How To Sign Up On Rossgram | New Insta Lookalike App!

Have you heard about the Rossgram? The latest Rossgram will be launched by Russia. Rossgram is a clone of Instagram. But why this Rossgram? That’s because Rossgram is being created in Russia hence the name Rossgram. Since Rossgram is a new social media app, you must be wondering How To Sign Up On Rossgram?

But why is Russia making Rossgram which is a clone of Instagram? Well, we all are aware of the Russia Ukraine war. The damages this war has caused to people. In Russia, they have banned Instagram after people spread hate speeches against Russia in support of Ukraine. 

The Russian tech entrepreneurs are ready to launch the picture-sharing social media app to fill the gap after banning Instagram. This new social media app will be released on 28th March. So let’s get to know How To Sign Up On Rossgram?

Here in this post, we will discuss how you can sign up for this new app. We have mentioned some of the ways by which you can sign up and we have also mentioned more about Rossgram. Do read this post and let us know will you use the new Rossgram app?

What Is Rossgram?

What Is Rossgram

Rossgram is the new Russian Instagram that Russia will launch on 28th March. Rossgram does come with the usual functions that you can find on Instagram. Also, this app will be available for both Android and iOS devices.

Russia banned Instagram because there were many hate speeches on this platform against Russia related to the Russia-Ukraine war in support of Ukraine. So now Russia has made a new app to replace the Instagram app.

This event is the same as the launch of the Truth Social app which was launched by Donald Trump, the former President of the USA. Trump made the new Truth Social app, a clone of Twitter, as he was banned from all social media platforms. So he decided to launch his own app called Truth Social.

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How To Set Up Your Rossgram Account?

How To Set Up Your Rossgram Account

Rossgram, a clone of Instagram, is made available to Android and iOS devices. To use the Rossgram app you’ll have to download and then sign up on Rossgram using your iOS device or Android device.

How To Download Rossgram?

The first thing you need to do to use the Rossgram app is to get the app on your device, be it android or iOS. To download the Rossgram app follow these steps:

  1. Go to Google Play Store (for android)/ App Store (for iPhone).
  2. Search “Rossgram” in the search bar at the top.
  3. After you find the app, click on “install” (for android) / “Get” (for iPhone).

Note: Or you can simply visit the website and download the app from the official site itself.

Now the next step is to sign up for the Rossgram app and start using it. Here is how to do that!

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How To Sign Up On Rossgram?

How To Sign Up On Rossgram

The first thing that you need to do is download the Rossgram app and then install it. Then you will get a pop-up message requesting you to sign up on Rossgram. So the next step will be to sign up on Rossgram. To sign up the app will ask you for your name, email address, password. 

It is better that you use a relevant email address that you use quite often. In this way, if there is an issue, you can quickly check your mails. Apart from this Rossgram also has some extra functions which are till now not present on Instagram. These include features and functions like fundraising, referral programs, monetizing tools, crowdfunding, etc.

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When Will Rossgram Be Made Available To The Users?

When Will Rossgram Be Made Available To The Users

This is one of the most important things that you need to know about Rossgram. When will the normal users get access to this app? As of now only the bloggers, investors, and partner sponsors will be able to get access to Rossgram which will release on 28th March. So, this means instead of normal users getting access to this app on 28th March 2022 the bloggers, investors, and sponsors will get access to use this app.

But for the normal users by April 2022. But the actual date is not yet fixed.

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Wrapping Up:

So if you want to know How To Sign Up On Rossgram then read this post. Here you will get to know how to sign in and other information related to Rossgram, the Russian Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How To Upload Photos On Rossgram?

To upload photos on Rossgram you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Choose the photo that you want to share by visiting your phone’s library.
  2. You can even take a new photo by clicking on the front and rear-facing camera to adjust the flash.
  3. Click on the Next option
  4. When you are done click on the share option.

Q. Will Rossgram Have A Story Feature?

As of now, we know that Rossgram is a clone of Instagram and is known as the Russian Instagram. So if it’s a clone of Instagram then Rossgram should also have a story feature just like Instagram and other social media apps. Well, we will get to see that after we get access to this app.

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