What Is The Meta Mobility Concept? Explained With Examples!!

The technological world is evolving at a very rapid rate. Do you know what’s trending? Yeah, it’s Metaverse and there is a new term that has been introduced by Hyundai in Metaverse. The term is “Meta Mobility”. We know the term is new. So, here we are with the post that will explain to you what Meta mobility is and the Hyundai Meta Mobility Concept.

The term “Meta Mobility” was introduced to the world in the CES Submit that was held in Las Vegas. The Meta Mobility concept was explained by the Hyundai Chairman in front of the 45,000 attendees. The Concept was appreciated a lot because it gave the Metaverse development a new shape.

Well, here we are the post that will explain to you what Meta Mobility is and how Hyundai is going to use it to shape its Metaverse. So, let’s not waste much of your time and have a quick overlook of the Hyundai Metaverse Concept and how it works.

What Is Meta Mobility – Hyundai Meta Mobility Concept

The concept of Meta Mobility was put forward by the chairman of Hyundai, Chung Moong Koo in the recent CES submit that was held in the city of Las Vegas.

The chairman explained the concept of Meta mobility by saying that there will be robots waiting for you in the world that you wish to visit. All you have to do is pair with these robots and you can control them in the Metaverse. 

The chairman also said that Robotics and automobiles go hand in hand and if we introduce both of them in the Metaverse then it can cause a huge positive impact on the Metaverse development.

The Hyundai Meta Mobility Concept Explained


Well, let us tell you the Meta Mobility Concept in the simplest and the easiest language possible. Meta Mobility will allow the user to feel the things in the Metaverse. For example, you want to visit Mars in the Metaverse. So, what you have to do is choose the Avatar and get yourself paired with the Robot that is already on Mars. 

Yes, you heard that correctly. You will pair yourself with the Robot that is already present on Mars and the world you will be stepping in will not be virtually generated. It is something that the Robot is actually seeing on the planet, Mars.

This is not all, the interesting part is that you can use this Robot to move around and touch and feel the objects there. As the Robot will touch things you will also be able to feel the same on your hands. Isn’t it sounding fun? So, you actually need not be an astronaut to visit Mars.

Suppose a wind storm comes on Mars, you will also feel the same wind force against your body. Well, this is something really great.

Using The Meta Mobility Concept In Real Life

The example above is something that you would try to do to enjoy. The major question here arises that how will we use Hyundai’s Meta Mobility Concept in real life.  

Okay, let us explain this to you again with an example, suppose you are out on a business trip and your dog is alone at home. Obviously, if he is alone there is no one to feed him, or what if you really had a bad meeting and want to hug your Dogo. This is where the Meta Mobility concept will help you.

You will leave your robot partner at your place. Now, when you come back to your Hotel room and want to feed your dog. Just pair up with the Robot at your home and reach out to your kitchen. Give your dog the food and hug him. As we already told you that the sensors on the Robot will give you the same feel of touch and warmth that it has been experiencing.

Possible Daily Life Uses Of Hyundai Meta Mobility Concept

Hyundai Meta Mobility Concept

So, what do you think would be daily life uses of the Meta Mobility concept in the near future? Well, do tell us in the comments section below. Till then read the possible uses that we have listed below.

  • The first one as we already mentioned, you can visit outer space and explore the universe with the help of Robotics.
  • This may find an important application in medical science. You don’t need to travel to big cities. The doctors can visit you through their robots and perform all the necessary functions.
  • It can find great use in the mining industry (not Crypto mining), the mining of precious metals. The workers would not need to go underground to mine out the ores, instead, they will control the robots and they will do all the functions.

Hyundai Mobility Of Things (MOT) Concept

In the CES submission, Hyundai also focused on the “MOT” concept that is the Mobility of Things concept. It said that even the smallest things around you will have the ability to move in the MOT ecosystem.

That is you don’t need to move things around. They will automatically move. Just give the instructions. Or maybe they will sense it because nobody knows.

Hyundai also shared that it will be using two modular platforms known as the Plug & Drive (PnD) and Drive & Lift (DnL) to achieve this Mobility of Things.

Plug & Drive Modular Platform (PnD)

The PnD module is a single-wheel robotics platform that is made with a combination of in-wheel electric drive, intelligent steering, and braking. The modular platform is also equipped with a hardware suspension that can be scaled up or down to do any work. The modular is also loaded with the camera sensors and LiDAR to move around autonomously.

The Plug and drive modular platform will find vast use in the near future. It will allow the people to travel in the private individual compartments, which is a good option in the scenarios like Covid.

The people with disabilities will be most affected by this advancement and that too in a positive manner. They will be provided with the support to move around automatically using the PnD. 

Drive & Lift Modular Platform (DnL)

Hyundai showed its customers the Dnl Modular platform by exhibiting the MobED (Mobile Eccentric Droid). It is an Eccentric wheel mechanism that is made by the combination of the steering, drive, and braking system, all in one singular structure.

The function of this modular platform is to lift the platform up and down. They will behave like the shocker as the platform will move around the rough terrains or the speed bumpers on the road.

Wrapping Up

The Metaverse vision that Hyundai showed the world in the CES submit is totally different from the others in the field. The company said that it is going to include Robotics in the Metaverse that will change the Metaverse concept as we see it today. The Robots used in the technology will have the Athletic Intelligence that will help them to walk smoothly on rough terrains and even climb up the stairs. 

That was all in the Hyundai Meta Mobility concept. We will be updating you as soon as there is any update regarding the same. So, keep visiting Sportingibay for further updates. 

If you have any queries in your head feel free to ask us in the comments section. Also if you found this article helpful and informative then do share it with your friends.  

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