Oculus Quest 2 Horror Games 2022 | 15+ Horror Games To Try Today!

Oculus Quest 2 is one of the best VR headsets available in the market. It provides its users with the Oculus App Store where the users can easily download apps and games. If you are a spooky games lover, then here is a post that will give you a list of Oculus Quest 2 Horror Games 2022.

Oculus Quest 2 was launched in 2021 and is a product of Meta. Meta formerly known as Facebook is a leading company contributing to Metaverse. Meta has itself produced several games and apps for Oculus Quest 2. It provides its users with a dynamic and immersive VR experience.

We will be discussing Oculus Quest 2 horror games 2022. If you are fond of horror, then we have made a list of 15+ horror games you can enjoy playing in Metaverse. Without losing time, let’s get started.

List Of Oculus Quest 2 Horror Games 2022

Here is a list of 15+ Oculus Quest 2 horror games 2022:

1. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Price: $39.9

Oculus Quest 2 horror games 2022 include this game in which you will face all the horrors that the living and the dead can offer in this new VR adventure in The Walking Dead universe.

Travel through the ruins of walker infested New Orleans as you fight, sneak, scavenge, and survive each day unraveling a city-wide mystery within the iconic quarters. Encounter desperate factions and lone survivors who could befriend or foe. Whether you help others or take what you want by force, every choice you make has consequences.

What kind of survivor will you be for the people of NOLA?

Scavenge for anything that you can: weapons, food, tools, and clues. 

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2. Blair Witch VR

Price: $29.99

Blair Witch is Oculus Quest Edition is a story-driven psychological horror game based on the cinematic lore of Blair Witch. Ellis, a former police officer with a troubled past, joins the search for a missing boy in the iconic Black Hills Forest near Burkittsville, Maryland.

What starts as an ordinary investigation soon will make you confront your darkest nightmares and an ominous force is known as the Blair Witch. But, you’re not going in alone. Your trusty K-9 sidekick, Bullet, is by your side. He’s your eyes, ears, and nose in these treacherous and terrifying woods.

3. Affected: The Manor

Affected: The Manor:

Price: $9.99

Scare your friends and family in VR with another one among the best Oculus Quest 2 horror games, AFFECTED: The Manor! 

If you love to scare yourself witless, or just enjoy watching your friends and family freak out in VR, AFFECTED: The Manor is for you! With simple controls and no puzzles to solve or keys to find, The Manor is a haunted walkthrough that holds nothing but scares and screams for both experienced gamers and newcomers alike.

4. République VR

Price: $14.99

Developed over five years by industry veterans (Metal Gear Solid, Halo, F.E.A.R.), RÉPUBLIQUE is a thrilling and topical stealth-action game that explores the perils of government surveillance in the Internet Age.

You receive a call from Hope, a woman trapped inside a mysterious totalitarian state. By hacking into the nation’s elaborate surveillance network and taking control, you guide Hope through a web of danger and deception across five thrilling episodes.

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5. Dread Halls


Price: $9.99

Experience a new kind of immersive horror in Dreadhalls!

You are trapped deep inside a massive dungeon. Explore it, survive it, and find a way to escape. Your only weapons will be stealth, your own courage, and a faint light. Inspired by the survival horror and roguelike genres, Dreadhalls has been terrorizing people ever since its debut at the 2013 Oculus + Indiecade VR Jam.

6. Face your Fears 2

Price: $19.99

You asked for it! Now you can jump right into the scares…

Try quickplay for shareable screams. 

Are you prepared to Face Your Fears and step into Harvest House?

Learn the tragic history of the Harvest Family as you explore their long-abandoned home. Immerse yourself in two spine-tingling scenarios that unravel a tale of terror across the ages. In the first, your sister is missing and all roads lead to the old Harvest Estate. Next, take on the role of a paranormal investigator and come face to face with the evil that dwells there. 

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7. Cosmodread


Price: $14.99

A VR survival horror roguelike.

Trapped in a dying spaceship filled with horrors, you must explore, survive, and find your way back to the safety of Earth. Cosmodread features a rich, tense and immersive atmosphere that will make you forget about the world outside the headset.

8. Red Matter

Price: $24.99

Red Matter is a story-driven VR puzzle adventure game set during a dystopian Sci-Fi Cold War. Take on the role of Agent Epsilon, an astronaut of the Atlantic Union dispatched to an abandoned Volgravian base on Rhea, one of Saturn’s moons. Your mission is to investigate a shady top-secret research project. 

