How To Sell Upland Property For Cash? Earn Profit With Upland!

Metaverse is something for real and purchasing property in the Metaverse, be that in Decentraland or Upland, is becoming in demand these days. Earning by playing is also something people love in Upland. Everyone knows that you can purchase properties in Upland but are you aware of how to sell Upland property for cash? If you aren’t then we are here for you!

Upland is a virtual platform where you can play games, earn from them, buy the property or sell it. With Upland, you can purchase real-world properties and then, sell them at profits that too in real cash. Upland is the world’s first-ever platform that provides the real ownership of assets through blockchain technology. What else could be more exciting than this!

As a player in Upland, you can create virtual businesses and even upgrade the properties built by you. Isn’t Upland interesting? Yeah, it is! Now you must be thinking what if I don’t want the property that I own here. So, you can even sell it for cash. How? We will tell you how to sell Upland property for cash. Stick to this post till the very end!

How To Sell Upland Property For Cash Using Tilia Pay?

Through Tilia Pay wallet you can sell your properties for UPX or for USD. Upland had a partnership with Tilia, which is the subsidiary of Second Life. With Tilia Pay, the players will be able to sell the properties that they own in Upland for profits that too in real cash or fiat currency! Because of this, Upland has become the first-ever blockchain game with which the players can extract real money from virtual goods in this real world. Now, let us discuss how to sell Upland property for cash. 

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How To Use Tilia Pay?

For knowing how to sell Upland property for cash, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps and start working accordingly.

1. Put Property For Sale

If you want to convert a value from Upland to the real world, the first thing that needs to be done is to decide which asset you want to sell and put the property for sale in the marketplace. Here you can decide whether you want to sell your property for USD or for UPX. 

2. Create An Account

If you are putting the property up for sale for the very first time and want USD in return, you require a USD account. It is required for storing the proceeds from the sale of assets in USD through the services provided by Tilia. Know Your Customer (KYC) verification is also needed here just like in the case of creating a bank account. The buyer will also be required to create a USD account but without any KYC.

3. Service Fees

UPX and USD properties for sale would be visible in a similar manner. The actual purchase would be made either through mobile web or desktop through in-app link due to certain restrictions like 30% service fees which app stores charge for transactions. 

There are also 10% market transaction fees in USD transactions, just like in the case of UPX activities. For moving the UPX amount from Upland UPX Pool to community UPX Pool, use of 5% USD buyer fees will take place and the rest will be charged as seller fees at the time of withdrawal. 

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4. Manage USD Balance

As the USD account has been created, now you can manage it via the Upland profile page in the USD balance section. Here, you can check status, account balance, easy ways of buying UPX currency, and can withdraw USD proceeds to the PayPal account directly with a 5% transaction fee.

5. Beta Release

How To Sell Upland Property For Cash Via Tilia Pay??

As it is an innovation to sell virtual assets for USD, Upland and Tilia have come up with a new feature and it is- beta release.

-Closed Alpha

There will be 30 Uplanders selected as ‘Potential sellers’ and will offer the property in the said NFT marketplace in return for USD. There would be restrictions imposed on the value and volume of properties offered by each seller for sale but, all Uplanders can purchase these properties even if they are not admitted to this program.

-Closed Beta And Open Beta

Closed Beta is just like the Alpha phase but there are 100 Uplanders in this case and in the open phase, all Uplanders can offer their properties for USD by taking care of the volume restrictions. 

-Full Release

 Volume restrictions would be uplifted when there is maturity along with validity in the system. It would be time for full release without any restrictions.

This is the whole process through which you can sell property in exchange for cash. We hope that you understood how to sell Upland property for cash.

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Hope that you liked reading our post and got information related to how to sell Upland property for cash.

You can also purchase properties and sell them for cash in Upland. But don’t forget that investing here is risky and you must research before investing. If you enjoyed it and found this post interesting then just keep forwarding it to your friends and do tell us if you have any queries regarding this in the comment section!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do You Sell A House For Cash In Upland?

Assets can be sold out here by the players. They need to through a Know Your Customer (KYC) process and when the property is sold, the players can transfer their USD directly to their PayPal account.

Q. Can I Make Money From Upland?

Yes, you can make money from Upland. You can do so by playing various games on this platform or even by purchasing property as it produces an annual yield.

Q. How Do I Get An Upland Token?

You can convert the US Dollars for the tokens used in Upland that is UPX and there is a fixed exchange rate of US dollars to UPX(1:1000). This means that you can purchase 1000 UPX with 1 USD or can even purchase Upland tokens with Cryptocurrencies.

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