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With Trump’s Twitter ban and the following suspension of Twitter accounts of various conservatives, alternate apps like Gettr are being developed with the aim of promoting free speech. Gettr is becoming a popular alternative to Twitter and if you want to become a part of it, then here’s everything about Gettr and How to use Gettr!

Freedom of thought is being compromised, if we believe Trump’s army of supporters who are constantly under the scrutinizing gaze of popular social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook. Thus, in such a digital environment where the free flow of thoughts and opinions is restricted, Jason Miller has developed a rival to major microblogging sites, Gettr.

Gettr, much like Twitter, allows you to create and pin posts, share them, and also has a feature to repost posts of other Gettr Users (as opposed to Twitter’s Retweet). Additionally, there are many other features to explore in Gettr, and although it would take time for Gettr to become mainstream, the addition of notable faces is surely creating a buzz. 

So without any delay, let’s dive straight to know more about Gettr and how to use Gettr. 

What Is Gettr?

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Gettr (or GETTR) is a social media platform founded by Jason Miller, the Chief Spokesman for Donald Trump’s 2016 Campaign and his former advisor. This micro-blogging site was officially released in July 2021 with the aim of promoting free speech across all spheres of the political spectrum. 

With Trump’s Twitter ban and Twexit becoming a common phenomenon, the Conservatives of the house needed fresh air to communicate their ideas without a possible threat of a ban or suspension of an account which Twitter is guilty of. As claimed by major conservatives, Twitter has failed to provide the actual essence of free spirit and this is an indisputable fact taking into account the arbitrary Twitter policies.

In such a background where Twitter has failed many Conservatives, Getter aims to abridge such shortcomings. That’s the reason why Gettr and Twitter seem so relatable. (yes and the ttr sound as well)

Gettr is best described as an alternative to Twitter and shares the same UI. The platform is designed to end the prevalence of cancel-out culture, a dark cloud looming over major social networking platforms like Twitter

Notable conservatives like Mike Pompeo have joined Gettr and with the recent addition of Joe Rogan, the site is surging with millions of daily users. The popular podcaster, Joe has kickstarted the buzz for Gettr which it failed to create since its official launch (as Miller failed to bring Trump onboard who by the way, plans to launch his own platform, Truth Social.)

Even though Joe hasn’t left Twitter (and even Gettr has its official account on Twitter), the first post of him on Gettr hinted how uncertain and arbitrary Twitter can be. With the recent suspension of Sen. Marjorie Taylor Greene from Twitter, Twitter users are shifting to Gettr as an alternative and that can be better understood by the post of Joe Rogan on Gettr.

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If you happen to be one such user who wants to get started with Gettr, then below we have elaborated on the prominent features that Gettr provides and how to use Gettr for a richer user experience. 

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How To Use Gettr?

how to use gettr
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Gettr has an easy UI and if you’re already a Twitter user, then you would instantly know how to use Gettr once you get registered on the platform. However, if it’s your first time using such a platform and would like to know the perks of using Gettr, then you can read further to know more about it.

Create A Gettr Account And Get Started

1. To use Gettr, you need to have the Gettr application on your device. The Gettr app is available on both Android and iOS devices and moreover, you can also use the Gettr app on your PC using the web browser.

2. Once you have installed the Gettr app on your device, create a Gettr account and get registered.

3. Follow popular handles or your interested Gettr users to see their posts on your Gettr timeline. 

That’s how you become a part of the Gettr community. Now, if you wish to know how to use it and explore prominent features of Gettr, then get all your answers below!

Get Started With Gettr And Explore Its Features 

1. Create A Post: Create a post not more than 777 characters and post it on your Gettr profile. All the likes, comments, reposts, and quotes on the post will be visible to you on your Gettr profile.

2. Repost A Post: Like a post of someone? Repost the same on your Gettr profile by clicking on the “Inverse arrow” icon below the post. The reposted post will then appear on your own Gettr timeline.

3. Upload Or Edit A Video: Want to share your unique content? Then post a video not more than 3-minute or edit the same to share with your followers.

4. Explore News And Trending Topics: In the Gettr search, you can explore trending topics like Metaverse, news, and people to get up-to-date information regarding what’s happening world-around.

5. Host Or View Live Sessions: Host live sessions or watch a live session to engage with your audience on Gettr.

6. Tipping And Donations: The tipping feature will allow you to tip or give donations to your favorite Gettr user. This feature is yet to come but the plans for the same have already been shared by Miller.

In addition to all these features, earlier you could also import your Twitter tweets to your Gettr profile. However, as of recently, this feature is no longer available. 

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Wrapping Up

Gettr is becoming the headline of the major news columns with the addition of notable faces on its platform. The platform already had a buzz of its own with Jason being the former spokesperson of Trump, but with Joe, daily users keep on increasing. 

If you’re one such user who has recently joined Gettr, then we hope this article was of help to you. As Gettr’s User Interface is much like Twitter, for Twitter users, using Gettr would be a piece of cake. However, it might not be that easy for newbies to take into account the features and icons on the Gettr app. 

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