How To Use WhatsApp Without Giving Access To Contacts?

You might be familiar with WhatsApp’s video calling, chatting, and other features. WhatsApp is a free-of-cost multipurpose stage especially known for its texting feature that one can utilize from one end to another just with help of an internet connection. But, because of being a family-friendly application sometimes it becomes way too difficult to get personal space and privacy on WhatsApp. So what’s the solution to it? The solution is to disconnect all the contacts from WhatsApp, but how? In this article, we will make you aware of how to use WhatsApp without giving access to Contacts. 

Currently, Whatsapp has more than 2 billion users continuously utilizing it. It’s especially popular with families and friends who are not together due to some reason but want to stick together or want to keep an update on each other through calling and messaging. But trying to be in touch with this younger generation could be a bit tacky for them as this generation loves personal space, and again and again, pinging someone even for their own good could be difficult to bear. So, in order to bring every relative on your WhatsApp one can disconnect their contact list from WhatsApp and then use it.

Keep reading till the end of the article to know how to use WhatsApp without giving access to contacts. In WhatsApp, you can utilize all its features and facilities without allowing your WhatsApp access to your contacts. The only difficulty you will face is that you will not be able to utilize your saved contacts in your WhatsApp, but you will be able to text and communicate, audio and video call others.

Although, you can still find your contacts on WhatsApp by easily tapping on the lens symbol on the top of the screen and dialing the contact number of the person you wish to search. It is a bit hard to memorize everyone’s individual, but it’s the only choice after declining access to contacts on WhatsApp.

How To Use WhatsApp Without Giving Access To Contacts

Without wasting another minute let’s have a look at How To Use WhatsApp Without Giving Access To Contacts. Still wondering is it possible to use WhatsApp without giving access to your contacts? Well, here are the tricks to help you do the same.

Disconnect Your Camera And Location From WhatsApp

In case you wish to share your current location via WhatsApp, deliver a picture or drop a call using the application, you are required to modify, make a few changes and allow access to that information manually. When you are done, alter the settings once again to deny access to that information – before moving forward. You can make changes in WhatsApp Permissions through the mobile Phone’s Settings Application being there on both iPhone and Android mobile phones.

I suggest you switch off the permission to your images, locations, contacts, microphone, calendars, and camera on your device. You will not be able to make a video or audio call if you follow the above suggestion, which will surely disrupt most of the WhatsApp features other than sending or receiving text messages.

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Use WhatsApp Without Linking Your Contacts 

A user can easily ignore giving access to Whatsapp of their contacts and still find it in their WhatsApp inner contact list, all of this is possible without sharing device contacts. This is possible by bringing a pro user who has already given their contacts to text them first.

Here is how to do it :

  • Launch WhatsApp in your device.
  • Deny all the contact access it is asking again and again.
  • Ask your mate to contact you on WhatsApp.
  • When they present a number of contacts in the form of a list in front of you, tap on “New Contact” or something relatable to it.
  • Your mate’s number should be displayed into a new contact. You have to finish this step, even if you have your mate’s number already on your mobile phone. 
  • Your mate can now text you on WhatsApp, involve you in groups, make calls etc. 

NOTE: In the beginning, WhatsApp will ask if the message is from a fraud number or what! There is possibly no way out of this for mobile phones other than adding the user to your WhatsApp-visible contacts. Although WhatsApp for computers and laptops or web made it actually simple and easy to flag the conversation as “Not Spam”. 

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What If You Don’t Allow WhatsApp Access To Your Contacts?

However, we strictly suggest approving WhatsApp access to your device’s contacts, you can still utilize WhatsApp with fewer features without permitting access. In case you decline WhatsApp access to your mobile phone’s contacts, you will still receive messages from other users and groups and Alter WhatsApp settings.

You will not be able to :

  • View any names on contacts, only numbers will be visible.
  • Create groups or broadcast lists.

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How To Allow Access To Your Contacts On WhatsApp?

If you declined the WhatsApp Access to your contacts, in the beginning, you can grant access by altering your phone’s settings:

  • Enter into Settings.
  • Open Privacy.
  • Click on Contacts.
  • Ensure that your WhatsApp is on.

Backing Up WhatsApp Messages – Good Idea?

This can be a nice idea as your WhatsApp chats will be secured in an encrypted format so that when you like to look back at your chats you can find them in one place, and that one place is Cloud services or iCloud. Anyone having access to your cloud record, for example, hackers, will be easily able to go through your WhatsApp Messages. After all this, WhatsApp notifies you in advance about dangers if there are any. If you don’t want to take any risks with Cloud backups, then it would be better for you to disable it all at once.

What If You Delete WhatsApp From Your Phone? 

If you uninstall WhatsApp from your device, you are only removing the application from your device. You can deactivate your WhatsApp account if you wish to do it, just the same way we do for Facebook. The procedure involves the removal of contact data from the WhatsApp servers. If you have WhatsApp installed, your friends will not be removed from contact lists or conversations even after deleting the software. Deleting your account will end up with your name getting deleted from the contact list of all your companions.

According to the current technology status, there is no trick to identify whether a user has deactivated or deleted their WhatsApp handles, and also there is no other tool to identify the same. Uninstall the application from your mobile phone, and lose all your data. You may need to create a new account from the start if you haven’t backed up your data earlier. It is also important to learn that deactivating your WhatsApp handle would permanently delete all your contacts, groups, chats, etc from the device. There is no way back after all of this.

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Wrapping Up:

We all use WhatsApp to interact with our family and friends and exchange data with them. After all, it is a form of communication between people. Anyone who delivers you a WhatsApp text message will utilize your personal data even if you don’t know them.

Few users are exposed as a result of this.

To ignore this issue, you should make sure that the permissions for who can view your profile picture and bio are not on “Everyone”, but rather on “Nobody” or simply on “My Contacts”. We hope that the content shared in this blog might help you in using WhatsApp without giving access to your contacts and maintaining some amount of privacy.


Q1. Can We Hide Our DP From Everyone Else?

Ans. Yes, you can hide your profile picture from everyone else by following these simple steps :

  • Open WhatsApp, click on three dots on the top right corner.
  • Go to Settings, and then tap on Account.
  • Click on Privacy, you will find an option of “Profile Picture”
  • Switch it from “Everyone” to “Nobody”

Q2. How To Delete Your WhatsApp Account?

Ans. You can deactivate your WhatsApp account by following these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp, from the top right corner, click on three dots.
  • Go to Settings, and then tap on Account.
  • Click on Privacy, you will find an option of “Delete My Account” at the bottom, click on it.
  • Carefully go through the terms and conditions mentioned.
  • Verify your number by dialing your number.
  • Click on “Delete My Account”.

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