The Importance Of OSS And BSS In Telecom Industry | Major Point Of Difference Between The Two

Ask any Telecom expert about the major pillars of Telecommunication Management. You will receive the answer OSS And BSS. These two terms are often heard together in the Telecom sector. However, there is a major difference between the two. So, here is a post that will tell you the importance of the OSS and BSS in the TM Forum and the difference between the two.

OSS and BSS in Telecom are the backbones of the whole industry. These systems support the end-to-end services in the Telecommunication sector. Not only this, but these systems are also responsible for providing a stable quality of services to the telecom operators that includes charging and privacy control, customer support, and real-time service delivery.

However, it is often said that both services comprehend each other. But, it is also the fact that both of them have specific jobs that make them different from each other. If you are confused between the two, this article will surely help you out.

What Is OSS?

OSS is the abbreviation used for the Operation Support System, sometimes known as the Operational Support system. OSS is the set of specialized software and tools that helps the company manage the whole network architecture.

As the name signifies the OSS, the Telecom operators can keep a check on the daily operation and maintenance activities. This specialized software also helps in configuring, monitoring, and analyzing the operational activities with the Telecom Network. 

In a nutshell, the centralized office controls the Network performance and the status, whereas the Network components are controlled remotely. The information is captured from the Network elements with the help of OSS, and then it is represented in the readable format.

The Operation Service System is provided by the Telecom Network Vendors responsible for making the network equipment. OSS also helps in Configuration, fault management, network inventory, service assurance, and provisioning of new services.

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What Is BSS?

Coming to the next service, we have BSS. BSS is the abbreviation used for the Business Support System. The support system is developed majorly to handle the customer-facing aspects. Let’s compare the BSS to the OSS system. The major point of difference between the two is OSS focuses majorly on the technological part of the Telecom industry, and BSS covers the Business side.

BSS comprises the set of software and tools that allow the Telecom operators to get in touch with the customers. The BSS system includes service fulfillment, product catalogs, customer management, billing, order management, revenue management, and charging.

The BSS software helps you to gather the information and create a report. The management team can later use these reports to handle back-office activities.

Importance Of OSS And BSS In the Telecom Industry 

As we already told you that OSS and BSS services are the backbone of the Telecom industry. You cannot imagine the Telecommunication sector to run smoothly without any one of these.

Both of them serve their major purpose in the whole telecommunication process. Given below are a few roles that both these services offer.

  1. The activation flow initiates revenue
  2. The assurance flow retains customers and revenue
  3. The billing flow collects revenue.
  4. Close configuration and monitoring optimize profitability.
  5. Operationalize the assets

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Difference Between The OSS And BSS In Telecom 

Well, we have come across what is OSS and What is BSS? We also look at the importance of the BSS and OSS services in the Telecom sector. Now, let us dive into the difference between these support services to get a clear picture.

So, given below is the comparison table between the OSS and BSS.

It stands for Operational Support System.It stands for Business Support System.
The major focus of OSS is on Network Management.The major focus of the BSS is on all the activities within the organization.
It manages all the network inventories that include the servers connected to the network and the computer routers. It also manages network planning.It is responsible for managing the operations like payment issues, taking orders, processing bills, etc.
The OSS contains information about the available networks’ performance and allows members to manage the network.The BSS contains information related to the customer relationship, new sign-ups, payments orders, and more.
This support system allows the telecommunication operator to analyze, control and manage the network connections.The BSS comprises the components that help the telecom operator in better running of the business.
It has nothing to do with the customer requirement. It focuses majorly on the customer requirement.
The backend staff handles the OSS. This includes the developers and the engineers.The frontend staff handles the BSS. This includes the professionals.
The OSS Support service is used for the CORE Infrastructure implementation and operation.BSS supports the CORE infrastructure.

Wrapping Up

We hope that now you are clear with the importance of BSS and OSS in the Telecom industry. Suppose we try to understand both the terms in the layman’s language. In that case, we can say that OSS focuses majorly on the technological part of the Telecom sector, and BSS focuses majorly on the Business part. Both these support services complement each other, and running the Telecom company without any one of these would be next to impossible.

If you find this post informative and interesting, share it with your friends. Also, if you have got any doubts or queries in your head. Do ask us in the comments section below. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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