How To Withdraw Money From Etrade | Easy Steps To Follow!

No matter what a person is investing for, there is always a time when you need to withdraw money from their brokerage accounts. It is quite difficult for the first time. However, when you are used to it, it is just an easy task. Are you seeking a guide to know how to withdraw money from Etrade? If yes, you have got the right page to start with. 

You might use an online broker for short-term trading or for longer-term. You will feel a need at some point to enjoy the fruits of the trading activities if you have made profits in your trading activities. If you also want to do this, you will need to know how to withdraw money from Etrade or any other broker account. 

Etrade is among the most popular and one of the oldest online brokers in the United States. It has a lot to offer its customers. Many people worldwide can be seen choosing Etrade for carrying out their transactions. It offers commission-free trading to investors. It was acquired by Morgan Stanley in 2020. 

This post provides you with a complete step-by-step guide to finding out how to withdraw money from Etrade. You will easily find all the necessary information about withdrawing money from your Etrade brokerage account by following the steps mentioned in this post. Along with the procedure to withdraw money, we will begin by providing certain details related to Etrade. So, without delaying much, let us start with the post to find how to withdraw money from Etrade.

What Is Etrade?

How To Withdraw Money From Etrade

Before we jump straight to how to withdraw money from Etrade, let us quickly get some information about Etrade. Etrade is among the famous online brokers for trading options. It was among the first online brokers in the US. It joined the list of online brokers who transitioned to commission-free trading on ETFs, options traders, and stock in 2019. Despite having robust features like research, screener, etc. Etrade remains to be an easy and intuitive platform

As a beginner, you will find it a good choice as it includes expansive educational resources. Etrade includes two mobile apps. It offers a full range of investment selections appealing to traders and investors. Morgan Stanley announced the acquisition of Etrade in an all-stock transaction in 2020. It can be a great choice for those interested in tracking markets and trading. Just like many other online brokers, Etrade can also bring value to all levels of investors. 

Now, the question is what are the pros and cons of using the Etrade platform. So, let us find them out before learning how to withdraw money from Etrade. 

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Etrade? 

Let us check out some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Etrade before we dive into details to find how to withdraw money from Etrade. 


  1. Power Etrade options trading platform. 
  2. It has two mobile apps for traders with different interests. 
  3. Automated portfolio builder integrated into this online broker platform. 


  1. It provides no access to international exchanges
  2. If you are a less frequent investor, option trading is quite expensive for you.
  3. Fractional share purchases are available only through DRIP or Dividend Reinvestment Plan or a Robo-advisor portfolio.

As we have gone through the pros and cons of the platform, let us now find out how to withdraw money from Etrade. 

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How To Withdraw Money From Etrade?

How To Withdraw Money From Etrade

Here are the steps that are needed to be followed to know how to withdraw money from Etrade. Log in> Withdraw funds> Withdrawal method> Amount> Submit. 

These were the short steps, let us now check these steps in detail.

1. Log In

The first step to withdrawing money from Etrade is to log in to your account. After you have logged in, you need to select the Withdrawal or Withdraw funds button from the menu. Move to the next step after completing this.

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2. Withdraw Method

After you have selected withdraw funds, you need to choose the withdrawal method. Withdrawal through bank transfer is the most common option used by traders. You also need to choose the account to withdraw funds from. Once you have chosen both these things, move on to the third step.

3. Enter Amount

You now need to type the number of funds that you want to withdraw. In case, you are asked about the reason or description, you can enter that in the respective field. It is not asked mostly, but if prompted, you can type it.

4. Submit Request 

Once you have completed the above-mentioned steps, you need to click on Submit to submit the request. With this, you have completed the process to withdraw money from Etrade.

Remember that you may only be able to withdraw money to accounts that are in your name. This process to transfer money may take some time.

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This guide includes all the information related to how to withdraw money from Etrade. The procedure to withdraw money from Etrade is not as difficult as it seems to be. If you follow the right steps, you can successfully withdraw money. We hope we have helped you find how to withdraw money from Etrade. You can feel free to drop down your queries in the comment section below. We will help you find all the answers to queries shortly. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Is Etrade For Free?

A. Etrade consists of two platforms- E*TRADE Web and Power E*TRADE. Both platforms are available to the customers for free. There is no need for any balance minimums or trade activity. 

Q2. Can I Withdraw Money Directly From Etrade? 

A. Yes, you can withdraw money from Etrade. You need to follow a certain procedure to withdraw money from Etrade. 

Q3. Is Etrade Good For Day Trading?

A. Etrade is one of the popular quality brokers that offers a lot to its users. However, if you want to indulge in day trading, Etrade may not be the best choice for you. 

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