9 Most Common BlueJeans Problems And How To Solve Them!

BlueJeans Mobile Video Conferencing application allows anyone to join and participate in an online conference, on an iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device. However, the issue is that the technology does not always function as we expect it to. Are you too experiencing any type of video conferencing issues like stuttering, stalling, and echoing? If yes, then check these common BlueJeans problems and how to solve them below!!

Well, the easiest way to fix these BlueJeans errors is by blaming the app itself, after all, isn’t the technology supposed to be flawless? Lol! Only if this could resolve the issue for real!! Instead of blaming technology and the application for not working appropriately, why not look for the problem and fix it? Like with the real solution!! Feels convincing, right?

For that, have a deeper look at the common BlueJeans problems and how to solve them, here! We have not only complied with the commonly faced issues with the BlueJeans meeting app but did a deep study as to why these problems are arising and how can these be resolved. The possible solutions will help you out for a better video conferencing experience in the future.

From the various BlueJeans errors mentioned below, spot the error that’s bothering your quality experience using the app, and try the solution mentioned just below the problem itself! Happy Fixing!

1. Common BlueJeans Problem #1: Background Noise In BlueJeans

Background noise is one of the most common BlueJeans problems that you might have faced during conference calls. Here’s how to eliminate background noise in your calls using BlueJeans.

Solution To Block Background Noises In BlueJeans

The most effective way to combat background sounds to block out background noise in BlueJeans is to utilize an independent Noise-cancelling application Krisp. It operates in real-time blocking background noise and assist you to get a great sound-free experience with BlueJeans.

What Exactly Is Krisp?

Krisp has an artificial intelligence-based, noise-canceling app that eliminates the background sound from calls.

One of the major benefits of Krisp is its ability to cut out background noise from each side of the conversation. In addition to removing noise from your part so that other callers can hear your voice clearly it also reduces background noise from other participants.

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2. Common BlueJeans Problem #2: BlueJeans Connectivity Issue

Common BlueJeans Problem #2: BlueJeans Connectivity Issue
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BlueJeans offers an interoperable cloud-based video meeting service. However, there are times when BlueJeans connectivity problems arise. It is a bit unstable, and it has connectivity issues as well as audio-video issues.

The most well-known issues pertaining to BlueJeans Network are:

  • A software conflict that occurs with the BlueJeans system and the hardware you use. 
  • Connection issues on your part issues with connection – poor bandwidth, excessive loss, throttling.

One of the most common reasons behind BlueJeans’ connectivity problems is the way it connects to the Internet. If you are experiencing an infrequent, or unstable connection, BlueJeans might not work effectively.

Solution To Fix Connectivity Issue

Before you begin taking charge of the Internet connection, verify that you can confirm that the BlueJeans service is working and that there are no problems. This can be done by visiting their status page.

If you are sure that all BlueJeans systems are working, there is an option to have an improved and stable Internet connection. Speedify’s bonding VPN helps BlueJeans’ issues caused by your Internet connection go away. The Speedify application works by monitoring the performance of your Internet connections while running in the background.

3. Common BlueJeans Problem #3: Black Screen Or White Screen (Blank Screen) Issue Or App Crash Issues Within BlueJeans’ Video Conferencing!

The Black/White Screen is one of the most common BlueJeans problems in the Android operating system. When you launch an app, you’ll experience the screen black for several seconds, and then it will crash either with or without an error message.

Solutions To Fix Blank Screen

There are a few options to solve this issue.

  1. The majority of the time it’s an issue with loading that is temporary. It is as simple as pressing the menu of recent apps (usually the first button left) on your phone. Close the app with this problem. Re-open the app. It might work normally.
  2. Try Hard Reboot on your Android smartphone. Hold and press buttons “Home” along with the “Power” buttons simultaneously for up to 10 minutes. Then release the buttons and hold the “Power” button for a few seconds until the display turns on. Now, you can open the app. It might be able to work.
  3. If none of the above suggestions are working, just wait until your phone’s battery is depleted and then it shuts off completely. Then, put it back to charge and then push on the power button. It could work following this.
  4. If you are unable to resolve the issue then you might need to remove the app and then install it again. Android typically restores the settings after you install it again and sign in to the application. It is possible to check if this solves the issue.

4. Common BlueJeans Problem #4: BlueJeans Video Conferencing App Not Loading Or Working Correctly (Loading Error, Connection Error, Or Server Error)

There are a few scenarios that could trigger load issues in mobile apps.

