How To See Deleted Reddit Posts | Use The 3 Easy Ways

There are 52 million daily active users on Reddit, also it holds the 9th rank in the US in terms of most popular social media application. But every perfect thing has flaws. In Reddit that is, the dreaded [removed] or [deleted] notice that pops when a moderator has wiped any post, which is frustrating for users. And obviously, you want to see that. Don’t worry! Here s a guide on how to see deleted Reddit posts.

Although, it is a stage to exchange various data and information, especially the trending topics of any field, this online texting platform offers a few risky strokes as well. For example, you may get to hear news regarding the launch of a headphone, but just after that, it gets removed.

How to see deleted Reddit posts? To get rid of this situation, go to Reddit’s website and choose the URL of the post/user. Remove the Reddit word from the URL and replace it with “removed it” and run the URL. You’ll get the information back. This is one trick, what if it didn’t work? There are many given below, read further to know how to see deleted Reddit posts.

If you also suffer from this same situation, allow us to share some fixes with you for the next time. We’ve mentioned some solutions to aid you to know how to see deleted Reddit posts.

Restore Deleted Reddit Messages And Posts By Using Google Cache

You can use this way with the help of the caching service of Google Search Engine. Although, this way is effective for the recent Reddit posts. In order to restore the deleted Reddit posts using Google cache, you are supposed to follow the given instructions:

  1. Enter and search the posts on Reddit.
  2.  After getting the search results, you will find a Downward Arrow below the name of the posts. Click on that Arrow
  3. From the cascading list, you’ve to select the Cached button.
  4. This will redirect you to the Reddit post.

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How To View Deleted Reddit Posts And Comments Using Reveddit?

How To See Deleted Reddit Posts

There’s a drawback of using this method, which is that you can’t look at users and posts by users. This is why people switch to Reveddit.

Go to Reveddit’s official website and insert a username in the popping window that appears. You’ll find all the content deleted by the user. Or else you can search for “Reveddit real-time” on Firefox or Chrome.

After installing the add-on, it will show you all the erased Reddit posts.

Get Deleted Reddit Posts And Comments By Using Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is a website that one can use to recover a page. By default, it saves screenshots of every website available online.

When you recover a page, it might not offer all the information you want, but it will give enough. You head to the website again to gain access to the archived Reddit posts, you’ll find all of them. Search by date. Copy and paste the desired Reddit post you wish to view.

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See Deleted Reddit Posts And Comments By Using Un-Delete Reddit Comments

How To See Deleted Reddit Posts

Un-deleting Reddit Comments is a Chrome extension. It permits you to use Reddit posts and read deleted comments after that. It may not be useful to see delay Reddit posts and comments, but it’s a way of saving them to read or use in the coming time. You can save all comments with this extension no matter if they get deleted later on. Although, it cannot recover deleted comments. 

To use the extension, you need to download it. Then open the Reddit post that you need to cache and tap the extension button. The extension will present the URL with a Cache button below it. Tap on it, and the Reddit page will be cached. To recover the saved page, tap on the extension button once more.

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Wrapping Up

Now You completely know the ways to read and recover deleted posts on Reddit. If not then, you might not need to panic when it doesn’t work. Try another method. Removeddit is the best method you need to know the post’s URL.


Q1. Why Do Reddit Posts Expire?

Ans. They stay forever, as long as the mods and the admins do not choose to remove them.

Q2. Why Do Reddit Posts Get Archived?

Ans. Reddit posts get archived after 6 months because of technical limitations.

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