How To Rent Land In Decentraland? Earn Without Selling!

Imagine buying a plot in Decentraland for $108.44 in 2018 and selling it for $115.678 after five months. Wait! The same Land has reached the value of $15,132.56 in January 2022! Won’t it be regretful to you? Maybe you sold it because you needed money and wanted to earn a profit every month or year. But, what if you rented that property? You would have earned monthly or yearly and above that this valuable land would have also been yours! Yes, you can rent land, want to know how to rent land in Decentraland? Keep reading, you will get to know!

There is no one who is unfamiliar with Decentraland! It has doors that are open to all sorts of visitors. From playing games in Decentraland to buying and selling land or even giving it on rent are the things Decentraland is famous for! Renting the land can help you in earning profits.    

You can become a landlord by renting land in Decentraland and get many benefits! People may like to build in Decentraland due to low input costs or other benefits. Aren’t you one of those who are planning to buy land in Decentraland for putting it on rent, or due to high prices thinking of just taking land on rent instead of buying and want to know how to rent land in Decentraland? If yes, then you are on the right track!

Why Rent Land In Decentraland? 

Purchasing and renting your land in Decentraland is actually an investment of which most of you must be aware. If you are a newbie, then you should think of investing in land in Decentraland! Why? Because it will help you to earn more! Yes, you can get an income if you purchase land and give it on rent or lease to any other user in Decentraland, sell it, or even make a building on your land. But in case you are finding the parcels of land quite expensive and want to enjoy the beauty of Decentraland, it is better to rent land than to buy. 

As it is already clear why you should purchase or rent land in Decentraland if you have unclear thoughts regarding how to rent land in Decentraland or you are just confused or nervous about it, then don’t bother as we are here to give you a helping hand for this. So, without losing much of your time, let’s start with how to rent land in Decentraland. 

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Ways On How To Rent Land In Decentraland

How To Rent Land In Decentraland? Earn Without Selling!

You can easily rent land in Decentraland using the following:


If you want to rent a plot or parcel of land, you can check one at First, you need to sign up and then go to the market to see what can be rented along with their prices. You can check the size of the plot along with other details related to it. But don’t forget to have a MetaMask extension for visiting this site.

2. Decentraland Property Group

Well, if you are looking for a platform that lets you choose the rented land according to your budget and requirements then Decentraland Property Group is the one to go to. Talking about the user interface of the website, it is simple and effective. You will find the option to rent land on the home page itself. Well, there is no need to get confused, follow the steps given below to rent land in Decentraland on Decentraland Property Group.

  1. Go to the Decentraland Property Group official website.
  2. On the Home page, you will find the option “Lands For Rent”. Click on it.
  3. Now you will be taken to another window, you can select from the available lands. Also, you can choose the size and other details according to your budget and needs.

Well, if you are a Decentraland land owner, you can use the website to rent out your land as well.

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It is a leading virtual estate company that allows buying and selling of land along with renting it for various purposes. You can visit this website and it will help you in renting the land so that benefits can be earned by you. 

If you own land and want to rent it due to certain reasons or you want to rent land because you cannot purchase it, you can do so with the help of these websites. Decentraland is full of fun and excitement, but you can even earn in Decentraland! Here is how it can help you. 

How To Earn Money In Decentraland

If you want to earn money in Decentraland, there are various ways through which you can do so. We have listed a few of them here.  

1. Real Estate

Purchase land in Decentraland and sell it when the price rises. It is one of the most effective ways of earning money in Decentraland. You can purchase land from the Decentraland website. It can be a long-term investment with profits in the future.

2. Playing Games

Another way of earning money in Decentraland is playing games with certain rewards. Here you can design your own games, sell them and earn through these play to earn games

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3. Purchase And Hold MANA

You can buy MANA, which is the token or currency used in Decentraland and is used to do various transactions like buying parcels of land or other things in Decentraland. So. you can purchase and hold it and earn money.

4. Make Clothes And Trade Wearables 

Who doesn’t love customizing things! You can customize your avatars in Decentraland and decorate them with wearables. Make clothes and wearables for avatars and then just sell them at higher prices and earn money.

5. Be A Freelancer

You can get jobs like making wearables, coding, creating videos, and others. Just visit Decentraland discord and check hiring channels for the jobs. Hence, it is another way of earning money in Decentraland.


Decentraland is the marketplace that not only gives you pleasure but it provides ways through which you can earn. Renting land as an investment opportunity is completely your decision but don’t ignore the fact that you have to do your research before going for these tasks. Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on the market to be updated! If you felt delighted and liked the post, just share it immediately with your known ones! 

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