10 Best Infect Cards MTG To Combat Opponent In A Single Strike!

Play your turn, it’s Magic: The Gathering!!
I know you want that deadly magic combat trait to root swipe your opponents. So what are you waiting for? Pick the most powerful infect cards with the most damage and get started. Unlike wither, you can use infect cards mtg to shower your opponents with poison counters. 

When you use these combinations of cards together, your opponent will not be able to survive for long. Since poison attacks are unremovable and lethal, your opponents will automatically be forced to lose. But which venom attack wins you the victory that’s a thing to take care of. You need to pick the right cards to infect your foes in MTG.

If you aim to beat an opponent as fast as you can, then take these considerations of best Infect cards to include in your deck. These are some of the combat-oriented and most aggressive decks in the game. The first one on the list is Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon with a 5 mana buy. The second best infect card is Blightsteel Colossus to brighten up your winning chances. There are many more in the list below.

Never waste a turn to combat your enemies. Use these indestructible creatures with infect spells. Attain more poison attacks on your opponent so that he loses the game. Let’s talk about the powers these mtg infect cards share!

10 Best Infect Card MTG

From low mana cost, weak 1/1 stats to high mana cost and powerful 11/11 stats, here we have mentioned every greatest infect card you need to have in your Magic: The Gathering deck. Know their powers closely and try your luck in the game!

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10. Tainted Strike

Infect Cards MTG; Tainted Strike
Source: Scryfall

Tainted Strike just needs one mana swamp to use it, making it the least costly in the deck. It comes with another benefit of instant speed letting you catch your opponent when you cast this spell. 

Tainted Strike infects the creature with -1/-1 counters until the turn ends. Instead of using the regular combatants, you can turn them into deadly countering behemoths. The best part is you can anytime use this card to make sure that your opponent gets an appropriate rise in their boost so that you can make them lose all their temporary venom. 

Converted Mana Cost(CMC) = 1

9. Blighted Agent

Infect Cards MTG; Blighted Agent
Source: Scryfall

Everyone takes Blighted Agent’s weak Infectant power (i.e.1/1) for granted. If you do the same, you need to stop underestimating this card. 

The Agent is unblockable and it bears infect, making him win a round in a fraction of seconds by using poison counters. Make the use of this card even more powerful by using equipment and auras to boost his power. This will increase the power of all his undefendable attack swings. 

CMC: 2

8. Corrupted Conscience

Infect Cards MTG; Corrupted Conscience
Source: mtg.wtf

Okay, this one comes with heightened powers, a higher mana cost to cast it, and higher rewards for taking higher risks. The Corrupted Conscience lets you consume any creature’s Infectant trait when attached to an opposing creature. And in a single move, your opponent is dead. 

Surely, if played right, Conscience removes an army but if in any case, Conscience gets removed, your enemy will be all-powerful again, as they regain control over their titan. You better steal something with haste to attack instantly. 

CMC: 5

7. Ichorclaw Myr

Infect Cards MTG; Ichorclaw Myr
Source: Gatherer

Ichorclaw is full of surprises if you know. Firstly, it accepts any type of mana. Secondly, it gets a boost in its weak stats(I.e. 1/1)  by a +2/+2 power up when blocked. Thirdly, this provides Myr a formidable and powerful infected beatstick. And guess what your opponent is facing a down shot as it makes them lose at least 3/3 stats using 3 -1/-1 counters against them. If not this then the opponent will surely get some poison counters. 

In both cases, you get a sure win-win situation. Thankfully this power-packed card is not that costly. It’s one of the easiest picks and one of the cheapest cards too. 

CMC: 2

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6. Hand Of The Praetors

Infect Cards MTG; Hand Of The Praetors
Source: Gatherer-Wizard

Hand of the Praetors comes with so many benefits. It comes with a pretty decent stat of 3/2 for an infect creature. You can easily splash his flexible cost into multicolor decks. You get to boost other infect units by  +1/+1 as he has zombie synergy. Also, whenever you cast any other creature with this spell, you get to place a poison counter on your opponents.

You can run multiple copies of Hand since it is not a legendary spell card. This gives a boost in the stats of both the real Hand card and the copies you are playing by automatically placing poison attacks.

CMC: 4

5. Grafted Exoskeleton

Infect Cards MTG; Grafted Exoskeleton
Source: TCGPlayer

You need two mana cost to equip grafted Exoskeleton and a four mana base cost. The best part is, it can be adorned without much hassle. You can reuse the remaining equipment from the dead bearer as it remains grounded even after the original one dies, unlike auras. 

Exoskeleton fits in any deck, as it is a colorless card. You get a +2/+2 stats including the infect. This grants the monsters to distribute poison counters. You lose this card as soon as it gets unattached from any permanent.

CMC: 4(2 to equip) 

4. Triumph Of The Hordes

Infect Cards MTG; Triumph Of The Hordes
Source: Amazon.com

Don’t underestimate the powers of this low stat card, as you can use this one to provide keywords to your entire army. You can equip this card for a reasonable 4 mana cost. In turn, you get infect, +1/+1 counters, and trample to each creature you ate controlling until the end of your turn. 

Triumph is an extra touch when it comes to poison counter attacks. It’s a great pick for surviving difficult infects and blockers. Trample gives the power to hit your opponent by giving you access against blockers pierce. You can enjoy victory in a single turn using Triumph even when you are not playing an infect-centered deck. 

CMC: 4

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3. Phyrexian Crusader

Infect Cards MTG; Phyrexian Crusader
Source: Scryfall

With a stat count of 2/2, you need several black mana to equip the Phyrexian Crusader. Once you get to use this card, you get to use so many power-ups from his knight and zombie subtypes offering tribal supports.

