Is ClubHouse A Dating App? Every Secret Is Revealed Here

Is Clubhouse A Dating App? Is Clubhouse The Next Tinder? If you want the answer to these questions then you are at the right spot. What is a clubhouse app? How do we use it? Can we use it as a dating app? Read below to get your answers.

The clubhouse is the hottest topic in the social media world nowadays. The app was launched nine months ago for iPhone users but the growing demand leads the developers to test the beta version of the app for Androids as well. Today, we will be discussing what the clubhouse app is about? How to use it? And the most asked question Is Clubhouse a dating app?

This article is written keeping in mind all the questions that a user might have in his mind before using the Clubhouse app. We have started the article with the definition of the clubhouse app, then how to use it and at last, we have mentioned our views on “Is ClubHouse a Dating App?” If not, how can we use it for dating? Before finding the answer see the list of the best chat sites.

Further in the article, you will get the detailed answer to every question asked above and the ones you have in your mind.

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Is Clubhouse A Dating App?

Read below to get a clearer picture of the clubhouse app. We have tried to give a satisfactory answer to the question “Is Clubhouse a Dating App?” further in the article.

What Is A Clubhouse App

Clubhouse App
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A clubhouse is an invite-only social media app for iOS and Android. The app was initially released for iOS devices and the beta testing version for the Android devices was released in May 2021. However, the company is expected to release the full version of the app for android in the coming months of 2021.

In simpler words, if we describe the clubhouse app. It is a social media app that works on the interactive voice-based strategy. Users can join the real-time discussions in the room created by the other users.

Talking about the developers, the app was developed by Silicon Valley veteran Paul Davison and the ex-Google employee Rohan Seth. They said the goal to build an app like this is  “to build a social experience that felt more human — where instead of posting, you could gather with other people and talk.”

How To Get A Clubhouse Invite?

Is Clubhouse A Dating App - Clubhouse Invite link
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To get started with the clubhouse app you have to get an invite link from a user who is already using the app. Although the user is allocated by a specific number of invites and that several depends on the activity of the user on the clubhouse app.

The user will send you a link via text message. Click on the link and you will be directed to set up your profile.

What if you don’t get an invite?

Well, there is a possibility that you don’t have any of your friends using the Clubhouse app. In such cases, you have to download the clubhouse app from the Apple app store and the google play store. Register your username and you will be added to the virtual waiting list.

After this, the clubhouse will send you the invite link and you can set up your profile further.

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How To Use Clubhouse App

Is Clubhouse A Dating App? - How to use clubhouse app
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If you are new to the Clubhouse app then here is the guide on how to use the clubhouse app.

  1. Once you have got the invite link from your friend or the clubhouse app. Click on it and set up your profile. You can also link your Twitter and Instagram accounts to your clubhouse app.
  2. Next, you will be provided with several options to choose from. These will be people and their interests. Choosing these will help the Clubhouse algorithm to know the areas of your interest and it can bring you better chat room suggestions.
  3. After this, you will be taken to the clubhouse hallway. This is like the Instagram feeds suggesting the chat room you can join. 
  4. Now, you have many options to choose from. Select the chat room of your interest and enter it by clicking on the name of the Room.
  5. Once you are inside the room you can see the people who are speaking with the mic in their hands on the top called the stage area. Below would be the audience, which is divided into two segments “followed by the speaker” and “others in the room”.
  6. Listen to the chat going on in the room if you wish to speak click on the “Raise hand” option at the bottom right corner.
  7. If you feel like leaving you can hit the “Leave Quietly” button on the button left of the screen and join another channel of your interest.

Is ClubHouse A Dating App?

Clubhouse dating
Source: TechCrunch

The most asked question on the internet nowadays is “Is Clubhouse a dating App”. Well, to be honest, the answer is NO. As of the recent theme of the app, you cannot send anybody a personal message. The app is designed for people to converse having the same areas of interest in the real-time chat rooms. 

You cannot deny the fact that if you hear someone talking on the topic of your interest and with the stronger points, you fall for the person. There are chances that you start liking the person when he speaks but the app is not like Tinder or Aisle that are developed as a dating site.

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How Can You Use Clubhouse As A Dating App

Clubhouse linking accounts
Source: All Things How

As they say, nothing is impossible for lovers. Here are a few suggestions for the people who are looking for love on the clubhouse app.

Clubhouses guarantee one thing and that is you can know the perspective of the person before you start dating. The clubhouse would provide you the platform for listening to each other’s way of thinking but you cannot Dm them.

Once, you find someone who you think is compatible with you. Check out the person’s profile. If the person has linked his Instagram account, you can send him a request and start your mission.

Is Clubhouse Dead?

If you ask me personally then I feel that Clubhouse is dead and there are facts and figures behind it. To start with the number of downloads in February 2021, the application has 9,600,000 downloads that decreased to just 719,000 downloads in the month of June. There were various factors that lead to the decrease in the number of users. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Firstly, the referral system is used by the developers for giving access to new users. The developers tried to find out a new and unique way to launch the application. But, waiting for the referral codes makes the public impatient, and this leads to a decrease in the number of users.

Second, the fake PR. People started joining the application to be in touch with celebrities and entrepreneurs. But, with time the users realized that it was just a waste of time, and searching for the favorite speaker is energy-consuming.

Third, is the increase in the number of online harassment and bullying.

And the fourth reason was the arrival of other social media sites in the completion. Given below is the list of the alternatives that had a major role in finishing the Clubhouse application from the market.

  • Twitter — Spaces
  • Telegram — Voice Chat
  • Instagram — Live Rooms
  • Reddit — Talk
  • Spotify — Greenroom
  • Slack — Huddles
  • Facebook — Live Audio Rooms


Here comes what we think about the question “Is Clubhouse a Dating App”. The answer is No, Clubhouse is not a dating app. But, as we mentioned you can start your love story on the clubhouse app. We want you to give us your opinion on the topic “Is Clubhouse A Dating App”. The comments section is open for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clubhouse used for dating?

No, the clubhouse is not a dating app like tinder or Bumble. Moreover, it is an app that brings the people of same interests together.

How do you get invited to a Clubhouse?

To get started with the clubhouse app you have to get an invite link from a user who is already using the app. Although the user is allocated by a specific number of invites and that several depends on the activity of the user on the clubhouse app.
The user will send you a link via text message. Click on the link and you will be directed to set up your profile.

Should I use my real name on Clubhouse?

Using your real name on the clubhouse depends totally on you.

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