NFT Gift Ideas | 12+ Best Ideas For Sending Unique NFT Gifts

Looking for a gift for your Web 3.0 fanatic friend? Well, NFTs can be a good option to consider. We know it might sound a bit confusing but, let us assure you that there are several NFT Gift ideas available in the market. Don’t believe us? Check out the list given below.

NFTs became successful in a short period of time. It became a billion-dollar sector where celebrities and top companies are getting involved. NFTs are also becoming assets like land and houses. These NFTs can be verified and resold to earn huge benefits. Gifting these NFTs is also a cool trend nowadays.

We will go through the different NFT gift ideas which you can give to someone special. Some of these ideas are luxurious while some are simple gifts. It all depends on the person whom you are giving the gift.

So, without losing time, let’s start.

What Are The Different NFT Gift Ideas?

Here are 12+ best NFT gift ideas that you can use right now. Just go through each of them and select the best for you.

1. Digital Photo Frame

While NFTs aren’t pieces of art that hang on the wall, your NFT lover can cycle through their favorites with a digital photo frame. Keeping their investment or creation on their desk is infinitely easier when they can share them to the frame instantly through email or the frame’s app.

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2. NFT Books

If your NFT artist friend is new to NFTs, there are several books that can serve them well. NFTs for Beginners, Mastering NFT, and The Empowered Artist all give insight into creating and successfully selling NTFS for profit. If they’re ready to break into the world of NFTs, any of these books can help.

3. NFT Jewelry

NFT Gift Ideas

The NFT debate is now running through the market for diamonds and luxury jewelry. Royal jewelers Asprey plans to issue NFTs. The diamonds Icecap is selling as NFTs include “investment-class” diamonds, offered between $5,000 and $15,000, and rare pieces, such as a necklace featuring a 70-carat diamond offered at $3.6 million and a ring featuring a rare purplish-red diamond offered at $3 million. This seems to be the perfect NFT gift for females.

4. Digital Canvas Display

Even better than a desk photo frame for displaying digital art is a large canvas digital art canvas display for your NFT enthusiast’s wall. Choose from landscape or portrait orientations in a variety of frame sizes and styles to allow your NFT enthusiast to show off their NFT investment.

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5. Crypto Shirts

Your crypto nerd is bound to attract the attention of other crypto nerds while wearing a crypto-related shirt. Choose from an Ethereum HODL, In Crypto We Trust, Ethereum, or Bitcoin to the Moon to let your crypto nerd express their special brand of nerdom in their wardrobe.

6. Metal Seed Phrase Storage

There are some things best kept offline, and word recovery phases are among those items. Paper can burn or rust, but metal endures, which is why anyone in your life that uses these phrases in their online crypto wallet will appreciate one of these metal recovery seed wallets.

7. Bored Ape Yacht Club Merch

The Bored Ape Yacht Club apes are especially cool, and they show up on some interesting merch. Surprise your BAYC fan with a Mutant Ape Yacht Club #13748 t-shirt, a scroll poster featuring one of their favorite Bored Apes, some of their digital music like the BAYC NFT Rap, or a HODL BAYC #6391 notebook journal. 

8. Generative Art Books

the next one on the list of the NFT Gift Ideas is generative art books.

If you’re buying a gift for someone who is trying to create a unique NFT art brand for themselves, giving them a book on generative art computer programming may be just the thing they need. Check out Generative Art, Generative Design, and this other Generative Artbook as sources of inspiration.

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9. CryptoPunks Merch

NFT Gift Ideas

If the NFT fan in your life is a CryptoPunk enthusiast, they’ll be thrilled to sport their fandom with some CryptoPunk merch. Why not get them a Punk is Not Dead hoodie, an enamel CryptoPunk pin, or CryptoPunk t-shirt?

10. NFT Art

While art can be personal, it can also be interesting to give, especially NFT art. It doesn’t matter whether you know anything about NFTs or not. Your NFT-loving friend will be thrilled that you cared enough to explore their art world and gift an NFT to them.

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11. Fund Their Crypto Wallet

Funding a crypto wallet is the new cash-for-Christmas in a crypto lover’s world. Services like Coinbase offer crypto gift cards that work exactly like retail gift cards. When your crypto-coin-lover visits the website where you bought the gift card, they can deposit the Bitcoins into their digital wallet. 

12. Hardware Wallet Mount

Hardware wallet mounts allow your Crypto devotee to mount and hide their Crypto devices in a safe place. CryptoCloaks 3D prints all their cloaking devices customizable and to order, which allows you to get exactly the right hardware wallet to mount to fit their unique needs. Alternatively, you have this steel bitcoin wallet to keep their crypto safe against all disasters. 

13. Ethereum Mining Rig

A perfect gift for programmers. For Ethereum mining, one needs a powerful computer as their mining tool. That’s why anyone you know who mines Bitcoins will appreciate a dedicated Ethereum mining rig, which can handle bitcoin mining calculations and help secure blockchain networks from attack.

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Wrapping Up:

We have discussed almost 13 different NFT gift ideas. All of these ideas are best for gifting this new NFT trend. It is your choice to choose which one fits better for you. For females, NFT jewelry is the best option. However, if it is not for someone special, then it might be too costly for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Give An NFT As A Gift?

To give an NFT, you need to acquire an NFT. As NFTs are not fungible, they cannot be traded like cryptocurrencies. This means you will need to either create an NFT and upload it to a marketplace, or go to the marketplace and buy an NFT.

Q2. What Do You Buy An NFT?

NFTs include digital assets like digital artwork, music, videos, collectibles, or in-game assets that are unique and irreplaceable and fast becoming sought after as collectibles.

Q3. How Do I Gift My NFT To My Loved One?

NFTs are uniquely time-stamped and they memorialize the event and time and capture it in an image,” he said. “You can gift an NFT by purchasing it through an online marketplace. You’ll have to connect your existing wallet to purchase the NFT and then transfer it to your recipient’s wallet.

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