Metaverse New Year Party 2022 | Events to Visit On 31st Night

The internet is evolving at a rapid rate. Soon we are going to enter the Metaverse era. But how soon is this soon? To our surprise, it is the beginning of 2022. No, I ain’t joking. Many companies have decided to organize the Metaverse New Year Party in 2022. So, technically we will be entering the New Year in the Virtual Metaverse World.

The world has opened up after the Covid pandemic. But, the threat has not been over yet. The new Covid variant Omicron is on a rise these days. Does this mean that we cannot enjoy the New Year parties? Obviously No!! You can. No, we won’t say with precautions because we have a better suggestion.

The idea is to join the New Year Metaverse party. Yes, you heard that right there are various DJ events that are going to be held online on New Year’s eve. You can join these events from the respective Metaverses of the companies. In the post below we have listed all the Metaverse New Year events that are going to be held on the 31st night.

Metaverse New Year Party 2022

Well, there are different Metaverse projects that have been working on organizing the Metaverse New Year Party in 2022. If you are interested in celebrating the New Year bash in the Metaverse then let’s not waste much of your time and start with the list of the Metaverse events on New Year 2022. 

Paris Hilton New Year Party 2022 In Roblox Metaverse

Metaverse New Year Party 2022

Venue: Paris Hilton Virtual World Island On Roblox

The American TV personality and DJ have decided on a unique way to celebrate New Year’s eve with her fans. The electric DJ player, Paris Hilton along with Roblox decided to host a Metaverse New Year Party 2022.

Initially, Snoop Dogg organized a virtual concert in his Metaverse and now Paris Hilton has decided to give a chance to all his fans to visit the Paris Virtual Word Island in the Roblox Metaverse. The new year gig will be held on the Metaverse Island where the fans will join through the Roblox platform wearing the VR sets. 

As we know that the present Metaverse technology allows the Avatars to roam around in the virtual world. So, if you are planning to visit her online concert on New Year’s eve then be ready with your avatar.

We have also heard that the fans will also be able to buy the virtual assets on the Paris Virtual World Island. If you are not able to get the tickets for any of the New Year concerts then visiting the Paris Hilton’s Island in Roblox won’t be a bad idea.

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Lemonade Metaverse New Year Party 2022

Venue: New York, Lemonade Metaverse 

Tickets: Can Be Found On The Official Lemonade.Social website

You must have heard about the Lemonade.Social website. It is a platform that allows the creators and artists to design and create offline as well as online experiences for their customers. It is the community of creators that make easy, funny, and engaging experiences for the customers.

We hope that you have got the background of the platform. Now, let’s jump to the news of the hour. The Lemonade Metaverse is going to organize the New Year’s party in New York. Well, if you think that you have to special travel to New York for the bash then you are wrong my friend. The platform has decided to organize the party for all kinds of people. Those who live in New York or near New York can in-person visit the party. Those who live far from the venue can visit it on the Lemonade metaverse.

The Party will start at 8:30 PM on 31st December 2021 and will end at 08:30 AM on 1 January 2022.

HumanKind Metaverse New Year Party 2022

Metaverse New Year Party 2022

Ticket Prices: 

  • General Admission: $35
  • Bronze: $95
  • Silver: $145
  • Gold: $195
  • Platinum: $495

HumanKind has also planned to keep its users connected with them this New Years’ Eve. With the Omicron cases rising daily the threat of going to the New Year DJ party has increased. So, the platform has decided to take the DJ parties to the Metaverse where its users can join via any social media platform and enjoy the DJ night sitting at home.

Well, the specialty of this Metaverse New year party is that the organizers have decided to run it in accordance with all the four time zones in the US from North America To South America. The Metaverse will be featuring three DJs from the in-person event in Denver, Co. So, the bash is expected to be more realistic.

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Seoul Metaverse New Year Party 2022

Venue: Seoul Metaverse

The Seoul government has decided to take all its government functions to the Metaverse. Recently, the mayor attended a conference in the Metaverse and decided that all the government activities will slowly be shifted to the Metaverse.

The estimated time for the full shift is 2026. Initially, the Seoul Metaverse will be available for mobile phones and then it will be shifted to the VR sets. Well, all this will start from the New Year, 2022 with the event. 

According to the sources, there will be a bell-ringing ceremony at the New Year event that is going to be held in the Seoul Metaverse.

Decenraland Metaverse Events On New Year 2022

Metaverse New Year Party 2022

Decentraland is one of the Metaverses that hosts events to get its audience engaged. So, here is the list of the events that the Decentraland metaverse is going to organize for its users on New Year’s eve.

  • MetaFest 2022 NYE Party Organized By Warhol
  • MetaParty Award Ceremony – After Party – NFT Giveaway Organized By MetaParty
  • CLUB NIGHTS WEEK 38 Feat TaktikalBass Organized By iZoo

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Wrapping Up

We hope that your search for the Metaverse New Year parties in 2022 ends here. We have listed all the parties that you can visit on New Year’s eve sitting at your home. We will be updating the post as soon as we find any other update about the Metaverse Bash on New Year’s eve.

If you think that we might have missed any of the events then do let us know in the comments section. We will review the event and update it on our list.

Till then, Happy New Year!!!.

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