Most Popular Spanish Travel Youtube Channels You Should Follow in 2021

Want to travel, from the comfort of your home with a Spanish guide? You should follow the most popular Spanish travel YouTube channels. By subscribing to the channels, you’ll be able to explore various places that you might not have seen before.

Social Media is the best platform for all travelers to share their traveling experiences with a larger audience. Here, Youtube plays an important role because it helps the creators upload both short as well as long-format videos. The list of travel vloggers we have mentioned in this article has mostly uploaded long-form videos and all have a higher number of subscribers.

In the first position, we chose Alanxelmundo as the #1 travel Youtube channel as it has more than 2.8 million subscribers. Apart from it, there are nine more travel YouTube channels.

When you read the full article, you’ll get complete knowledge about these YouTubers such as the number of subscribers, views count, and the total number of videos.

Most Popular Spanish Travel Youtube Channels You Should Follow in 2021

Due to coronavirus, we may not be allowed to travel but we can watch videos of these travel Youtubers on our smartphones to explore different places by sitting at one place. In addition, it is not necessary that all YouTubers should be from Spain, some of these speak Spanish whereas some visited Spain and uploaded their experience on their Youtube channel.

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Alanxelmundo – 2.8 Million Subscribers


Alanxelmundo is one of the most popular Spanish travel YouTube channels. The owner of this channel is a Mexican who aims to travel the world and share that experience with us. This man truly reveals the truth about traveling that you may not see in any newspaper or blog. Alan is so experienced in traveling and provides detailed information about the cities and countries he visits. Alanxelmundo’s YouTube channel was started in 2010 and as of now, there are 822 videos uploaded on this channel with 400 million-plus views.

Alex Tienda – 2.35 Million Subscribers


Alex Tienda is another Mexican who started a YouTube channel in 2006. He creates spectacular travel moments in his videos and takes us there while we are watching his videos. He is a good communicator and gives useful advice to others related to traveling. As he started his channel in 2006, he has uploaded 502 videos so far and gained more than 2 million subscribers. The total views on his channel are more than 200 million.

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Katy Travels – 1.51 Million Subscribers


As the name suggests, Katy is the owner of this YouTube channel. She uploads incredible travel videos on her channel with perfect editing. She has uploaded several trip playlists on her channel including Dubai, Asia, Peru, Europa, and Mexico. The total number of videos on Katy Travels is 158 whereas views on them are in millions.

Iryna Fedchenko – 739K Subscribers


This YouTube channel is all about Iryna and her traveling where she uploads videos about travel, various countries’ languages, and their culture. Talking about the videos, Iryna Fedchenko has uploaded 212 videos as of now and overall views are 40 million.

Misias Pero Viajeras – 709K Subscribers


The owners of this YouTube Channel are Fátima Nd Daniela and here, they show the tips and tricks to travel with little expense. Their first was in 2015 and after that, both thought of creating a Youtube channel in order to share their experiences with the public. As of now, they have traveled 10 times. However, their main goal is to tell the people that there’s no need to be a millionaire in order to travel. The videos on this channel are 201 and views are 50 million.

Mariel de Viaje – 452K Subscribers


Mariel Galán is the owner of this YouTube channel and he is an inveterate traveler who provides clear information about the destination a person wants to see. Mariel joined YouTube in 2011 and as of now, he has uploaded 261 videos with 45 million-plus views.

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Ceci Saia – 200K Subscribers


Ceci is a travel vlogger and makes videos about traveling in Spanish with English subtitles. She loves to share the places and countries on her YouTube channel where she visits. Apart from this, by subscribing to the Ceci Saia channel, you’ll be able to get smart money-saving tips while traveling. Coming to the videos, there are a total of 175 videos with 14 million views. The channel was started in December 2015.

Dos Locos De Viaje – 85.5K Subscribers


This YouTube channel is run by two passionate young people who live to travel with a minimum amount of budget. The creators of this channel encourage people to explore this beautiful world. Dos Locos De Viaje was started in 2018 and there are 123 uploaded videos with 4 million-plus views.

Antonia Lira – 79K Subscribers


This Youtuber started a YouTube channel of the same name in 2010 where she shares the good reflection of countries where she travels. If you browse this channel, you’ll find 104 traveling videos that have crossed the one million benchmark. 

Paco Nadal – 52.4K Subscribers


Paco Nadal is one of the most popular Spanish travel YouTube channels. The creator of this channel is also a travel journalist who has been to five continents including New Zealand, Costa Rica, Peru, etc, and shows you the wonders of each place. Talking about the videos, there are a total of 151 uploaded videos with 8 million-plus views. The channel Paco Nadal was started in 2013.

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All these are the best Spanish travel Youtubers that you can follow in 2021 in order to get rid of boredom while sitting at home.

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