How To Solve Payment Revision Needed On Amazon? Effective Ways To Fix!

Amazon has an easy user interface and you can make purchases there without any problem. However, things aren’t always comfortable at times. Many people have reported the issue of “Payment Revision Needed” on Amazon. If you’re one of them and don’t know what it means, then walk with us here. We have covered everything on payment revision on Amazon and how to solve payment revision needed on Amazon without a problem.

No matter how complicated the term payment revision may sound, believe me, it isn’t. Payment revision simply means that Amazon couldn’t extract payment from your entered bank account. This can be due to a number of reasons.

Incorrect bank details, insufficient bank balance, untimely disruption in the payment gateway, etc can make Amazon unable to debit amounts from your bank account. In such cases, to resolve this issue, you first have to retry the payment method.

If your payment revision problem on Amazon still doesn’t get resolved, then try other methods that we have covered in this article. 

What Is Payment Revision Needed On Amazon And Reasons For It?

how to solve payment revision needed on amazon
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It isn’t uncommon to receive messages like “Payment Revision Needed” on Amazon. Many Amazon customers have reportedly faced this issue. If you’re one of them and are wondering what it means, then here’s what you need to know. Essentially, messages like “Payment Revision Needed” pop up due to declined payment by your authorized bank to Amazon.

You usually receive the payment revision message after ordering something on Amazon with your default payment details (or maybe new). The major cause for the same is that Amazon wasn’t able to extract the payment from your bank account. 

If your payment stopped midway or Amazon couldn’t process your order payment, then it can be due to one of the reasons mentioned below-

  1. Wrong payment details
  2. Un-updated card details
  3. Insufficient balance in your card
  4. Payment declined by the bank 
  5. You have exceeded your credit limit
  6. You stopped payment gateway before completing the process

Due to the above-mentioned reasons, you can receive the “Payment Revision Needed” message on Amazon. In order to rectify this, you can first identify what caused the error. Do you have un-updated card details? Did you haphazardly write your card details? Have you exceeded your daily purchase limit? Identify what you did wrong first before contacting Amazon customer support for help. 

People are prone to call Amazon for help in such cases, but you should remember to identify small mistakes on your end first. If you can’t find what you did wrong, why not contact your bank? Many times banks refuse payments due to multiple reasons like insufficient balance, exceeded transactions in a day, bank policies, etc. 

Once you find out the cause of the payment revision message, there are high chances your problem will be resolved without even contacting Amazon for help. If you don’t know what to do and how to do that, we have got you covered!

Below, we have curated a list of ways which you can try out to fix payment revision message on Amazon. 

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How To Solve Payment Revision Needed On Amazon?

Solving the problem of payment revision on Amazon isn’t as hard as it sounds. All you have to do is correct or lookout for small mistakes, and Voila, problem solved! Here’s what you can do to solve the payment revision needed message on Amazon.

1. Retry Payment Method

Sometimes we put our basic card details wrong like the CVV, Card Number, expiration number, etc which makes Amazon unable to extract payment from the bank. In such cases, you should always retry payment with the right details. 

Moreover, sometimes we untimely exit from the payment gateway or have poor internet connection while doing the payment which leads to incomplete payment. Thus, you should retry payment before trying other ways out.

2. Check Your Account Balance

You should’ve done this sooner. Most of the time, the major cause of payment revision needed on Amazon is due to insufficient account balance. So before you try out other methods to resolve your problem of payment on Amazon, you should first check your account balance.

Once you have made sure that you have sufficient balance to make purchases, then jump on to the next step. However, before that make sure you have cashed all your dues and no payment is left unpaid. There might be a case where you haven’t made some old payments that are causing a problem now. If you have no such liability, then follow the other steps.

3. Change Or Update Default Payment Details

change default payment method on amazon to fix payment revision needed
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Another most important thing you should do to resolve the problem of payment revision on Amazon is- “Change or update default payment details”. There might be a case where your old card might have expired and you forgot to update the new card details. Even if you have the same card, re-adding the card details again has helped many people to resolve their problem of declined payment.

Here’s what you should do to change the default payment details to resolve the issue of payment revision needed on Amazon.

Step 1: Open Amazon and make sure you’re logged in.

