How To Stream PC Games To TV | Easy Guide For You!

Do you also wish to stream PC games to TV? With that vast collection of games, using a macOS or Linux computer like a quasi-games console makes logic. Especially when given controllers for your favorite games consoles are compatible with desktop operating systems. Here is a guide on how to stream PC games to TV.

But there’s an issue, your PC is in one room, and your TV is in another. Using a long HDMI cable between rooms is impossible. The solution is to stream games from your computer to your TV across your home network.

How to stream PC games to TV? For this, you need to turn on your TV, and select the HDMI input. Load the browser on your PC, and sign in. Now minimize the browser window and launch the game you wish to cast to TV. Come back to Chrome and open the menu, select cast, in the pop-up box click the sources drop-down, and select Desktop. Tap on the Chromecast device name to start casting. To end, click the cast button in the browser to disconnect.

You can use these methods to stream PC games to TV, but what if this one didn’t turn out cool? Didn’t work? No worries, below there are more methods that are useful and even more effective. Here’s everything you need to know to get started!

How To Stream PC Games To TV?

You have methods on how to stream PC games to TV from a desktop or laptop computer to TV:

  1. A Miracast and wireless HDMI.
  2. Cast games to a TV with Chromecast.
  3. Stream games to TV with Nvidia GameStream.
  4. Build a DIY Raspberry Pi Steam Link box to stream games from PC to TV.
  5. Stream your PC game to a Smart TV or set-top box.

How To Stream PC Games To TV With Miracast And Wireless HDMI? 

How To Stream PC Games To TV

You will observe multiple HDMI systems that are compatible with desktop operating systems. Wireless HDMI turns on the transmission of audio and video signals between two devices, making other techs in the list possible.

Initially, wireless HDMI devices have been superseded by Miracast. Miracast is the standard for wireless connections. With support for Windows, you can stream games from your PC or Laptop to your TV through a compatible dongle.

Multiple smart TV producers also include Miracast support. As such, you might even be able to stream games to your TV without spending money on a Miracast dongle. 

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How To Cast PC Games To TV Via Chromecast?

If your Google Chromecast and PC are connected to the same network, you can cast your desktop to your TV. Whatever is running on your computer, even games can also be cast to the TV.

For this to perform you are supposed to be using the Google Chrome browser on the computer in question. This should be signed into using the exact same account linked to the Chromecast device. To perform this:

  1. Turn On your TV.
  2. Select HDMI input Chromecast connected to load the Chrome browser on your PC, and check if you’re Signed In.
  3. Now, Minimize the browser Window.
  4. Launch the game you desire to cast to TV.
  5. Come back to the Chrome browser and open the Menu.
  6. Select Cast.
  7. From the pop-up box tap on the Sources drop-down and select Desktop.
  8. Click the Chromecast device name to begin casting.
  9. To end, tap on the Cast button in the browser to disconnect.

The advantage of this method is that it works on any system that runs on Google Chrome. Although, it’s not without its flaws.

In short, Chromecast is fine for spectators but less effective for gamers.

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How To Stream PC Games To TV With Nvidia GameStream?

How To Stream PC Games To TV

For a higher playable way to stream games from PC to your TV, consider the Nvidia Shield TV.

Using Nvidia GameStream is effective but does depend on your PC having a suitable Nvidia GTX series GPU. But with your Nvidia shield TV linked to the same network as your PC, game streaming can commence.

This fix lets you play games you have in steam on TV through the Nvidia Shield TV, as well as those installed independently on your PC.

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How To Use Steam Link To Steam PC Games To A TV?

A feature of the gaming distribution service Steam, Steam Link can be used to steam games to a compatible device.

Every game in the Steam collection can be streamed using Steam Link, creating your own virtual.

  1. Initiate by opening Steam on your PC.
  2. Open Steam > Settings.
  3. Select Remote Play then enables Remote Play. 

The alternative is a Steam Link box. Although, as discontinued devices, these are rare and incredibly expensive.

Whatever you use, when it’s set up and ready you’ll need to pair the Steam Link device to your PC. To do this: 

  1. In Steam > Settings > Remote Play click on Pair Steam Link.
  2. On the remote device, go to Settings and from there to Computer.
  3. Here, select your gaming PC.
  4. Go back to the Steam Link screen and click on Start Playing.
  5. The remote device will display a PIN, enter this in Steam on your PC when prompted.
  6. The connection will be formed and you’ll be able to play Steam games on your TV.

Ensure you have a game controller linked to your Steam Link. For the best results make sure your Steam Link Box is connected to your network router with an Ethernet cable.

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How To Use Steam Remote Play On Your TV?

How To Stream PC Games To TV

Wanna know how to stream PC games to TV without additional hardware? 

With a PC running Steam, you can cast PC games to a smart TV or any device using Apple TV or Android TV.

Big-name Smart TV producers like Sony and Samsung provide Steam Link along with the apps. If yours doesn’t, then you can use Apple TV or Android TV boxes instead.

Whatever method you choose, start by following the instructions above to configure Steam for streaming. After this, install Steam Link on your Smart TV on your Apple TV or Android TV box.

You now know how to cast steam games and play them on a TV. With a game controller paired to your PC over Bluetooth, it’s time to enjoy yourself.

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Winding Up

That’s all for how to stream PC games to TV.

With music and movie streaming, we’re now seeing more and more ways to stream games. But this isn’t limited to playing titles kept in the cloud, because you can also stream games from one room to another. If you’ve got a gaming PC in your bedroom, you can use the power and the library of the titles in that setup to play on other computers and set-top boxes, like the Big TV screen in the living room, for example. 

There are many platforms out there to help you do this, but these are our favorites so you can choose the best for your hardware and software setup.


Q1. Can One Stream Games From PC To TV?

Ans. With the support of Windows, you can stream games from your PC or laptop to your TV through a compatible dongle.

Q2. How Do One Stream From PC To TV Wirelessly?

Ans. Connect to a compatible Smart TV, head to Display Settings and click on Connect To A Wireless Display, then select your smart TV from the list and your PC screen and connect.

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