You get protection from white and red, making him indestructible between the two colors. Oh yes, and it offers to infect from its first strike. You get to avoid any counterattack when you slay your foe as the first strike works well on all monsters and infected units. What makes Crusader greatest of all cards is the ease to keep it alive for longer.

CMC: 3

2. Blightsteel Colossus

Infect Cards MTG; Blightsteel Colossus
Source: Scryfall

More the mana, better the cards you get to pick for your deck. Yes, I‘m talking about Blightsteel Colossus that requires a whopping 12 mana cost. But this card comes with a few odds like you can play this one only with “Elvish Piper” and “Jhoira of the Ghitu” and other cards that can gimmick monsters for free.

The bright side of this card is that when it enters the field, your opponent is dead. It’s indestructible, its blockheads infect against opponents, disregard damage, and smash through blockers. Plus, the powerful 11/11 stats ponder 11 poison counters with a single hit. Blightsteel is a deadly poison for your opponents.

CMC: 12

1. Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon

Infect Cards MTG; Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon
Source: Scryfall

Skithiryx is a legendary infect commander and the best dragon in the game. With a good stat count of 4/4, infect is worth spending 5 manas to equip him. It comes with abilities to tackle ground-based blockers, accompanied by flying.

To make it swing fast you can use black mana. To save him hitting a removal, you can spend two black manas if you wish to regenerate him. He’s a great addition for any dragon or infect deck with powerful support abilities.  

CMC: 5

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 Infect Cards in Magic: The Gathering Deck

S.No.Infect CardCreature
1. Blackcleave GoblinGoblin Zombie
2.Blight MambaSnake
3. Blighted AgentHuman Rogue
4. Blightsteel ColossusGolem
5. BlightwidowSpider
6. Burn the ImpureInstant
7. Carrion CallInstant
8. Chained ThroatseekerHorror
9.Contagious NimZombie
10. Core ProwlerHorror
11.Corpse CurHound
12.Corrupted ConscienceAura
13. CystbearerBeast
14. Diseased VerminSummon Rats
15. Fallen FerromancerHuman Shaman
16.Festering WoundEnchant Creature
18.Flesh-Eater ImpImp
19.Glistener ElfElf Warrior
20.Glistening OilAura
21.Grafted ExoskeletonEquipment
22.Hand of the PraetorsZombie
23.Ichor RatsRat
24.Ichorclaw MyrMyr
25.Infected VerminRat
26.Infectious BloodlustAura
27.Infectious HorrorZombie Horror
28.Infectious  HostZombie
29.Infectious RageEnchant Creature
30.Inkmoth NexusLand
31.Lost LeoninCat Soldier
32.Melira, Sylvok OutcastHuman Scout
35.Ogre MenialOgre
36.Pestilent SouleaterInsect
38. Phyrexian CrusaderZombie Knight
39.Phyrexian DigesterConstruct
40.Phyrexian HydraHydra
41.Phyrexian JuggernautJuggernaut
42.Phyrexian SwarmlordInsect Horror 
43.Phyrexian UnlifeEnchantment
44.Phyrexian VatmotherHorror
45.Plague MyrMyr
46.Plague StingerInsect Horror
47.Priests of NornCleric
49.Razor SwineBoar
50.Reaper of SheoldredHorror
51.Rot WolfWolf
52.Scourge ServantZombie
53. Septic RatsRat
54.Shriek RaptorBird
55. Skirthiryx, the Blight DragonDragon Skeleton
57.Tainted StrikeInstant
58.Tangle Angler Horror
59.Tel-Jilad FallenElf Warrior
60.Tine ShrikeBird
61.Toxin NimZombie
62.Trigon of InfestationArtificant
63.Triumph of the HordesSorcery
64.Vector AspSnake
65.Viral DrakeDrake
66.Viridian BetrayersElf Warrior
67.Viridian CorrupterElf Shaman
68.Whispering SpecterSpecter

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Final Verdict:

Using the right set of powers and counterattack makes you survive longer in the game. In this post, we talked about the top 10 powerful infect cards that give a tough fight to your opponents. Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon is the most powerful card in the deck. The second best is Blightsteel Colossus which is expensive but holds all the worth to be used in the game. 

The other best infect cards we talked about are Phyrexian Crusader, Triumph of the Hordes, Grafted Exoskeleton, Hand of the Praetors, Ichorclaw Myr, Corrupted Conscience, Blighted Agent, and Tainted Strike. Which card do you prefer?

Choose your cards wisely. Have a hit-smashing counter in your next MTG!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Best Infect Cards in Magic: The Gathering:

Is “Glistener Elf” a good card to choose for your MTG deck?

With a minimal 1 mana cost, Glistener Elf comes as a weak character. But she offers to infect and can be combined with other elves making her useful in dedicated forest decks.

Is Infect good in EDH?

When playing in multiplayer mode, say a 4 player game, and one of your players is using the infect card while the rest are using normal damage, then it balances the game. So, infect works pretty well in EDH.

Is Infect good MTG?

While some may find infect to be too slow for the game and a higher cost spending to equip them but you can never neglect the benefits it comes with. You get to counter your opponent with a single strike using an infect card like Blightsteel. But most people don’t play infect cards.

Is infect still good in modern times?

Until and unless you are focused on winning the game, yes, Infect is pretty much good in modern times as well. 

Which is the strongest MTG card?

The seven strongest editions in the MTG deck are:
1. Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. 
2. Progenitus.
3. Blightsteel Colossus. 
4. True-Name Nemesis.
5. Griselbrand.
7. Questing Beast.

How much damage does it take to infect?

You might have noticed that infect creatures lean a little smaller than any other non-infect creatures. You need to give damage to ten poison counters to infect him and to win against your opponent.

Featured Image Credits: Magic the Gathering: Wizards

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