How To Use Afterpay Card Online | Can Afterpay Be Used Offline?

Afterpay is flipping the table in some way for shopaholics! Agree right? Afterpay is helping shoppers to purchase their costly dream items from retailers hassle-free. Do you also want the same for you? Great! But for that, you need to know ‘How to use Afterpay card online and offline.’ So tighten your seat belts, here we go!

Afterpay is providing the consumers the privilege to buy from their favorite stores and own articles which they truly adore, all in one package by making their shopping easy and under budget. 

The service provided by this company is a fund setter product and not a credit card or debit. Afterpay lets consumers buy their desired articles instantly, so quick satisfaction is playing a big role in making Afterpay even more attractive.

Many are enjoying the service, whereas many are still in line, thinking what, why, and how to use Afterpay card online and offline? Using is worth it or not? Don’t get too confused, let us help you. You just stay tuned till the end.

What Is Afterpay?

What Is Afterpay

Afterpay is a brand that drops goods at your address in just a small part of the amount as the down payment for the first time and allows you lots of time to pay the rest. 

Afterpay is a product accepted by a huge part of the market, where a consumer visits and makes the purchase of a fixed amount set by retailers and the brand itself, then checks out and pay via Afterpay by paying only a part of the whole amount and pays the rest of the amount during the period of six weeks in the form of installments.

Afterpay has spread his wings in a number of countries Canada, New Zealand and Australia included. Afterpay is utilized in a huge proportion by the youngsters of the above-mentioned countries.

Retailers who support and accept Afterpay have observed a huge increase in sales. So, with Afterpay on your mobile, you don’t have to carry a big amount of money altogether to buy expensive things

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How Does Afterpay Work?

How Does Afterpay Work

Not like the rest of the payment products, Afterpay don’t need their users to turn into a credit facility or loan trap. This may look like a benefit to the user but literally means that there is less defense for users.

One in six people is finding it difficult to meet the pay dates of installments, according to a study conducted by ASIC on BNPL. The urge for those small installments with the instant satisfaction of getting your dream articles instantly is quite addictive.

And because of this addiction, Afterpay has made a profit of more than $179.6 million and $32.6 million from the late fee vis the store owners and users till the end of 2019 December. Because of the users who couldn’t meet their pay dates and were paying late fees, Afterpay recovered its chargeback cost of $6.5 million.

More than half of the revenue is generated from the retailers, from whom $0.30 is charged with an addon of 3-7% on each sale by Afterpay. But because Afterpay is increasing its sales, retailers are not backing from paying this charge.

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Why Should You Use Afterpay?

Why Should You Use Afterpay

Afterpay gives their users the freedom to choose and buy whatever and whenever they like along with staying under budget. Rest as already explained, it’s a fund approval product that gives you an advantage over credit cards.

None like typical credit cards, Afterpay also doesn’t bind you with any interest or beforehand fees and you won’t be extra charged for touching your maximum limit – the only drawback you may get is that you won’t be able to use this facility of BNPL until you pay off all your pending debts.

For users with no credit record in past – Afterpay becomes a true gin! But on the other hand, because of not linking your credit score to Afterpay, you can make use of it to raise a minor or low credit score. It will be like falling free of credit, and for some users, it can be an instant way to drown. 

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How To Use Afterpay Card Online?

How To Use Afterpay Card Online

Let’s skip to the good part. Yes, exactly what, it’s the time for dessert. Let’s start learning how to use the Afterpay card online to use this feature and shop for our desired products.

So, here’s how the instructions begin :

  1. Choose any product from the Afterpay supporting store.
  2. To make payment, choose Afterpay.
  3. If you are an Afterpay user already then go with the flow by logging into your account and finish the checkout process.
  4. And if you are a fresher here then install the app or sign in through the official website and create an account to checkout. After creating an account, scan the product barcode, make the first payment and leave the store without any worry.
  5. Next, the retailer will ship your article at your place.

And with this last step, we have successfully learned how to use Afterpay card online now sit back and enjoy your first or whatever number of shopping it is.

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How To Use Afterpay Card In Offline Store?

How To Use Afterpay Card In Offline Store

Here comes the alternate option to make use of Afterpay card, which is visiting the offline stores and making purchases. There’s not much difference in both in case of benefits, it’s just a matter of effort. 

Well, why wait, let’s get familiar with the process to know how to use Afterpay cards in offline stores :

  1. Select your articles or items for which you want to pay via Afterpay.
  2. Install Afterpay application if you haven’t already.
  3. Create an account if don’t own one, and if you do then just sign in.
  4. Click on the “Card” tab and go after the cause to create an Afterpay Card.
  5. Next, add it to your digital/ online wallet.
  6. Go to the Afterpay supporting store and operate the Afterpay Card in the application and pay off by utilising Google pay or Apple Pay.

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Wrapping Up

Afterpay is popular for its “Buy Now and Pay Later” model which allows its users to make purchases online and offline store immediately by paying the total amount in six or fewer short installments. The major significance of this feature is that it applies no interest to its users for the installments while enjoying their service. Although if you miss any installment, a fixed amount of late fee might be added to your bill.

After his widespread in a decent number of countries, serving people with satisfaction of owning what they deserve. Afterpay is generating a huge revenue because of its BNPL model and late fee rule. Still, the number of its users is constantly increasing. Afterpay is mostly used by youngsters from countries like Australia.


Q1. What Is The Maximum Limit Of Late Fee?

Ans. If you don’t pay installments on time, you will be charged with late fees of amount $8 for the first time. And if it becomes a routine, your fine will be increasing accordingly.

Q2. How Many Weeks Are Given To Repay The Remaining Amount?

Ans. You will get the time of 6 Weeks.

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