How To Save GIFs On Mac? Download And Have Fun Watching Them!

Finding any online GIFs interesting? But no way to save it or use it for later? No worries, running out of trend should not be the cost of not knowing how to Save GIFs On Mac. Let this post help you to keep your favorite GIFs saved for future use.

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is at the peak of salubrious social media marketing. GIFs conceal a number of frames of animation flexible to bend advertisement Infinitum without switch-in and video player. Easy to forward, subtle, and innovative GIF-creating tools provide everyone a portion of the action. So, let’s learn how to save GIFs on Mac altogether.

The speedy popularity of the GIFs craze has contributed to the admiration of numerous characters in the industry. Knowing how to save GIFs on Mac and Windows might help you bring a poppy version of yourself in your circle, film acute memory of yourself with a picture, and save it as an indelible moment in a GIF.

So, now maybe you have also built a little interest in knowing how to save GIFs on Mac. In order to keep this interest up, we will be the most effective way how to save GIFs on Mac so that you may use them later on, whenever you want, however, you want.

How To Make A GIF On Mac?

If a sticker is worth a thousand words, then a GIF deserves a million. The boomerang of moments is perfect for memories with whom words don’t do justice. The moment where you feel that words aren’t just enough to describe your feeling, GIF comes into play.

The first thing you are supposed to do is to create all the outlays of your GIF. Let’s begin with Photoshop to make a GIF : 

  1. Open Photoshop on your Mac.
  2. Click on the Open File option, enter Scripts.
  3. Select image files from whom you want to create GIF and after that click Open.
  4. Next, import the selected files by clicking Ok.
  5. Tap on  Select Window followed by Timeline from the Menu bar.
  6. Tap on “Create Frames Animation“.
  7. Click on the Menu icon from the top right side of the Timeline panel and select “Make Frames From Layers“.
  8. Next, click on “Repeat Menu” then select “Forever” from the base of the Timeline panel.

And there you go! You’ll be presented with all the frames in Photoshop. Play your GIF by clicking on the space bar key and enjoy your memory.

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How To Save GIFs On Mac?

No issues if you don’t know the meaning of GIF, but you surely are aware of what it is. GIFs are more popular than any other type of sticker or feature on social media platforms nowadays. 

We have already learned how to create it, it’s time to know how to save GIFs on Mac, as everyone might already be familiar with saving it on phone, so let’s give Mac a try!

There are three methods to save GIFs on Mac. Let’s go through each in detail :

Method #01. How To Save GIFs To Mac GIF Brewery Via Application? 

Open the file in the GIF Brewery in the Apple store. Crop, Cut, and Resize the file in the app. Choose the portion from the file of which you want to make your GIF with the help of yellow and red sliders at the bottom of your screen. GIF Brewery will let you cut off memories in a flash of a second.

Enter captions and then use the “Manage Overlays” feature to fix the captions. Enter the GIF properties to select Frame Count, insert a Freeze-Frame, and choose a looping mode. Tap on “Create GIF” and save. 

You can now create a GIF mixture from the same file by managing and modifying the slider and editing again Well, the modifications you make will be automatically saved until you change it again.

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Method #02. How To Save A File As A GIF? 

The preview provides helpful software that lets you edit and convert digital files to GIF format. Saving GIF also saves the animation along with it.

  1. Click the “Preview” symbol in the Dock at the bottom of your tab. If not found there, then slide down to the Applications catalogue and insert the keyword “Preview“, then search, when found, install the app.
  2. Go to the File Menu and click on “Open“. 
  3. Choose the files whom you want to convert and “Open” them into the tab.
  4. Go back to the File menu and click on “Save as“. 
  5. Open the drop-down menu of Format and tap on GIF.
  6. Modify the quality gliders to enhance the beautification of the imported image.
  7. Tap on “Where” to select a place to save your GIF file. 
  8. Go to “Save As” and Rename the file.
  9. Hit “Save” to convert the file to GIF. You may later on need to install third media tools to modify animation qualities.

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Method #03. Other Ways To Save GIFs On Mac

How To Save GIFs On Mac

1. Save Through Photoshop

You can easily save GIFs from the trenches of Photoshop. Here’s how:

Choose File > Save for Web

A list will pop up if you have the updated version of Photoshop. If you see a box field, kindly fill it with a tick. Confirm the format before saving, if it’s GIF only or not.

2. Download From Web

Copy the link of your GIF from its source next go to your browser, search for “Download GIFs online”, from the resulting page click on the first site. Paste the link in the given field and give that big download button a hit. It will download your GIF automatically into its desired place. 

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3. Save Through Third Party Tool

Third media party GIF creating sites and tools also have options for saving it in the same format. For instance, you can download GIFs from Giphy on PC or GIFs from Giphy. Few programs may not entertain multi-frame GIF animations; you might utilize other tools like Photoshop etc.

Wrapping Up

To wind up, there are a number of tools that are helpful and contribute to editing and saving GIFs on Mac. The GIF market is flooded with rich software that lets you edit files without any cost or subscription. Enter every event to create GIFs with easy-to-operate software that lets you create GIFs from scratch with more and more quality features. Edit and save as much as a number of images and save or export them to your Mac device with the tips given above.


Q1. How To Save A GIF To My Desktop?

Ans. To save GIFs to your desktop :

Animated GIF > Right Click > Save Image As > Select location > Select Format > Save.

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