Solve puzzles in a beautiful, high-detail brutalist environment which only becomes more and more surreal as the story progresses. Use an array of hi-tech tools to decipher hidden messages and mechanisms and uncover ever deeper and darker secrets of the facility. But beware of what you may find…

Once you discover the truth, will you be able to digest it?

9. Lies Beneath VR

Price: $22.49

LIES BENEATH is a single-player survival horror game with a heavy dose of action!

Something’s gone horribly wrong in the sleepy town of Slumber, Alaska. Now, returning college student Mae must fight to save her father (and her sanity) from the terrifying townsfolk and creepy creatures infecting her hometown. Experience a living comic book full of frightful scenarios as you uncover the secrets of Slumber and Mae’s past.

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10. Five Nights At Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted

Price: $29.99

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted is a virtual reality experience for the Oculus Quest. FNaF: HW is a collection of classic and original mini-games set in the Five Nights universe. Survive terrifying encounters with your favorite killer animatronics in a collection of new and classic FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S™ experiences. “Where fantasy and fun come to life!”

11. Resident Evil 4 VR

resident evil 4

Price: $39.99

This game is rated 9/10 by IGN, and the winner of Best VR/AR Game at The Game Awards 2021, Resident Evil 4 continues to earn rave reviews: 2022 DICE Awards finalist for VR Game of the Year and nominated for VR Game of the Year at the 2022 SXSW Gaming Awards.

How can it not be in the list of the best Oculus Quest 2 horror games then?

Explore the world of Resident Evil 4, entirely remastered for VR. Step into the shoes of special agent Leon S. Kennedy on his mission to rescue the U.S. President’s daughter who was kidnapped by a mysterious cult. Come face to face with enemies, and uncover secrets with gameplay that revolutionized the survival horror genre. Battle horrific creatures and face-off against mind-controlled villagers while discovering their connection to the cult behind the abduction.

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12. The Exorcist: Legion VR

Price: $24.99

Described as one of the most disturbing experiences available for virtual reality, The Exorcist: Legion delivers FIVE unique stories and features a variety of demonic entities, exorcism tools, hidden artifacts, and atmospheric locations. Delve deep into the heart of the supernatural as you learn the trade of demonic exorcism and uncover secrets leading you towards a final confrontation with your darkest, most hidden fears.

Are you brave enough?

13. Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul

Price: 19.99

Armed with a battery-hungry flashlight, you find yourself exploring what appears to be a quiet average looking home in a woodsy neighborhood. Before long, you discover you’re not alone as you discover the clues unraveling the horrifying mystery of what’s gone on in this house and struggle to survive the terror that hunts you.

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14. Death Horizon: Reloaded

Death Horizon: Reloaded

Price: $19.99

The Horizon scientific research laboratory is a deceptively quiet place. When you came round, there were hundreds of the living dead all around you. All because of that damn T12 virus.

15. ALVO

Price: Coming soon

ALVO is a fast-paced competitive online VR shooter. Experience a revolution in VR movement as you jump, run, prone, and slide around the battlefield.

Choose from a selection of killstreaks, perks, and weapons to give you the tactical advantage. 

16. Dead Drop: Dual Strike Edition

Price: $14.99

The last one in the list of the best Oculus Quest 2 horror games is Dead Drop: Dual Strike Edition.

Experience a thrilling FPS action-adventure story told across three chapters.

You’re the last agent alive able to stop Dr. Monday and save the world! Slay the zombie hordes using a high-tech visor, insane gadgets & an arsenal of Z-shredding weapons.

Team up with former CIA operative Billy-Bob and his daughter Celia-Jane as you delve deep into the true madness of Dr. Monday’s nefarious schemes of world domination!

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Wrapping Up:

Here we end our list of Oculus Quest 2 horror games 2022. We have provided you with more than 15 horror games. We have also provided its brief description and price so that you can choose and start downloading.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Games Are Coming To Oculus 2022?

  1. Splinter Cell VR – coming to Quest.
  2. Assassin’s Creed VR – coming to Quest.
  3. Stress Level Zero’s Project 4 – coming to SteamVR, Quest.
  4. Horizon Call of the Mountain – coming to PSVR 2.
  5. Firmament – coming to SteamVR.
  6. Undead Citadel – coming to SteamVR.

Q2. Does Oculus Quest 2 Have Phasmophobia?

At the moment, Phasmophobia does not appear on the Oculus Quest game store. So, unfortunately, it is not a game that you can simply purchase, download, and install directly onto your headset.

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