Step 2: Click on “Account & Lists” on top and then tap on “Account” below “Your Account”.

Step 3: Scroll down to “Ordering and shopping preferences” and then click on “Your Payments”.

Step 4: In the “Wallet” tab, click on the debit or credit card you often make purchases with and then tap on “Edit or Remove”.

After you confirm the changes, hit on “Done” and your default payment method will be updated. Once you do that, make the order again and try paying for the order again. This time, your payment will surely get accepted.

However, even after trying this method, you still receive the payment revision required message, then follow other ways listed below. 

4. Contact Your Bank

Your bank might be declining payments to Amazon due to reasons other than insufficient balance. As your authorized bank will never tell your bank details or share your info with third parties like Amazon, so you have to take the initiative and call your bank yourself.

Enquire about your online purchases and ask why problems are emerging. Your bank will surely tell you the underlying problem and resolve it within a specified period of time.

5. Call Amazon Support

call amazon support to fix payment revision needed on amazon
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If your bank informs you that there’s no problem on their end and that the problem is arising from Amazon’s end, then call Amazon support or chat with them. Here’s how you can reach out to Amazon customer support. 

Step 1: Open Amazon and make sure you’re logged in. 

Step 2: Click on the “three lines” icon on the top left and scroll down to “Customer Service”. 

Step 3: Tap on “Customer Service” and scroll down to “Browse Help Topics”. 

Step 4: Click on “Need More Help?” and then tap on “Contact Us” in sub-categories. 

Step 5: Start chatting with the Amazon bot and it will guide you through the process. 

You’ll surely get to the bottom of the problem after talking with Amazon Customer service. 

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Things To Keep In Mind After Getting Payment Revision Notification

If you have received a message that reads “Payment Revision Needed” on Amazon, make sure it is sent by Amazon itself. Nowadays, fraudulent messages are becoming common and scammers are on the lookout for a new target from which they can extort money.

Online shopping is prone to certain limitations and the major one is the breach of personal information. Due to various reasons, your personal information like email or phone number can be accessed by scammers. These scammers can in turn send you fraudulent messages or links to get your financial information to extort money.

In such cases, you should always double-check all the emails or notifications you receive online. If you have received a message from Amazon, double-check it on your Amazon account as the same is bound to appear on your Amazon account too. If this isn’t the case, then you don’t have to believe the content of the message as there are high chances that this might be sent by a fraudster.

Also, do keep in mind that Amazon almost never sends important information via text messages. If you have received any text message that reads “Payment revision needed, to change payment click on this link”, do not click on the link. This is a scammer trying to access your financial information through this link.

Thus, don’t blindly believe and act upon the messages or calls you receive from scammers pretending to be Amazon executives and always double-check any new text, or email you receive.

Wrapping Up

It’s a drag when you’re trying to order something on Amazon and you get a message like “Payment Revision Needed”. All of a sudden you’re like, “What the hell is that!” Well, it isn’t as horrendous as it sounds.

There might be a case where you’ve entered wrong payment details whereby Amazon couldn’t extract payment from your account. In such cases, all you have to do is retry the payment and Voila, if you have sufficient balance, then your payment would be accepted. However, things aren’t always that easy. 

If after retrying, you still can’t resolve the problem of payment revision on Amazon, then try contacting your bank or Amazon support for help. They’ll surely tell you what the underlying issue is and how to fix that!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Do I Do If Amazon Says Payment Revision Is Needed?

Incorrect bank details, insufficient bank balance, untimely disruption in the payment gateway, etc can make Amazon unable to debit amounts from your bank account. This leads Amazon to send a message that reads “Payment Revision Needed”. In such cases, to resolve this issue, you first have to retry the payment method.

You can also try updating your default payment method to resolve the issue. Other methods of solving the problem of payment revision on amazon include- contacting your bank, contacting Amazon customer service, etc.

Q. Why Does Amazon Keep Asking Me To Revise The Payment Method?

If Amazon keeps asking you to revise your payment method, then you should first check if you have a sufficient account balance or not. If you have a sufficient account balance, then find out if you have exceeded your daily limit of transactions through the bank or not. If everything’s normal, then contact your bank and ask for the underlying issue before contacting Amazon customer service for help.

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