monetizing their gaming experience by completing tasks and missions or renting out and staking their NFTs.
  4. Users can trade items, characters, or land on OpenSea and the in-house secondary marketplace of the Paradox Metaverse.
  5. NFT assets to be used in the game can be customized and live eternally on the blockchain
  6. Users can also stake for accessing exclusive content off-game and in-game like missions, airdrops, etc.
  7. The in-game characters are Paradoxians, and each of them has different rarities and traits.

Let us check out the details related to the release of this Paradox Metaverse.

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Details About The Paradox Metaverse

Here are some important details related to the Paradox Metaverse that you must be aware of. 

  • It is expected to be released by Q2 in late June. 
  • The Central Exchange Listing is also expected to take place in June.
  • The minting will take place in May.
  • Token launch or sale will take place in late May.
  • Paradoxians are the in-game characters to be launched on the Ethereum chain.
  • Seven different types of Paradoxians will be available.
  • The Paradox Metaverse will be released on the Ethereum for Phase 1 character drop.

If everything goes as planned, soon we will witness Paradox Metaverse, which players can greatly enjoy.

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How To Rent In The Paradox Metaverse

This cool Metaverse will allow users to enjoy the renting feature after the NFTs are launched. Users who don’t own NFTs can also earn through this renting feature while playing the game. They will have access to the in-game NFT assets and hence earn by playing. Players can enjoy passive income without using the NFTs themselves.

How To Play And Earn In Paradox Metaverse

The game allows players to play and earn at the same time. Let’s check out how users can earn along by playing this game.

1. Earning In-Game

Though the game can be accessed by all players using the base player provided. However, the only way to earn in this game is by playing through the unique NFT characters. These can either be rented or owned. You can play missions as your character and earn in the game. You can also use other assets like cars, land, etc. to earn in-game.  

2. Earning Offline

You can also enjoy earning offline. This can be easily done through renting. Players or holders can give access to their unique characters to others. It can be done for a flat cost and a certain percentage of their earnings while using their unique character. So, the renter can play and earn while the holder can earn and utilize the NFT despite not playing himself. 

Another way to earn offline is through staking. You can stake your NFTs and easily earn through this. 

Staking In The Paradox Metaverse

Have you heard of staking? Well, you can do that in the Paradox Metaverse as well. As per the company, staking in this Metaverse will work just like I do in the real world, where investors or depositors get interested in return. However, this platform will offer players rewards in the form of crypto, and it will have more control per players’ perspectives.

Users can even stake their NFT characters. Players can lock these for a period ranging from around 28 days to 2888 days. However, players must not forget that the NFT characters that they are staking will not be usable in the game concurrently. When they are in the staking period, these NFT characters will not be used to earn within this game. Let us read further and collect more information related to this Metaverse!

Paradox Metaverse Marketplace

The purpose of this Metaverse marketplace is to have a full-fledged and independent ecosystem that does not relying on third parties. It will help players or users to enjoy decreased fees that can be put back in the ecosystem rather than any unrelated third party. The marketplace will include the following things.

  • $PARA as the official in-game token
  • Custom car NFTs
  • Character NFTs
  • Land plots.

This super cool Metaverse will include much more in the recent future. Let’s see what are the seven Paradoxians.

What Are The Seven Paradoxians?

Here are the seven Paradoxians. Let’s walk through these 7 types of Paradoxians.

  • Dexter the Ape: Main character and head of the Rascals gang
  • Billy: Kid still in his teen years
  • Cain: The architect
  • Darwin: The Black market merchant
  • Akiro: The Samurai robot
  • Paradox Police Department (PCPD): Responsible for keeping peace in Paradox city
  • Osiris: The Sorcerer.

The Paradox Metaverse looks great and the seven Paradoxians also seem to be interesting. However, the wait is still on for this new Metaverse project.


This post includes all the relevant information you must be aware of if you are a virtual world lover. Many of you must have doubts related to this buzzword. We hope now it is clear by reading our post. This play-to-earn game that is to be released soon seems to be an interesting thing. 

If everything goes as expected, the world can see a new game by June. You can pack your bags for the new P2E game, the Paradox Metaverse. What are your views? Do share with us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What Is $PARA?

A. $PARA are the Paradox tokens or coins that can be earned through this game play. Players can play in the Paradox Metaverse and earn coins known as $PARA.

Q2. What Are Paradoxians?

A. Paradoxians are the in-game characters of the Paradox Metaverse. There will be seven Paradoxians with different traits and rarities. 

Q3. What Is The Paradox Metaverse? 

A. Paradox Metaverse is the new play-to-earn game or the P2E game that will launch its NFT collection soon. Players can roam freely in this Metaverse and even earn $PARA by playing.

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