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The world is changing with the advancement and innovation in technology. Whenever a new technology or function is introduced, people go crazy for it. Well, one such new trend is the NFT Apple Watch. It might be a new term for you. So, here is a post that will cover everything about the New Apple NFT Watch.  

Apple has always been in the news for the unique features of its products. For the first time, you can wear an Apple Watch with a functional NFT. NFTs have been popular, and the addition of NFTs to the Apple Watch has been like a bonanza for art lovers. 

If you have an Apple Watch, you should try out this NFT feature. It will provide you with great joy. So, let us start with the NFT Apple Watch without further ado. But before that, let’s go through the meaning of NFTs.            

What Are NFTs? 

People with positivity welcome Non-Fungible tokens. They have brought a big revolutionary change in the digital markets. NFTs are ownership certificates that anyone can view at any point in time. They are used for representing ownership of distinctive and unique items. Artists and creative minds have benefited a lot from the introduction of NFTs. They have got an easy-to-use platform to showcase their talent via NFTs.   

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Can NFT Be Used On Apple Watch? 

NFT Apple Watch

This is the question that most of the people around are talking about. It is something very exciting that has driven people crazy. Apple watches are something people are using for show-off. The new feature of NFT on the Apple Watch or, rather, the NFT Apple Watch will help you show off in front of others. 

The new feature of the Apple Watch for NFT users has gained a lot of attention. These features have been added to help NFT users shine out their collection through Apple Watch. With the NFT Apple Watch, you can display your NFTs on the wrist. Isn’t it an amazing feature? Indeed it is! Are you thinking of using this feature? Here is how you can use it. 

How To Use NFT On Apple Watch? 


This is how you can use NFT Apple Watch or NFT on your Apple Watch. The first method is using the Zerion application. So, let us see how it can be done but, be sure that WatchOS is updated. 

Step 1. Zerion App: The first thing you need to do is open up the Zerion app on the iPhone, and then on the overview screen, touch the NFT section. 

Step 2. Choose NFT: Now, you can choose the NFT you like the most and open it. You will find three dots like this ‘ ‘ on the right side at the top. Tap on it to display it on your Apple Watch. 

Step 3. Display NFT: This is the final step for displaying an NFT on your Apple Watch. You can find Create watch face after following the second step. Click on it, and you have completed the steps! 

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This is how you can easily be a part of the new feature of the Apple Watch and have your NFT Apple Watch ready. Here is another way of using NFTs in your apple watch.

How To Use NFT On Apple Watch?

1. Create Album

The first step to flex NFTs on your Apple Watch is to create a new album in the photos and name it NFTs. Save this album and head towards the next step.

2. Add Images

Next, you can add the NFT images to this album named NFTs. Add all the images that you have to this album.

3. Photos Face

Now you can make photos face in the Apple Watch app. On this app at the bottom, press the middle icon Face Gallery, click on photos, and then album and find NFTs album by scrolling. Then click on Ado to display the ‘NFTs’ album. Choose the NFT and select the ‘Set as current Watch Face’.

That’s all! You own an NFT Apple Watch now. Keep tapping on the apple watch to change the NFT. 

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This was all about the NFT Apple Watch. We hope that you have liked our article and enjoyed reading it. You can share our post if you find this post full of information.

We will appreciate it if you write down the queries, if any, in the comment section below. You can even read other articles on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Apple Watch Be Cloned?

Yes, many manufacturers have tried to copy the Apple watch, and Vwar Fly7 is the closest clone ever seen.

2. Can I Show NFT on Apple TV?

– Yes, you can show NFTs on Apple TV with the help of apps like the Blackdove NFT Display app.

3. Can I Make An NFT?

– Yes, you can easily make an NFT with the help of various platforms like OpenSea, Rarible, and many others.

4. Is There A 7 Series Apple Watch?

– Yes, the Apple Watch 7 is now available starting at $399. 


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