  1. It appears that the BlueJeans Video Conferencing app server could be down, and this causes the issue with loading. 
  2. Your mobile or wifi data connection isn’t working properly. 
  3. Many users are using the app at the same time. 

Solutions For Loading The App Without Errors

  1. Please try again after some time.
  2. Check your connection to data.
  3. The server might be busy when so many users join a meeting at the same time.It is recommended to try it after several minutes.

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5. Common BlueJeans Problem #5: BlueJeans Video Conferencing Login Issues Or Account-Related Problems

BlueJeans Video Conferencing Problems With The Installation Of The App
Image Credits: tomsguide.com

Are you unable to log in to BlueJeans video conferencing, or every time you try to log in, the screen flashes with an “error logging in” notification? In that case, try these hacks!

Solutions For Video Conferencing Login Issue

If you are experiencing login or account-related issues, follow the steps.

  1. This BlueJeans Video Conferencing server may be down, and this is the reason for the login/account problem. Try logging in again after several minutes.
  2. The wifi or mobile data connection isn’t working properly. Check your data connection.
  3. You could be using incorrect login credentials. Make sure that the information you have entered is correct.
  4. If you’re using third-party social media networks to log in like Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc., ensure that that service is operating in a proper manner by checking their official site.
  5. Your account might be suspended or removed for certain actions. Be sure to read the warning messages about errors.

6. Common BlueJeans Problem #6: BlueJeans Video Conferencing Problems With The Installation Of The App!

Is your device not supporting the BlueJeans application? Facing a problem with the installation of the app? You should give the below-mentioned solutions a try!

Solutions For The Installation Of The App

Check your wifi/internet connection for connectivity.

  1. Check your mobile’s storage space. If there isn’t enough space on your device then the app won’t be installed.
  2. Make sure that the application you’re trying to install is compatible with your Android version.

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7. Common BlueJeans Problem #7: BlueJeans Video Conferencing App Not Working Properly On Phone

There can be so many reasons why you are facing this particular problem like your phone might need an update. Or maybe your device doesn’t have enough space left for the applications to work properly. How to fix this?

Solutions For App Not Working Properly

  1. Check your WiFi or mobile data connection and confirm that it’s working. It might be down, or preventing you from updating your BlueJeans Video Conferencing application.
  2. Verify the storage in your phone for downloading updates. If you don’t have enough storage this could be preventing the app’s updates.

8. Common BlueJeans Problem #8: Experiencing Audio/Video Loading Issue With BlueJeans Video Conferencing!

Oh, your camera got stuck in between an important video conferencing!! Or, maybe you are facing issues loading your video cam during the meeting! This is one of the most common BlueJeans problems that users face!! Don’t worry, try these hacks!

Solutions For Audio/Video Loading Issue

Make sure your phone’s volume is at the right level If you are experiencing audio problems. Try using headphones to determine whether the problem is related to your speakers or the application.

If you’re having problems with video loading, please check your connection to the internet and wifi.

9. Common BlueJeans Problem #9: BlueJeans Video Conferencing App Notifications Not Working

BlueJeans Video Conferencing App Notifications Not Working
Image Credits: nerdschalk.com

Another one of the most common BlueJeans problems is that you don’t receive the app notifications on time. Surely, you don’t want to skip important meetings just because notifications aren’t working on time. Then what to do? 

Solutions For No Notification Issue:

  1. Go to your Apps>BlueJeans Video Conferencing>Notifications and check whether notifications are enabled or not. If not Please enable it.
  2. Also, if you’re not receiving notification alert sounds, check that you haven’t accidentally turned off the notification sound of the app.

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Wrapping Up:

Nobody likes hindrances between a smooth video call or a presentation with clients. Since the uncertain errors with the technical applications are not in our hands, finding a solution to fix them surely is in our hands! So, these were some of the common BlueJeans problems and how to solve them! Problems look big until we find a suitable fix for the same. Hopefully, you found the right fix for the error you have been facing with the app.

If these solutions worked out for you, don’t forget to share the post with others as well. Like they say, together we can fix anything! So why not?

Also, if you have come across any other hindrances running the BlueJeans app, do share with us in the comment section below. We’ll try our best to provide you with the solutions!

Happy Fixing!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is BlueJeans Same As Zoom?

Both products provide a selection of native apps (Zoom apps and BlueJeans applications) and similar functions. They are similar, but not exactly the same.

Q. Is The BlueJeans Application Safe?

BlueJeans offers secure meetings with standards-based encryption. This ensures the highest level of confidentiality and security for all of your business communications, regardless of your hardware environment.

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