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Are you searching for how to unblock websites on school Chromebook 2022? But couldn’t get any updates? Well it’s lovely Chromebook has managed to provide all the facilities and meet all the requirements of a student at an affordable price and be a best alternative to expensive Windows laptops. 

Chromebooks don’t have any limitations of their own but have been created by the providers. Places like offices, schools and colleges, where the providers block and restrict many websites which are a daily habit of the users and because of the school wifi restriction you won’t be able to access them at that particular place. But you don’t need to worry about it, because we have a way out through which you can learn how to unblock websites on school Chromebook 2022.

There are a number of methods for how to unblock websites on school Chromebook 2022, you can access those sites by Resetting The Chromebook, Using College Board Application or by using Lambda Test. To know exactly how! Follow the detailed guide till the end.

Fortunately there are many easy ways to how to unblock websites on school Chromebook 2022, all you need to do is read the article and explore! 

How To Unblock Websites On School Chromebook 2022 Without VPN?

How To Unblock Websites On School Chromebook 2022

There are multiple websites which are restricted by the authorities of schools, colleges and workplaces etc. Because of such limitations, one cannot get to operate all these blocked sites on a school Chromebook. Although, there are a few tricks through which you can get access to such sites on a school Chromebook.

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Let’s see how to unblock websites on school Chromebook 2022: 

Reset The School Chromebook

Resetting school Chromebook is one the methods of how to unblock websites on school Chromebook 2022. By resetting your school Chromebook you will be deleting all the previous settings made by the authorities. Remember that there’s a risk of losing all the files and multimedia data stored in your device if you don’t have any backup of data. So, we recommend you to back up all your important files and folders before resetting the Google Chromebook.

Here are the instructions for how to unblock websites on school Chromebook 2022: 

Chromebook > ESC+Refresh+Power > Developer Mode > Put In Recovery Media > CTRL+D > Enter > Restart > CTRL+D > Power Wash > Activate The System’s Verification > Default Mode

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Step 01: Set your Chromebook to Developer Mode by pressing ESC+Refresh+Power key at the same time.

Step 02: Next a message will pop-up saying Put In Recovery Media, after which you have to press CTRL+D key followed by the Enter button.

Step 03: After it, your Chromebook will set to Restart and the Chrome OS’ developer mode will appear.

Step 04: After that, again you have to press CTRL+D key to clean up the system.

Step 05: After it all the files, folders and other data will be wiped off of your system as a Power Wash was given to it.

Step 06: Wait for sometime to let the device Restart. The time taken will be dependent on the basis of your internet speed and model of your computer.

Step 07: After the completion of system resetting, you need to Activate The System’s Verification and head back to the Default Mode.

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After completing the above mentioned process, no one including the authorities of your school and offices.


Using Lambdatest is another method for how to unblock websites on school Chromebook 2022. You will be achieving the same by following the given instructions:

Chromebook > Web Browser > Lambdatest Website > Create Account > Login > Real Time Testing tab > Enter URL > Start 

Step 01: Launch Chromebook and head to Lambdatest website from your device’s web browser.

Step 02: From the home page of the website, create a new account and sign-in with Google.

Step 03: After logging into the website, click on the Real Time Testing tab from the dashboard of the website at the left sidebar.

Step 04: Fill in the URL of the website which you want to unblock in your school Chromebook and click on the Start button.

Let the further process take place completely, after it finishes you will be able to access the blocked website successfully on that particular school Chromebook.

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College Board Application

Here is how to unblock websites on school Chromebook 2022 using your college board application. Follow the instructions to unblock your desired website from your school Chromebook:

Sign Out > Apps > College Board Application > Forgot Username > YouTube App > Terms  > 9 Dots > Google Search Engine On A Fresh Window > Browse

Step 01: From the home screen click on the bottom right corner of the screen and then click on the Sign Out button.

Step 02: From the bottom left corner of the screen click on the Apps button.

Step 03: Now head to the College Board application and launch it.

Step 04: From the resulting page, click on the Forget Username button.

Step 05: Next, click on the YouTube application from the base of the page.

Step 04: After that, tap on the Terms at the end of the screen.

Step 05: Now, click on the 9 Dots followed by the Search button.

Step 06: As a result the Google search engine will be launched in a fresh window from where you can now browse the desired website that you wish to access even if it’s blocked on your school Chromebook.

Wrapping Up

Chromebooks are pretty amazing devices or you can say affordable and efficient versions of expensive laptops. These are highly preferred by schools, colleges, universities and workplaces. Because they are affordable and efficient as well and can also be controlled or managed by authorities pretty well in order to limit students activities on a school Chromebook. If you are a student and have received a Chromebook from school then you might have noticed that there are many websites which are blocked and restricted on that Chromebook.

If it makes you think how to unblock websites on school Chromebook 2022, then wonder no more. Because this article explains all about how to unblock websites on school Chromebook 2022. All the methods to access a blocked website are mentioned above in detail, read and share with your schoolmate friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Unblock A Website On Google Chrome?

You need to change Settings for a particular site, here are they steps mentioned:

Chromebook > Google Chrome > Any Site > Site Settings > Permission Setting.

Q. How Do I Unblock A Blocked Website?

On a computer:

Chrome > More > Settings > Privacy And Security > Site Settings > Change Settings according to your choice.

Q. How Do I Turn Off Administrator Restrictions On Chromebook?

Unfortunately, only the school can remove the administrator restrictions or you can go for a power wash of the device. 

Q. How Do I Get Rid Of Managed By School Administrators On Chromebook? 

Sign-in with Owner Account > Time > Settings > Security and Privacy > Manage Other People > Turn Off Restrict Sign In To The Following Users.

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