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There seems no end to the NFT craze. Every day new news comes out about selling things via NFT. Recently a former UFC fighter has started to sell her own exclusive videos in the form of NFT. in this post, we will cover Paige Vanzant NFT.

Paige Vanzant is a former UFC fighter and current AEW star announced on Twitter that she’s launching her 3D NFTs in a couple of days. The tweet came with a link that leads to, where fans can purchase VanZant’s NFT collection. These NFTs will include videos of Paige Vanzant.

We will be discussing more on Paige Vanzant NFT. When these NFTs will release and what is going to be their estimated price. On which platform they will be available? So, without further ado, let’s start.

What Is Paige Vanzant NFT?

Paige VanZant is giving fans the opportunity to own exclusive videos of herself in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). VanZant provided more details about her unique 3D NFTs in an Instagram post. She described them as “fully interactive” videos that will allow fans to see her “in ways you have never seen before.”:

Something new and very exciting is coming!!!! I’m releasing the first NFTs of 3D video in the entire world! These are fully interactive 3D videos where you can zoom in, spin me around and see me in ways you have never seen before. Plus if you have a Quest 2 VR headset, you can get closer than ever to me in VR.”

Where Is Paige Vanzant NFT Available?

Paige Michelle VanZant, is an American mixed martial artist, boxer, author, and model. VanZant was signed to the flyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. In August 2020, VanZant signed a contract to fight exclusively in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. 

Paige Vanzant NFT is available on Opensea. You can now buy your favorite and the most awaited Paifge Vanzant NFT. 

What Is The Price Of Paige Vanzant NFT? 

The Paige Vanzant NFT has the current on going price of 0.07ETH

When Will Paige Vanzant NFT Be Released?

VanZant provided more details about her unique 3D NFTs in an Instagram post. She described them as “fully interactive” videos which will allow fans to see her “in ways you have never seen before. Many of Paige’s Instagram posts are made to promote her exclusive content, including her new NFTs, which are 3D digital collectible videos. Based on Paige’s previous description of the NFTs and some promotional videos, they will feature Paige on-screen in various outfits and allow user interaction.

That includes the ability to zoom in, spin, and rotate Paige Vanzant as the video plays. In addition, she indicated that anyone with a VR headset could also uniquely enjoy the 3D videos.

The NFT launch was initially set for Thursday, June 9, but unfortunately, things hit a snag. Based on a message that Paige shared on her Instagram page, they chose to postpone the launch until Sunday, June 12, due to the Ethereum network performing updates, and she and her team decided to exercise “an abundance of caution.”

The former UFC strawweight added that they can only be purchased with Ethereum through Metamask.

How To Use Paige Vanzant NFT?

Designed to be used with a Quest 2 VR headset, the NFTs are fully interactive 3D videos where viewers can zoom in, “spin me around” – whatever that means – and explore the shoot location in a way typical non-fungible tokens or the pop art monkeys typically associated with them don’t allow. The NFTs will also include a subscription to VanZant’s exclusive content fan page and can be purchased with Ethereum.

Paige’s NFT launch on Sunday requires users to have a Metamask wallet set up with some Ethereum cryptocurrency available to purchase the exclusive 3D videos.

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Wrapping Up

Here we conclude our post on Paige Vanzant NFT. we have discussed its launch date and how its price. As these NFTs are videos you can view them once you purchase them. These videos will be best viewed from a  VR headset.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is Paige VanZant Salary?

Being an MMA and UFC fighter, she gets huge Payouts from her matches. VanZant earned $81,000 for her first UFC bout, a TKO victory over Kailin Curran at UFC Battle Night: Edgar vs Swanson, and $132,500 for her fight with Bec Rawlings at UFC on Fox: Maia vs. Condit. She makes anywhere from $50k-200k per fight.

Q2. Where Is Paige VanZant Now?

Paige VanZant is finally doing exactly what she wants and she’s getting paid a lot of money to do it. Following her exit from the UFC in 2020, the 27-year-old fighter inked a lucrative contract to join the roster at BKFC to start her bare-knuckle fighting career.

Q3. Does Paige VanZant Have Instagram?

Yes, here is the Instagram of Paige VanZant (@paigevanzant).

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