How to Withdraw Money From VeVe | A Guide For Beginners

Ever wanted to encash your cryptos or your digital money to liquid money, from your digital wallet but didn’t know how to? Well, then here’s a guide on how to withdraw money from VeVe? 

In our childhood, if we recall we all had a habit of collecting something. Technology has leaped forward from collecting our favorite virtual heroes’ miniature models to collecting their digital versions. Making it accessible to collect the virtual essence of our favorite cartoons, or superheroes are the evolution of technology

The next evolution is the collection, via technology. VeVe brings the world of collectibles into the digital realm and right into the palm of your hand. You can either keep these collectibles with you or use them to make money. It is rather one easy way of making money and earning rewards.

In this article, we will provide you with a step-wise guide on how to withdraw money from Veve, but it is important to know about what Veve is and what does it offer, 

What is VeVe? 

Are you someone who likes collecting stuff? Have you ever collected trump cards or photos of your favorite superhero? If, yes then VeVe is the best digital place for you to fulfill and cater to collecting habits. 

VeVe is both an Android and iOS-based app that provides a digital marketplace for licensed digital collectibles. VeVe brings the world of collectibles into the digital realm and right into the palm of your hand. VeVe is the first-ever platform to offer NFTs from brands such as Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, Givenchy, Coca-Cola, and Pixar

Now, a big problem in the NFT(Non-Fungible Tokens) space is that it is rife with scams and is bound to any sort of scam. However, VeVe is centralized within its app, so you can be sure that any NFT you buy in the VeVe app is not a scam.

There are several things you can do with these NFTs that are in the VeVe App, you can either use them or trade them in exchange. Below is a guide on how to withdraw money from VeVe. 

Features of the VeVe App: 

1. Direct from artist to phone

VeVe is a 3-dimensional digital collectible app, which is crafted by the world’s leading artists including legendary sculptors Jim Lee, Todd MacFarlane, and Scott Synder who sculpt directly in 3-D instead of clay, and with Veve, you can now own limited editions of these exclusive digital collectibles.

2. Virtual Showrooms

Collectors display their collectibles with pride and VeVe continues this digital realm. Create and customize virtual showrooms to showcase your digital collectibles and share their experience with other VeVe collectors around the world.

3. Digital in the real world

With VeVe’s augmented reality features you can stand side by side with your favorite heroes. 

4. Buy, Sell & Swap with other fans

In the market, you can buy, sell, and trade NFT with other VeVe collectors. If you missed out on that digital collectible you need to complete your set, worry not! You can browse the secondary market for the collectibles you need. 

5. A wide range of collectibles

Whether you love pop culture, gaming, sport, films, TV, or anime and animation, VeVe offers digital collectibles from your favorite brands including Batman, Adventure time, Monster Hunter, DC Collectibles, Jurassic Park, Fast and Furious, Superman, and much more. 

How to Withdraw Money From VeVe? 

how to withdraw money from veve

Making full utilization of your rewards is all that everyone looks forward to. However, the question is how to do it? Well, no need to stress out about how to withdraw money from VeVe. 

Below are some steps that you need to follow to convert your rewards into liquid. This authentic guide will give you a step-wise representation of how to withdraw money from Veve. 

Step 1. Log in to the VeVe web wallet

The VeVe Payout feature is only available through the VeVe web wallet, which can be found at To log in, simply use the same email account and password that you use to log into your VeVe app. You will be sent a 2FA email to complete the sign-in process after which you will see your Gem and OMI wallets and balances.

Below your wallet balances, you will find the ‘Payout’ button. Initially, this button will be inaccessible/greyed out to most Collectors, so please remain patient if you cannot access this feature yet.

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Step 2. Complete KYC

KYC or ‘Know-Your-Customer’ regulations require you to provide identification documents to complete a financial transaction. Processing a payout transaction on VeVe is no different, and you will be required to complete this process before you can withdraw.

Completing VeVe KYC is a relatively straightforward process. You will need to enter your personal information. You will also need to provide some preliminary details (the ID number) for ONE piece of government-issued identification:

  • ID card with social security number (the US only)
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license

When you’re ready to proceed simply hit ‘begin KYC process’ to begin entering your information.

You will also need to enter the number associated with your chosen form of ID. If you are a US citizen you will be asked for the last 4 digits of your social security number.

BlueSnap will then contact you via the email address you provided to request the actual ID document. This email will contain a link to take you to a secure portal to upload your identity verification.

Note: Please do not enter a country code for your phone number.

Step 3. Enter Payout Method

Once you have submitted your details and ID number you will be taken to the Payout Method screen.

Here you will enter your base currency and the bank account details where you wish to receive your Payout. At the time of writing, you can opt to receive AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, NZD, and USD.

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Can You Withdraw the Amount in Some Other Currency? 

Don’t use the Currencies that are stated above? Can you still use the payout feature?

If your home currency is not the currencies listed above, you can still use the Payout feature, however, we recommend contacting your bank to ensure they can perform the currency conversion for you and deposit your local currency into your account as normal.

Once you have understood the step-wise procedure of how to withdraw money from VeVe, it is further wondered whether you can withdraw the amount in some other currency or can carry out the payout in a different currency? 

In the majority of cases selecting USD will be the most appropriate option for you, as it is accepted by most banks, and in most countries. Again, please contact your financial institution to confirm that you will receive your Payout, and to understand the fees they may charge for this service.

Once you have submitted your personal and banking details, your KYC application is pending. You will then receive an email requesting your proof of identity documentation, and proof that you control the bank account that you have provided details.

This email will contain a link to a secure upload facility, to maintain the security of your information. When opening any links please double-check that it has come from BlueSnap and that you are indeed taken to a secure site.

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Wrapping Up 

This was a sequential explanation of how to withdraw money from VeVe. We hope we catered to what you were looking for and provide you with an organized explanation. However, if you have any queries or doubts regarding this article, feel free to share your doubts with us in the comment section right below. 

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